Torridon Posts

As regular readers of this blog know, my owner Gail has a cottage by Loch Torridon, the most beautiful sea loch in the North West of Scotland.

I decided it would be fun to put all the links to my blog posts about the Torridon area on one page. Here they are, starting from when I was a wee pup:

My first ever visit

About my Kennel Club name 'Granddach Beinn Alligin'

From Aberdeen to Torridon and back

About Munro bagging

A September visit

Autumn colours

A memorable Anemos Wind Quintet visit

The big fire in Torridon

Feis Alligin 2011

The Wester Alligin Echo

The thistle and the flexi-lead

Worried about the new sea kayak

More on the sea kayak

Snow scenes

So happy to be in Torridon

Forcing Gail to sprint...

A chat with a sheepdog neighbour

Muddy paws

Midges outside, relaxing inside

Deer stalking

A paddle in Loch Torridon and Loch Maree

Bertie's report on the Torridon native forestry projects

Wet path to Inveralligin

A plea to spend more time in Torridon

The roughty toughty Torridon terrier

Of Sheep and Men: a wee bit of history 

An epic walk up Maol Chean-dearg

Frustrated by 'The Old Ways'

Wester Alligin to Inveralligin and back

Torridon aglow in stunning late autumn sun light

Winter sunrise in Aberdeen and Torridon compared

Torridon cattle grid blues

Angela, Florian and family visit Torridon, April 2014

On Shetland sheep neighbours and hand knitted things

Autumn crocuses

Torridon café and Shetland wool - dilemmas!

Photos from favourite Torridon spots

Are we nearly there yet? A Torridon poem

Fly agaric in Beinn Eighe Nature Reserve

Gale at Canapress, Wester Alligin

Exploring around Diabaig