Friday 29 October 2021

A surprise visitor

So there I was, home in Aberdeen and enjoying a spot of R&R after my Inshriach exertions*, when a cute wee face peeped around the door. It was pretty little Ella, my new poodle neighbour, come to visit for the afternoon.

Such a lovely surprise! Thankfully Gail had groomed me quite thoroughly that morning, and I was not wearing my belly band, so I felt at least presentable for receiving lady friends. In an ideal world, Gail might have tidied the room too, but regular readers will already have twigged that my owner is more interested in hiking and biking than in keeping the house spick and span..

Ella seemed at first a little hesitant, so I let her have a good sniff around the study.

It didn't take long for my curly haired chum to gain confidence and before you could say 'cheeky wee lassie' she had sprung onto Gail's lap with an impressive display of athleticism, and was sat up there looking just a teeny bit smug.

Ever the gentledog, I didn't object, but allowed Ella and Gail some precious snuggle time together while I dozed at their feet, happily musing on the pleasures of quiet companionship...

*Gail says: Bertie wants it on record that during our long weekend at Inshriach, he walked four miles on the Friday (including racing ahead of everyone up a steep hill), at least six miles on the Saturday (distance estimates vary according to the technology used) and eight miles on the Sunday (at the end of which he was still going strong, perhaps more so than some of the humans!)


  1. tht is a super cute neighbor!!!! and we are deep impressed about your weekend... you are da iron-terrier, that's for sure...

  2. You amaze us, Bertie, and you are so good about sharing your mom with Ella. I would have given my mom the stinkEye for sure!

  3. wow Bertie, that is some hiking record and with your short legs that means you took a lot more steps in those miles than the humans did.. good job and also you are so sweet to allow the poodle to share your mom.. hugs sweet handsome guy... Ella is a cutie

  4. Bertie first of all standing ovation 18 miles in 3 days!!!! It would take me a bit over a month to walk 18 miles!! Clapping!!
    Whew thank goodness you were well groomed for Ella. She is adorable and I'm so happy she Pounced on Gail's lap and not on you Bouncing Bertie!
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. Good job, Bertie; that's a lot of stamina. Your photo shows what every good dog owner's rooms look like—dog toys, dogs rugs, and (in our house, if we are lucky) swept-up dog fur!

  6. Hari OM
    Awww, Ella is definitely up there on the cute meter!!! So glad you enjoy her company, Bertie - it is good to have pals we can be silent with as well as chatty, eh?

    And as for your Inshriach activity, I barely get in a mile most days, never mind four, six or eight!!! Well done that dog. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  7. How nice that you let Ella come for a visit, Bertie. You do look a bit tuckered after you long weekend of hiking.

  8. Based on Gail's summary, Bertie, you still have it and are doing well. We bet that little Ella has a crush on her handsome neighbor:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  9. It was nice to meet your friend Ella. And, wow, you sure walk a lot of miles!

  10. WTG, Bertie…both as Gentledog host and athleticism!

  11. How nice to have such a calm, quiet friend to keep you company!
    Rosy and the Gang

  12. Oh wow, Bertie! have you discovered the elixir of youth? That's some marathon you managed on your trip.
    Good that you've had a nice rest, and had a visit from the lovely little Ella. My human has talked about having another dog to keep me company, but I'm not sure I'd like that. I like to be the only one, with her undivided attention - and all the treats! It's bad enough having to share my garden with three feral cats.

    Inca xx

  13. Ella is a little charmer, but you know all about charm, Bertie. So glad that the Inshriach trip was such a success and that Hemp posed no problem. Bravo on the hiking!

  14. Ella is marvelous, and so are you, dear Bertie. We're sending Halloween greetings and lots of love to you all.
    Renee & Dachshund Daddy

  15. While Lady doesn't bike and hike like Gail, she does spend time wondering what the minimum of cleanliness for the house is. You were an excellent host Bertie!

  16. Your lady friend is so Cute! No wonder you like her. And your walking lengths are VERY impressive! We thought we walked a lot but you have us huskies beat! You go!

    Rosie and Redford