Wednesday, 27 January 2021

You can't fool me

So we are in the park early. Gail says it's to enjoy the sunrise.

Frankly I would have stayed cuddled up in bed a little longer. 

Back home, I observe a familiar sequence of preparations before Gail disappears for a few hours.

I settle down on the sofa and patiently wait.

When Gail returns she murmurs endearments, says sorry she was out so long, and I get an affectionate ear scritch.

But she doesn't look or sound sorry. And the hi-vis jacket is a dead giveaway, confirming my suspicions that my owner abandoned me in favour of going for a bicycle ride with a friend. 

And her rosy cheeks and cheery demeanour are frankly rather irritating.

Monday, 25 January 2021

Warning, post contains troubling images...

The roads being apparently too icy for the bicycle this weekend, Gail sent an S.O.S. call to her Cycling WhatsApp group. 

I am delighted to report that Heather answered the call, and a rendezvous was arranged for Saturday morning.

But before showing you more photos from the walk along the coastal path, I need to issue a trigger alert.


But first we chanced upon two other friends, out for a run, and they paused for a socially-distanced few words. Feeling sprightly, I wanted to join them running, but was reined in.

So Heather, Gail and I proceeded as planned to Cove Harbour, where I do believe that my compliant posing was used as a front for Gail to zoom in on a small party of swimmers.

What! No wet suits???!!!

Readers, the sea temperature in these parts is currently around 7ºC. And on Saturday morning, despite the sunshine, the air temperature was only a smidge above freezing....

Rest assured I kept all four paws on solid ground. As, thankfully, did Gail and Heather.

But still I am worried that all the humans are going a little crazy just now...

Friday, 22 January 2021

Crow versus crisp packet on black ice

Something a bit different for today's Nature Friday. 

Seen on the way back from Duthie Park on Sunday morning. Bertie and I were standing about ten feet away.

Is this crow perhaps failing to live up to his species' reputation for high IQ...?

Thanks again to our dear friends Jakey, Arty, Rosy and Sunny for hosting this blog hop. Do go and visit the other posts - we know you won't regret it! 

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Walk on by.....

I had an early morning date at Hazlehead Park with my Westie friend Rosie. 

I hoped to impress her with my smart winter attire.

Do you think I succeeded?