Wednesday 20 October 2021

Starry Midnight, Supernova, or Black Watch?

Readers of Monday's post will know that tomorrow Gail and I are heading off for a long weekend at Inshriach House near Aviemore, where I shall be required to wear my 'male dog belly band' most of the time. (At home I just wear it during the night). I am really worried that border collie Hemp, who will also be there, will make fun of me.

Perhaps you could help me by telling me which of my three bands you think the most masculine and the least likely to diminish my standing in the eyes of Hemp.

Is it: 

(1) Starry Midnight?

(2) Supernova?

(3) Black Watch tartan?

All advice gratefully received!


  1. tartan... it is your own one and that's something Hemp will not have ha!

  2. I say tartan, but I are a westie, so I might be biased.

  3. See the comment we just left in your last post for our way to solve things. Alternatively, we suggest taking lots of doggie food treats for Hemp and perhaps a tennis ball, so he is too busy thinking what a good guest you are (while eating or chasing the ball) to make fun of you.

    1. The kilt is an excellent idea. What could be more macho! (Nothing, perhaps, except a hard hat made out of a cricketer's 'box'...)

  4. agree about the tartan but I am also leaning towards that starry night. it looks great and also means he gets stars for being a good dog. now i have a visual of a Bertie sized Kilt... I followed the link and that is one gorgeous place to visit

  5. We like starry midnight best. Have a wonderful time, Bertie and Gail!

  6. This is a difficult decision Bertie, because they are all very smart. But if I had to make a choice for you, I'd say Black Watch - it's so manly. Hemp will be green with envy when he sees you wearing it, and he'll insist he has one too!
    Will there be room in the suitcase for all three? Then you could change, and really make Hemp gnash his teeth when you tell him you're just going to slip into something more comfortable!
    Have a super time, both of you, and don't forget the photos!

    Inca xx

  7. Hari OM
    Hmmm... I have been pondering this one for a while, as they are all, indeed, smart and stylish. Given the Orionids are at their fullest this next couple of nights, one is tempted by either of the sky-themed bands. However, I think overall that for such a place as Inshriach, it would be hard to top the tartan as the princial dress for you. Never mind Hemp, it's just perfect for the setting. At least for during the day while in company. The starry ones would be pawfect 'pyjamas'! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  8. I second Coppa's girl (and her clever comment). I suggest you take along all three and wear one each day. Very on-fashion.

  9. Bertie you have 3 winners! I purrsonally think Hemp will be in awe of your excellent taste in accessorizing and might even venture into the kind world of friends to give you a compliment and ask about your designer!.
    My favorite is the stars.....wait for it....
    because you are a STAR
    Hugs Cecilia

  10. We think you look manly in all those belly bands, Bertie. If we had to pick one we would go with the Tartan.

  11. We also think any of the three would look very distinguished on you Bertie, but if we could only choose one it would be the Black Watch Tartan.

    Have a wonderful time visiting!
    Jakey and the Gang

  12. We do like the starry midnight, but agree that the tartan could easily be taken for a stylish kilt. And no matter which one you choose, Hemp is going to be so jealous.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  13. Bertie, you'll look fabulous in any of the three stylish options. With Hemp in mind, I might lean toward the tartan as the more "conservative" of the three. But don't let Hemp spoil your fun; he will be secretly envying your snappy wardrobe.

  14. We think maybe the tartan looks the best.

  15. I think the third. It makes you look dignified, and you want as much of that as you can get.