Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Only six photos?

So Gail and I were doing a wee circuit of the neighbourhood the other afternoon when we ran into our friends Martin and Freda. 

Freda has been shielding and only now that she's had her vaccine is she starting to venture out and about. She and Gail had a long chat.  A very long chat in fact, and to be honest most of it passed me by as I focussed on sniffing the base of a nearby lamppost. 

But my flappy little ears did prick up when I heard Freda (who is a keen amateur artist) remarking on my extreme handsomeness and then saying she's been experimenting with drawing animals and she'd like to try a sketch of 'Bertie in repose'. She asked could Gail perhaps send her some photos as a starting point. 

Freda said she'd requested the same of another friend and commented, with a note of surprise in her voice, how this friend had emailed her twelve images of her wee Jack Russell terrier Freddie. 

Well I was surprised too. I mean twelve images seems scarcely enough, I would have thought. Why then did Gail reply thus? "Don't worry Freda, I won't send you that many".

Below are the six (yes, a mere half dozen) photos which Gail sent Freda.

I am hoping I get to see the final result of Freda's endeavours.

And of course, if none of the above images provides the necessary inspiration, we can always send her a few hundred more...


  1. Only 6??? That's not enuf Bertie.

  2. only six? wow.... we think 87 is a good number...

  3. Well, they are six very good ones Bertie!

    Inca xx

  4. next time you chat, tell her we have had Beau for 4 months and i have 389 in his folder.. and that doesn't count the deleted ones. Can't wait to see what she does with your sketch Bertie. Beau says thanks for saying his pawprint is ART and he can't wait to see your ART

  5. You are going to be famous, Bertie! We can't wait to see the sketch of you!

  6. Hari OM
    Oh, Bertie lad... it has to be said that Gail has made an EXCELLENT selection and all others would only be reflections of the fineness; so don't be too disheartened! It would be lovely to see who things turn out from Freda. Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  7. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Bertie...I do think Gail did an excellent job with the 6 submissions because each and ever angle of your WFTiness is handsome beyond what a photo can show.
    I think maybe a very ups close and purrsonal photo of your WFT tail as you are standing is needed. I like the one of you sitting but the tail is in mach motion. She captured your ears and sturdy leggs and feet and your fit body.
    I do so look forward to the sketch...
    As for Freda taking 12 of the of the Jack Russell well it is her dog.
    Please tell GAil the good at Seaboard Cafe is 87 x's better than the art and the art is excellent. We have been going to Seaboard for about 25 years. IN fact today we have sun and 69 degrees predicted so we'll be dining on the Patio.
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. Wow, you're an official artist's model now? How exciting! We likes the second picture the best.

  9. We can't wait to see what your friend draws of you, Bertie but we agree that maybe a few more angles would have helped. BOL!

  10. True there are only six, but with character and looks like yours, maybe you don't need more. Can't wait to see the forthcoming portrait...She's not a devotee of Picasso is she, just asking.

  11. Yes, a few hundred more. Wait, only a few hundred. I'd say that a few thousand would be best!

  12. Oh, I can't waits to see the art work Bertie! You KNOWS it's gonna be FABulous! I means, just lookie at her inspiration! If you needs an agent....
    Ruby ♥

  13. Those are some great poses for the artwork! Looking forward to seeing the end result!