Tuesday 29 December 2020

It's been an eventful week...

Really, I don't know why the humans are moaning about the latest 'lockdown' here in Scotland.

No-one can claim that "nothing ever happens" and "every day is the same" when they live with a wire-haired fox terrier...

After my exciting Christmas adventure on Sunday, Gail and I met up for a walk with her friend Ian - aka the 'Oil Man' - and his wee Westie Rosie. Do you remember five years ago when I first met Rosie?

Well she's now an adorable five year old, and her little legs kept pace with mine, no problem, as we ascended Scolty Hill.

Then yesterday, another walk was planned, this time with Gail's friends J and F, their son Jamie and his border collie Hemp.

OK, so there is, er, 'history' between myself and Hemp, but we've tended to rub along fine together when we've met outdoors.

Not so yesterday I'm afraid.

The ground was crunchy with frost in the Warren Wood car park, where I was waiting patiently for Hemp and his family to arrive.

But no soon as they'd all climbed out of the car than there was an altercation involving Hemp and me. 

Suddenly, Hemp had me by the scruff of my neck and both of us were snarling angrily.  Jamie, a strong and brave young man, pulled Hemp away, at the price of a deep puncture wound in his right finger*. I was shaking badly, so Gail picked me up and gave me a close cuddle, while checking me for injuries. Soon I calmed down - it was only my pride that had been hurt. Hemp too appeared unscathed, but for poor Jamie it was a trip to A&E to get the wound checked over. 

So Jamie's dad took Jamie to the hospital and Hemp back home, while Jamie's mum accompanied Gail and I for the planned walk around the woods. That's her in the background, texting Jamie to see if they'd reached the hospital yet...

Half way round we met a group of four more border collies and that encounter passed off without incident.

At least it all distracted Gail from fretting about whether my Christmas sweater was getting muddy...

Do you think Hemp might have been jealous of my jumper?

*Gail says: The incident with Hemp all happened so quickly that we cannot be sure whether Hemp or Bertie was responsible for Jamie's hand injury, although the depth of wound perhaps implicates the larger dog. The good news is that Jamie was seen quickly at the hospital, and received thorough and exemplary treatment. His injured finger was x-rayed, cleaned, disinfected and dressed. No broken bones were detected, nor stitches needed. Jamie was given a tetanus jab and antibiotics, and will go back in a couple of days for a check-up. I'm afraid his hand will be sore for a while. Rest assured, we will keep the dogs apart in future. 


  1. Happy Christmas Gail and Bertie, and the best of New Years to you. May your year be filled with slices of turkey and interesting walks with civilised dogs and human companions. I do enjoy reading of your adventures.

  2. I am so glad all of you are ok, I know about dog fights, and they do happene quickly and make the heart pound hard... and we never know what causes it. you are right, no way to say nothing new ever happens. in 1990, we took Max to the vet for annual. Daddy was standing out by the truck, waiting for me to pay the bill. I came out and walked towards them, Max was at sit by daddy and the truck. a lady came out behind me, with 2 leashes in one hand, hold two giant huskies. when the male husky saw Max, he jerked out of her hand and raced over and jumped on Max and of course daddy had to break it up. the woman was screaming and doing nothing . I said go put that dog in the car and come get your dog . I did not say Idiot but wanted to. Daddy's hand had 4 punctures, who know who did the biting... I nearly had a heart attack. about the Ruk Bur it was Bak Bns

  3. Thank goodness that no one was badly hurt! Hemp was definitely jealous of your beautiful sweater, Bertie. It is a gorgeous work of art!

  4. That was quite an incident....We're happy Jamie's hand injury wasn't too bad. And we're sure it was Hemp who caused it. Also, that the Christmas jumper was unscathed!

  5. Oh Bertie, I'm so glad that you escaped unhurt. What a naughty boy Hemp is - for we're sure it was his fault. We wonder if he has "issues" with other dogs too, or if he is just jealous of your handsome self and your fab, sweater?

    Inca xx

  6. That sure was an eventful encounter, Bertie. We're glad you weren't hurt but sorry to hear about Jamie's hand.

  7. Bertie
    Rosie is so cute the cute meter went haywire. I'm so thrilled you had a good trek.
    Now that being said, it appears Hemp the Border Collie has 'border' issues with WFT's. I'm so very sorry about the snarling and poor Jamie's finger. That must have hurt very badly. Good news that he was close to medical help. I guess you two lads will have to agree to be virtual friends from a far.
    I am thankful you were were not injured.
    Sending healing hugs to damaged egos and fingers.

  8. Hari OM
    good to see Rosie is keeping up... but so sorry to hear about your little ruckus, Bertie lad. Do you think it might have been a case of 'red rag' and all that? Hemp not recognising you... I have to say, having long experience with Border Collies, some are, sadly, poorly bred and temperament is poorly affected when the bloodlines draw too close. I fear this may be Hemp's issue. For mostly, as I am sure you have experienced, BCs are devoted and dedicated at their work and total sops when off duty!

    I do hope Jamie's hand heals quickly - but I am sure his heart is sore at the thought of what happened... It occurs to me to ask (forgive if this has been told before) but is Hemp an 'intact' male also? Just another factor to consider.

    I have to say, Bertie, you look none the worse, indeed may even be looking a little macho in that last shot - and tell Gail, jumpers wash lots more willingly than pups do! Hugs and wgas, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. Gail says: I'm pretty sure Hemp's breeding is sound but you have hit the nail on the head with the 'intact male' theory!

  9. Oh my! That was a very eventful walk, but not in a good way! Glad at wasn't as serious as it could have been.

  10. Whew...that was an eventful week Bertie!! We are happy to hear Jamie's hand had no major injuries!

  11. That had to be a scary time for all. Sometimes it is just a fluke that things don't go well between dogs. Maybe Hemp was having a bad day or maybe he was jealous of your beautiful sweater. We are glad his human is OK, and we hope he heals quickly.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  12. Dogs can turn on one another for no reason and with little warning and then a minute later be fine with one another.

  13. I love, love love the video... I did get a few words.. we tried to watch a moive last night and it was made in Scotland. we had to stop because we were getting only half the words if that. this video is what they speak where I lived in Kentucky when growing up. we moved there when i was 10 and could hardly understand them, when we left when i was 15 i sounded almost like them. this one doesn't have written words but a few minutes of it will give you and idea..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03iwAY4KlIU&feature=emb_logo

  14. Clearly Hemp was jelly of your holilday jumper. So happy you and your mum were not hurt. Your walkies look wonderful.
    You pal Ranger

  15. All's well that ends well, Bertie. On to better days!

  16. I am glad Jamie's injuries were mild. That must have been frightening for everyone.

  17. I am so sorry that happened. I am really glad that there were no serious injuries. I guess that some dogs just don't get along.

  18. OH NOES!!! Oh my Bertie! I am glads you are okays, and I am glads Jamie is okays too. I agree with Ranger, I thinks Hemp was all green with the envy over your pawsome jumper! I thinks he needs some anger management...😂
    Stay safe my furiends!
    Ruby ♥

  19. Hi friend, Ojo here! Every day is a new day for sniffing and exploring, hurray! Your sweater is very handsome. We are glad everyone turned out mostly okay. You don't need to be friends with every Dog, I'm sure not!

  20. Oh no! This is the stuff of peep nightmares! Glad you are okay Bertie <3