Wednesday, 3 June 2020

New guidelines needed please!

It's amazing, isn't it, how joy at the (very limited in Scotland) easing of lockdown can so quickly lead to new and unforeseen trauma.

You've probably heard enough about all the confusing rules governing who can do what, when, where and how. But it seems to me there have been some glaring omissions in our guidelines.

For example, imagine my horror when Gail announced that she was heading off on Sunday morning for a bike ride and picnic with her friend Kirsty and that I was not invited! Should there not be a rule stating that humans are banned from leaving their pups at home while they go gallivanting all over the place in the sunshine* with their human pals?

It didn't help when Gail showed me some photos of the spot where they stopped for sandwiches.

Then, the next day, after taking me for a two mile walk first thing, Gail set off on her bike again, this time with swimsuit under her shorts and tee shirt, towel in her pannier, cheerily saying "see you in a bit Bertie, it's important to seize the moment, this weather's not going to last". She returned home a couple of hours later, all euphoric, exuding a faint whiff of the River Dee.

What's worse is she told me how a yellow Labrador (and some other humans) had joined her in the river for a swim.

It is totally beside the point that I only ever go in the water to paddle and don't like getting my tummy wet. I would have been quite happy wandering around by myself on the riverbank stealing from other folks' lunch boxes. So how is it that Gail was allowed to leave me behind again?

Please Mrs Scottish First Minister Sturgeon, can you publish some better guidelines?

Thank you Nicola, that's much better.

*Gail says: here in the UK, lockdown has coincided with the sunniest spring on record, although all that has now changed.

Sunday, 31 May 2020

What a difference a friend makes...

.... Especially one bearing an apple core.

Yes finally we are allowed to meet up for walk and picnics with our friends again. Hooray! Here I am on Friday just past, enjoying warm sunshine in Durris Forest with our lovely neighbours Neil and Yvonne.

Since Gail was far too busy nattering with her dear pals, she neglected to take any more photos of this most agreeable six mile walk around the edges of an irregular patchwork of ancient woodland and conifer plantations. Well anyway, the phone camera would have failed to capture the calm green tranquility of the views across the Lower Deeside hills, the slight buzz of excitement felt at the sight of remnant patches of snow on the distant Cairngorm plateau, the heady coconut smell of gorse mingled with the sweet pine scents nearby, the fresh colours of wildflower abundant meadows, and the lively birdsong soundtrack still relatively undisturbed by road and air traffic...

Life feels better!

Thursday, 28 May 2020

Preparing for re-entry

As of today, we in Scotland are allowed, for the first time in over two months, to meet up with people from one other household for outdoor, socially distanced exercise.

In preparation for the forthcoming hectic social whirl, Gail has been busy this week giving me a summer strip and clip. I must say that the lamb bone I received (see previous post) greatly facilitated the smooth running of this operation.

I think you'll agree I'm looking pretty spiffy.

But Gail is now a bit peeved because, despite her considerable efforts, one of our more gossipy neighbours (not the one who gave me the lamb bone) made this unsolicited comment.

"Oh I always like the way you leave Bertie's coat natural and don't have him all groomed to the nth degree".

Fortunately for good relations in our street, it was only when we moved on that Gail started muttering under her breath about "if only she knew how much time I spend keeping you looking so 'natural'!"

By the way, Mrs Neighbour, this is what a 'natural' fox terrier coat looks like...
(photo off internet)

PS I regret to report that Gail's haircut situation is becoming increasingly desperate ...

Monday, 25 May 2020

A lockdown bone-us

First a text message... 

Then a bag left hung on the front door knob...

Then an afternoon of bliss...

Thank you so much to our lovely neighbours Freda and Martin!