Sunday 3 January 2021

Dapper Doggies

It's a frosty morning for a walk in the woods.

I make friends with Roxy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. We exchange winter fashion tips and debate the pros and cons of a fleece-lined hood, while Gail and her companions pause for a Covid style* coffee break.

When Roxy is recalled by her owners, I turn my attention to Muriel, thinking she might offer a treat. 

Hope springs eternal in a WFT...

*Gail explains: with the cafés all closed, the vacuum flask has been much in use lately.


  1. You and Roxy are both very fashionable! I wish I was as elegant as you. I wish you and Gail a beautiful New Year! Sincerely, Scarlett :)

  2. You do look smart Bertie, and both of you look comfy cosy!
    Normally I wouldn't be envious of your winter clothes, but today it's really cold here - just 7º a few minutes ago, My human is waiting for it to warm up a bit before we go out for our morning walk. I don't care if we don't go out - the heating is on, and the house is lovely and warm, and I can curl up on the sofa and snooze.
    Perhaps we can wait until this afternoon when it's warmer. The sun is out and there's a beautiful deep blue sky - the sort you only get when it's very cold!

    Inca xx

  3. i think decision for hood or no hood is a taste, not fashion, both are good and you and Roxie look great and i am sure feel great too... Roxie looks like Leah from a past blog. so glad you and mom are out and about and found a way to have coffee or tea when wanted. also cheaper than the tea shops

  4. Hari OM
    Well, as it is freezing over here and the YAMster is wearing a beanie and knee rug as she types this, I think I would be going for hoodie myself!!! But then again, my 'head furs' are a quarter of what they once were and have exactly the insulating qualities of net curtain... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. You and Roxy both look very spiffy in your outfits. We hope Muriel came through with a treat.

  6. Bertie you know I'm squealing with glee at your choice of a red jumper for your outing. I'm 100% sure Roxy thinks you are a most handsome WFT and she is a most agreeable walking mate.
    I love her pink jumper with fleece collar. I love that she has pockets on her jumper. We ladies have essentials we need like chapstick and a tissue. She is a wee girl.
    Our coffee shops might need to close here too. We had another record number of C19 cases reported since New Year's Eve.

  7. You both look properly and handsomely dressed for a brisk morning. I hope you got that treat, Bertie!

  8. Well Roxy's jacket is stylish, but you can't do real snuffling and racing around in it. So we don't think it would do for a WFT. Hope you did get some treats.

  9. Bertie - is Roxy your new girl friend? You two make a very stylish-looking couple!!! We aren't getting many walks this weekend because there is a lot of ice around, and the Mom can't risk another fall.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. You both are VERY stylish in your winter coats! Looks like you had a wonderful walk with good friends! A great way to start the year!

    Your friend Rosie

  11. Wow Bertie, you are looking very handsome in your red sweater!!

  12. Roxy's hood does look very warm, but your brightly colored jumper warms the eyes as well as the body!