Friday, 8 January 2021

Nature walkies - keeping it legal

It's fun to go for a walk in the woods with a couple of pals, don't you think?

Last Sunday our intrepid friends M and J showed Gail and me a short but lovely route around Newmill Hill.

Fun, but as of the next day, illegal in Scotland (and the rest of the UK). The new rules, in response to the worsening Covid-19 situation, now say one human can only meet up with one other human for outdoor exercise. As far as I'm aware, there are no limits on dogs.

So at the moment, Gail can take me for walks with J, or with M, but not with M and J all together... Unless they all want to be arrested.

Oh, and the walk must be not more than five miles from Aberdeen city boundary.

On Wednesday Gail and I went for a wee trot around Tollohill Wood - on the edge of Aberdeen - with Muriel. (And if there were a couple of other friends not far off, that was pure happenstance...)

I am pleased to report that Muriel - a lady of most excellent taste - brought along some cheesy oatcakes especially for me!

Thank you Muriel! And thank you also to Millie and Walter for giving Muriel the prompt with their comment on an earlier post.

It was a crystal clear morning and we stopped briefly to admire the view from the lookout point.

Sadly the snow capped mountains we could see in the far distance are currently out of bounds... Sigh.

Happy Nature Friday friends! And thanks to the LLB Gang for keeping our favourite blog hop going. Gail is feeling in need of things to look forward to just now.


  1. we wait for new things here too... and we will probably not like it... but at least we have our hope for better times (a little)

  2. Bertie, you are a lucky boy to be able to go on even a short walk in such beautiful scenery, so enjoy every minute. Cheesy oatcakes too - specially for you - that's double lucky!
    It rained all day yesterday non-stop and looks the same again today, so no walks for us. Just cuddling up on the sofa all comfy cosy!

    Inca xx

  3. What gorgeous views! It certainly is beautiful where you live and we're glad you got your cheesy oatcake, Bertie!

  4. Morning my friends Bertie and Gail!!
    What a wonderful walk you had with MandJ before the new rules. Glad you seized the moment and thank you for the beautiful photos. Cheese snacks woohoo you are lucky and handsome WFT
    Oh dear me will this virus ever go away. Never in our wildest dreams did we know what was lurking and stalking us last year this time.
    NC seems to be trying to break records on cases. Last few days in NC 7,000 new cases. I guess it is the holiday gatherings biting folks in their tush. We are still on modified lockdown 10 pm-5am thru January.
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. Hari OM
    Bertie lad, around the Hutch there is constant movement and voices in the street. I think perhaps folk around here didn't get the memo... given that one of my Insty pals who lives just doon the hill has now been down with lurgy that sounds familiar (and has till now been a bit of a gadabout), I think the local bobbies could do with getting out of THEIR hutch!!!

    I am glad you and Gail are being cautious, as fusterating as it all is...sigh...

    I have to commend Gail on the photo of the sun through the trees... that's a "framer"!!! hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. Gail replies: Much as she would like to take the credit, it's actually 'M' who took that photo, and the first one in the post, with her iPad.

    2. ...LOL isn't that like the thing? Mac1 does that, whips out the iPad and takes amazing shots and my Canon and Fuji wee almost inconsequential!!! Yxx

      PS - a knitting site you might like. Yxx

    3. tsk. Seem. No weeing involved...

  6. We sure are glad you got out and about with both M and J before the lock down began. Maybe you can have relay walks where M walks with you for a bit with Gail, and then she stops 6 feet before you meet up with J. Crazy,crazy times. Luckily you have some lovely scenery close to home and will still be able to enjoy some nice walkabouts. Hoping the lock down doesn't last too long!

  7. Some of the rules on the other side of the pond are really a bit much. We are glad you had a nice walk before the new rules started.

  8. Those photos are glorious...especially the first one. Well...if you can only go with one friend, we vote for Muriel...those oatcakes clinched our vote. Good you can get out.
    Saw Nicola saying that Trump could NOT come there to golf during the inauguration.

  9. That looks like a great walk you were on. We're glad to hear Muriel heeded our plea and brought some tasty snacks for you.

  10. I love the way you captured the sun through the trees.

  11. I wish we had more regulations like these in the US. It has been pretty scary over here lately! Beautiful pictures ♥️ Stay safe my friend! Scarlett

  12. I second BigDogTravel in wishing for more regulations here in SE USA, the home of many Trump supporters. However, I certainly understand how frustrating it is, especially when outside activities are so tightly regulated. Very lovely photos.

  13. We have similar rules but we can't meet up with anyone outside our household anywhere. People who live alone can bubble with one other household. We also have a curfew. Unfortunately too many people aren't following the rules and too many are dying so we will do our part.

  14. Hi friend, Ojo here! If the people could all just agree to stick to the rules for a little while they'd be much better off and we could go walking in big packs again! I am glad you're keeping your person in line, and I'm glad you squeezed in one last walk with a larger pack! Also cheesy oatcakes sound divine. I will trade you some cheesy oatcakes for a parcel of snow, shipped express!

  15. I have to wait for my needles before I can go for walkies.
    Kind of like the peeps are waiting for theirs.

  16. My mom has a little walking group that meets for lunchtime walks, we are a small group of three dogs and four people...these days it's nice to meet up with friends, safely, if you can! Your walk is MUCH prettier that ours though!

    Your friend Rosie