Monday 4 October 2021

Bladder-friendly road trip log

So. I finally have my Torridon to Aberdeen chauffeur service sorted to my satisfaction. And to my bladder's satisfaction. 

First leg, Torridon cottage to Beinn Eighe Visitor Centre near Kinlochewe (thirty-five minute drive).

Stop for one mile walk round the Buzzard Path. Pretty views but don't see any buzzards.

Second leg, Beinn Eighe Visitor Centre to Nairn Beach (about an hour and a half drive).

Stop for quick romp on Nairn Beach. Photographer "could do better", but is distracted by proximity of kiosk selling artisan pannacotta fudge ice cream...

Third leg, Nairn to Bin Forest near Huntly (another hour in car).

Stop for 1.5 mile forest walk. I most considerately ensure chauffeur has nice view of Aberdeenshire countryside to enjoy while I attend at length to the important business.

Fourth and final leg, home to Aberdeen (just under an hour).

Home sweet home. Dog happy. Bladder comfortable throughout. 


  1. a perfct adventure with fabulous places... how was that pannacota ice cream? good?

    1. Gail says: Very good. Very good indeed.
      Bertie says: I only got the end tip of the cone.

  2. What a good trip you and Gail had, Bertie. Each of you were very happy, and you got some lovely walks. Pannacota fudge ice cream - wow - my human would be distracted too!

    Inca xx

  3. Bertie you are lucky to have such an loving chauffeur with excellent choices in rest stops. A win win for both of you and us
    I would be distracted by 'kiosk selling artisan pannacotta fudge ice cream...'
    As the saying goes I SCREAM, you SCREAM, we all SCREAM, for Ice Cream
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. Hari OM
    Sorted. I bet that is a much better routine for the 'chuffer' too - slow travel yields so many rewards... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Fantastic that Gail determined a good route. Scotland is certainly beautiful. I imagine, though, that you must invest in substantial rainwear.

  6. Bertie, you and I would make great travel mates, I have to stop often also.. so happy for you that you had a bladder happy travel trip..

  7. That sounds like a great itinerary for your trip. Gail gets to stretch her legs and you get to lift yours as needed.

  8. A perfectly beautiful trip with a very considerate driver. Enjoy your ice cream, Bertie!

  9. Perfectly balances...and a wonderful mix of "business" and pleasure!!
    Sunny and the Gang

  10. My goodness Bertie, you are so lucky to have all this excitement and beauty all in one day! You have a wonderful chauffeur! Be sure to let her know with some sweet doggie kisses!

    Rosie and Redford

  11. The bright side of the potty breaks is that you get more walkies :)

  12. Yay!!! That sounds like a great schedule. I'd like that too :)

  13. What an awesome, and carefully planned road trip. All adults get to where you are if they are lucky enough to live that long.

  14. Another grand adventure - well done, Bertie!

  15. Great to get to stop at so many beautiful spots