Sunday, 14 February 2021

Not romantic?

I regret to report that the euphoria of last week's perfect powdery snow under (sometimes) blue skies has given way to gale force winds, freezing rain and treacherously icy pavements bordered with dirty sludge.

So after a quick trot around the park we're staying indoors today, and Gail has decided to show me some old letters sent from Human Grandad to Human Granny, in 1955 when they were just engaged to be married.

It won't come as a surprise to my long time readers that Gail's family are not demonstrably romantic by nature. 

Or at least I thought not until I saw this letter, written in the late evening when HGD's work had taken him away from home for a few days to a work-related conference in Eastbourne. 

It has to be admitted that HGD's handwriting was never the most legible, so here's a transcription of the passage that caught my eye:

"However, when the day does at last come to a close I lay in bed and think of ourselves, and all the pleasant things that the future surely holds for us, and the encouragement that I have received from our friendship. Somehow, since falling in love with you Maureen I have gained a new confidence in myself and a sense of responsibility to you because you seem to have confidence in me and I can't bear the thought of letting you down in any way. When away from you this seems to find its outlet in a desire to do my job as well as I possibly can in order that you can be proud of me."

Sadly, the collection of letters that Gail found when clearing out her parents' house after they died did not include a reply from Human Granny.

By the time I knew Human Grandad his wits were beginning to fail him, although he always would remember to save a bone for my visits and to welcome me a fond pat on the head. 

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends!


  1. This is actually quite sweet and romantic for the time. That he wrote this because back then men did not say things like this. And this is the perfect post for Valentine's Day I hope the snow lets you go outside today

  2. Oh, what a shame the snow has turned all nasty and sludgy - it doesn't look so tempting now! Still, you did get a walk, even though it wasn't so nice outside. Now you can stay all comfy cosy in the warm.
    It's nice and sunny here, but the wind is really cold and biting, so we didn't linger on our walk this morning either.
    What a lovely letter from your Human Grandad.

    Inca xx

  3. What a sweet love letter♥ We had freezing rain falling last night, Bertie, and our driveway looks like a skating rink which is not a good thing. Stay safe and warm inside and have a Happy Valentine's Day♥

  4. Such a great letter find. Happy Valentine's day buddy.

  5. Hari OM
    It really is a nasty day out, isn't it? I am glad you and Gail decided to use time today to review these little envelopes of romance and courage - for write such does take heart!!! Thank you for sharing this glimpse of HGD with us, Bertie lad. Snuggle up and stay warm you two. Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx (who is stil recovering a bit from yesterday's match result... we wuz robbed!)

    1. It certainly was a nail-biter yesterday at Murrayfield. What a shame Hoggy stumbled...

  6. Bertie and Gail...thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing this beautiful excerpt from HGD to HGM. He certainly expressed his love and appreciation of her. I'm sure she replied.
    What miserable weather you are having. I'd rather have snow any day over ice and sleet.
    You and Gail walk carefully on your loo runs.
    Stay warm.
    Since Thursday at noon we have had 2" of rain with more heavy rained predicted today. Thankfully the temperature is just above freezing and will be about 38 or 40 for a high.
    Thank you for your anniversary wishes
    Cecilia and Bryan

  7. PS I love that HGD always had a loving head pat and a bone!!

  8. What a lovely letter HGD wrote to his sweetheart. We wish you and Gail a Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. A lovely letter. I suppose children in the future may come upon a line of emojis as parental correspondence. Those old letters are such a treasure.

  10. What a beautiful expression of love from your Dad to your Mom, Gail.

    Bertie, be careful out there on that ice and keep Gail safe too.

    Happy Valentine's Day from The Sweetheart Sibes - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  11. That was a beautiful letter. It made our Valentine's Day. Thanks for showing the love in the world.

  12. Oh, ice is never a good thingie! Sorry abouts the lousy weather Bertie. I hopes it's better walking weather tomorrows.
    What a lovely letter! You are so lucky to have that and thank you for sharing it with us.
    Oh, and also lucky to have a bone! *sniff, sniff*
    Ruby ♥

  13. Ah, the days when love and friendship were strengthened, sometimes over many years, by letter writing. I know my dad wrote a letter to my mom everyday, when he was a young man, in the US Navy, in WWII. Sadly, I don't have those.

  14. What a lovely letter and the memories to be enjoyed on Valentines day. Thank you for sharing it with us!

    Your friend Rosie