Friday 29 January 2021


It's been cold and grey in Aberdeen this week, and I have spent much of the time snuggled up on the sofa beside Gail, closely monitoring the progress of her latest knitting project.

Hmmm, it seems that Gail has started on a new jumper for herself. The colour reminds me of our Scottish landscape in August, when the hillsides are resplendent with the purple glow of heather.

I wonder if Gail intends this new garment as camouflage? With a fair wind, she should have it ready to wear for when the heather comes into bloom later this year! 

I too would like a purple sweater - perfect attire for a spot of deer stalking, don't you think?

Happy Nature Friday friends! Here are some more old pictures of me out and about in the heather-clad hills.

Thank you once again to the LLB Gang for hosting this our favourite blog hop. Do jump aboard! 


  1. oh we totally agree... and we love this color!!!!

  2. Oh Bertie, much as I love the colour, and think you would look fabulous in a sweater in the same wool, I do hope you won't really stalk deer!

    Inca xx

  3. Hari OM
    Pawhaps Gail would be reluctant to produce such a jumper for you, Bertie lad, as it might mean her losing sight of you on the hills!!! It is a braw colour though, eh? Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Your heather is just gorgeous, Bertie, and we can't wait to see Gail wearing her beautiful sweater later this year!

  5. Those hills look beautiful. I hope your mom knits something really nice for herself and for you. Happy Friday!

  6. I think Gail should also knit a matching jumper for you dear Bertie... love the color for both of you. Wish I could knit or crochet or sew . the heather is beautiful

  7. First of all Bertie this is the most visually perfect and descriptive series of words I have ever in my 87 years read: "hillsides are resplendent with the purple glow of heather".
    Standing ovation to you and Gail. Obviously Gail's new jumper will be full of inspiration for a trek in the beautiful hillside
    And last but by no means less:
    You my WFT look very stunningly handsome today.
    Hugs cecilia

  8. We hope you don't loose site of Gail when she wears that sweater around all that heather. At least you have your nose to help locate her if she gets lost. We love seeing all those pictures of you romping in the heather.

  9. As natural hunters, you are definitely stealthy enough not to need camouflage to blend in. It's no wonder that Gail wants some help matching you!

    1. Gail says: if Bertie is a 'natural hunter' I have yet to see the evidence!

  10. The hills of heather are gorgeous. We bet Gail's jumper will be too, and maybe if there is some yarn left, she will make you a new sweater. We think that color would look great on you.

    Woos - Lighting, Misty, and Timber

  11. What a perfect color combo for some bunny stalking Bertie! I do believe Mama swooned a bit seeing that last picture of you. She does have a thing for rugged smiling pups like yourself!

  12. Are you by yourself or is your mom holding a leash and wearing camo so we can't see you.

  13. YES!!! It is pawfect for the hiding in the heather!! Your Gail is so smart (and talented!!!)
    I hopes she has enough yarn to make you your own ghillie, jumper 😂 for Spring!
    Oh, and you are lookin' most handsome my furiend!
    Ruby ♥

  14. you could creep up really close to a stag, if you had a 'heather' jumper. Maybe Gail will have some wool left over....

  15. It has been very cold here too. We are sure you are right about the camouflage.

  16. I love love love that purple heather. I think that everyone, including you Bertie, should have a jumper of that gorgeous color!

  17. That color is so lovely...and you are SO handsome in those shots Bertie!

    Your friend Rosie