Friday 1 October 2021

In between the showers

You're lucky to get any Nature Friday photos this week.

Yes, I know, we were over at the cottage in Torridon, and it's usually fertile territory for NF-friendly shots of Scotland's natural beauty. 

However, something went badly awry with my owner's priorities this week...

Apparently, in the brief window of fine weather between torrential downpours, Gail thought it more important to apply a weatherproof woodstaining treatment to the sides of the new porch than to meet the needs of my blog.

Well I'm relieved to say that, when Gail did eventually put down the paintbrush, the sun came out and so she took a photo of the view you get if you stand with your back to the porch. 

Even better, we then went for a short late afternoon walk past the tranquil pond among the Scots pines in the Torridon estate. (You can take your pick as to whether you prefer the picture with or without dog). 

We ended up in a breezier spot at the head of Loch Torridon, 

An hour or so later, the rain returned with a vengeance...

Gail says thank goodness she had purchased quick drying woodstain. I say let's hope the treament adheres as well to the wood as it apparently does to Gail's fingers...

Happy Nature Friday! I hope our LLB Gang friends and the rest of you have enjoyed a more settled week than we in Scotland have just endured.


  1. What glorious photos, Bertie, and we love the color of the stain that Gail chose for the porch siding!

  2. Hari OM
    I am so glad we got some views of both the hills and of you! Have to say though, that porch does dress the front o' the cottage rather handsomely... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Humans and their silly projects, right? At least you got out for a nice walk in between the work and the rain.

  4. Bertie I try very hard to be on your side ALWAYS; however, I will stand firmly with Gail on her executive decision that the new porch siding needed weather proofing. Although we don't have water right outside our house we understand (due to humidity) how it can be damaging to new wood.

    The view is spectacular looking out
    AND my very favorite photo of that view is with YOU
    Hugs cecilia

  5. Your cottage sure has some beautiful views. We're glad Gail had some time to take you on a walk so you could share some pictures with us.

  6. You all certainly keep busy! (Oh, and we like the pictures with you in them best of all.)

  7. Well of course the best pond photo is the one with you on it, Bertie! You are so lucky to have such beautiful scenery on your doorstep.
    It makes sense that Gail should put the wood stain on the porch - with winter on the way. And you still got a walk too - so it's a win-win for you both.

    Inca xx

  8. You know we are always more fond of the "with dog" photos....what lovely reflections!!
    Rosy and the Gang

  9. Your pictures are outstanding, as are you. Your mom does good work.

  10. The photos are all wonderful - so pretty there. But of course, the best HAVE to be the ones with Bertie in them.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  11. The porch looks lovey and your autumn is beautiful

  12. The porch looks lovely but those pictures of the scenery are AMAZING!!! Even with some stormy weather, it looks like such a lovely spot.

    Rosie and Redford