Monday 1 February 2021

Wisdom acquired

Winter at the Model Boat Pond

Once a gangly tangle, of legs not well controlled,
A skinny frame and fuzzy puppy face,
Eager to explore, not wise, too bold,
With joyful bounce I leapt onto thin ice...

A nasty shock ensued, the ice gave way,
The model boat pond water chilled my core,
I panicked, and my limbs would not obey
My frozen brain, I could not reach the shore.

Gail to the rescue! Her long arms 
Reached out and grabbed me firmly round the trunk
And saved me from more self-inflicted harm,
And hard I learned the dangers of a winter dunk.

So ten years on, and sensibly attired,
My Nordic sweater proof against the chill, 
I calmly pose beside the frozen pond, wisdom acquired.
Of reckless youthful capers, I have had my fill!



  1. ooooh how scary... glad that you will stay away from that ice... ice cream is da better option...

  2. Thank doG Gail was there to rescue you from those frigid waters, Bertie! A valuable lesson learned.

  3. So glad your momma plucked you from the icy plunge and that you learned your valuable lesson... hug your mama from Beau and his Momma.. I love Molly's Thank doG....will be using that one

  4. Hari OM
    Yikes, Bertie lad... that could have ended so very differently - and I am surely glad it didn't!!! Hugs and warmest hugs, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Bertie my very handsome WFT friend what a lesson well learned is never ever forgotten. were taking a polar plunge way before it was the
    latest 'in thing' to do.!! I love your ode to the model boat pond.....BUT I adore your pose there in your red Nordic Sweater!!
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. That was a hard earned lesson early in your life, Bertie. You look so handsome posing next to the pond rather than in it.

  7. OMD, what an adventure! I know you still have your share of antics, but not quite such dangerous ones!

  8. Wow, that is quite the poem and adventure, I was on pins and needles and so HAPPY to hear it happened long ago!

    Your friend Rosie

  9. A lesson well-learned, Bertie. When you are older and wiser, you can enjoy the sight of the cold water more so than the feel of it:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. We are so glad you got all those shenanigans done in your youth Bertie!

  11. I am glad to see that you follow your own sterling advice.

  12. OMD Bertie! Thank DoG Gail was on her game! Good thing you gots that outta your system, and knows to stay off that thin ice. And look dapper doin' it!
    Ruby ♥

  13. I am so glad that Gail saved you so that you could go onto have so much fun since then! That must have been so scary. You look mighty handsome in that jumper, Bertie!

  14. That was a cold, frightening lesson. We see you learned from it to become wise....

  15. What a scary story. We are happy your mom got to you so quickly. She is a hero.

  16. What an ordeal! But look at the bright side: ten years later, you get to wear a snazzy red sweater, and Gail gets to write a truly lovely poem about you :)