Monday, 14 December 2020

Cobwebs, what cobwebs?

Just because it's been raining cats and humans* all week, and the wind has been working hard to prove it's worth as mainstay of Scotland's renewable energy resource, and it's the time of year when on a dull day the risen sun barely makes an impact on the light levels, does that mean you get spend all day lounging around on the sofa when you live with my owner Gail?

Of course you don't.

In this not very religious household, it is an article of faith that, whatever the conditions outside, one must on a regular basis go for a walk to "blow away the cobwebs".

Have you ever been troubled by cobwebs gathering on your furs?

Me neither.

But still Gail deemed it necessary that yesterday afternoon we should join neighbours Kirsty and Susanna for a stroll down to the headland at the mouth of Aberdeen harbour. That's about two miles from our street. I would like to point out that any stray cobweb which might have had the temerity to come along for the ride has probably been blown all the way across the North Sea and reached Norway by now!

*Makes as much sense as 'raining cats and dogs', right?


  1. true!!! and we are sure the wind chased all cob webs away... and you two feel fresh and easier after such a super walk...

  2. I'm with Gail. Who wants to lounge around when you can be out there with all of the beautiful scents and sites, Bertie!

  3. Ah, Bertie, we used to do the same when we lived in Sausalito, California, USA and walked part of the Golden Gate National Park area every day (rain or shine) with our cardi (sorry not a WFT), Charlie. One of the best walking places we've ever lived and right out our backdoor, just like your lovely walk.

  4. Look at it another way Bertie. If you keep getting the cobwebs blown away and come home smelling of the fresh air, you won't need the dreaded bath so often!
    It was sunny much earlier when my human went out to the post office and supermarket. Now that it's turned miserable, we're about to brave the outdoors. If we look out of one window the sky is grey and low but it's blue and light clouds out of another! How weird is that?
    Raining cats and humans is pretty cool!

    Inca xx

  5. Hari OM
    I am going to test Gail's theory this very arvo when I have to walk round to the post box... Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx
    (who hopes this goes through as Blogger has been misbehaving this morning...)

  6. I left a comment a couple hours ago and it gave me a 500 error said come back later. trying again. Beau said to tell you he loves his walks and like the USA mailmen, neither rain nor sleet, hail or snow, wind or sleet will keep us from walking. i the mama do not walk in sleet or snow and I don't care for high winds... butt we do it anyway. looks like a lovely windy walk

  7. BOL BOL BOL Bertie I think one of your stray cobwebs arrived here. It is raining cats and humans here today too...however, I believe Scotland's coast. It appears it was windy there so I hope you wore weighted footies.
    We even have freezing rain predicted for Wednesday. I will tell you Bryan and I are so sweet we'd melt if walked in the rain so any cobwebs we have to collect here.
    Hugs and thanks for the giggles.

  8. My mom feels the same Bertie! This morning it is raining cats and dogs (hahaha) but we still had to go for our hour long walk, when I would have been perfectly content to do my business in the yard and then nap all morning!Our humans are crazy.

    Your friend Rosie

  9. We can tell how windy it was because your ears are standing up in that second picture. It was nice of you to accompany Gail and her friends.

  10. There is something to be said about getting out for a walk every day...even in the rain...MAMA!!! Oh..sorry Bertie, but we are glad Mama read this post as it rained all weekend and we didn't get any cobwebs blown away and we are sure they must be building up!

  11. Oooooo that wind looks cold. Glad it was just cobwebs being blown to Norway and not a WFT. We have been having gusty, warm winds that blow up dust!

  12. Gail is a lot better than our Mom. She will walk as long as it is cold and rainy, or cold and blustery, or cold and icy. We are happy it was a sunny day today, although a bit cold per Mom.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  13. You mom loves you to the moon and back, we can tell because she walks in such extreme temperatures.

  14. Oh, what a lovely walkie Bertie! And, I am sure there are no cobwebs to be found
    We likes to walkie in cool temps! As long as it's above freezing! BOL!
    Ruby ♥