Bertie Boffin's Science Posts

In case you missed any of them... are links to my science-related posts to date, in order of appearance on my blog:

Announcing Bertie Boffin's science lecture series


Earth Science introduction

Earth Science - Field trip part 1 (Scotch on the Rocks)

Earth Science - Field trip part 2 (after the event) 

Quantum Physics - lecture announcement

Quantum Physics - Leaping about in an Excited State

Climate Change  - research announcement 

Climate Change - the research results 

Source of Scientific Inspiration

Gravity - lecture announcement 

Gravity - in Galileo's Footsteps 

Science at the Blogville Picnic - an announcement

Science at the Blogville Picnic - the aftermath

David Attenborough - Greatest Living Englishman?

Inter-Species Jealousy - Pandas arrive in Edinburgh Zoo

Particle Physics - the Higgs Boson Diet Plan

About a dog's centre of gravity and tendency to topple

The Boffin returns after a long absence

Baffled by human behaviour (the limits of science)

A low carbon pawprint Olympic Games

Bertie enjoys a real geological field trip to Lossiemouth

The placebo effect (sort of)

Electromagnetism, James Clerk Maxwell and his dog Toby

Asta predicts an earthquake

Peter Higgs wins Nobel Prize

A discussion of new research into asymmetric tail wagging

A letter to the editor of Current Biology re tail wagging paper

Why do dogs tilt their heads?: the hypotheses

Why do dogs tilt their head?: the conclusions

The Schrödinger's cat and a Quantum of Mystery

Contemplating photosynthesis

Bertie's astronaut fantasy

Comment on the Tim Hunt 'girls in labs' affair

The shaved furs colour experiment

Distractingly sexy science?

Getting to grips with P vs NP

Festive Quantum Robins

On the trail of Benjamin Franklin

Robert Fitzroy and the science of weather forecasting 

Bertie's Pee-hD thesis

Are you as fit as a barnacle goose?

On the Lewisian Gneiss

A thank you for action on Global Warming

Concerning the enrichment of Mexican Gray Wolves

Dogs healthier than husbands?

Bertie reviews 'Tamed' by Alice Roberts

Small dogs pee higher