Thursday 10 March 2016

Bertie ponders Britain and the EU...

Hmmm. Brexit then? Almost an anagram of Bertie, you'll note.

Gail pointed out that, in advance of the June referendum, all self-respecting media commentators in the UK have been pontificating on whether Britain should "stay in Europe" and she suggested I should do the same.

Wearing my Boffin hat, the first thing to say is that, barring the unexpected and sudden appearance of an oceanic spreading ridge down the middle of the English channel, Britain is and will remain geographically part of Europe, at least within the time scale normally considered in this blog. The question is of course is about economic and political relationships.

To be honest, the pros and cons of UK remaining 'in' are somewhat beyond my pay grade. I tried Googling 'EU + dogs' but the search results were dominated by rants about puppy farms in Lithuania, sad indeed but not strictly relevant here.

So I decided to investigate the attitudes to dogs of various prominent human participants in the EU debate.

I confess to being disappointed that Mayor of London and recently declared 'Outie' Boris Johnson, although himself often acting like an overgrown and attention seeking puppy, appears to be disinclined to pose for photographs alongside my own species (fearful of being outshone, one suspects). More understandably perhaps, one leader of the 'In' campaign, former postman Alan Johnson - no relation to Boris - also seems wary of my kind.

But what to make of the fact that Europe's most powerful woman Angela Merkel, although undoubtedly pro Britain staying 'in', is distantly anti when it comes to any kind of canine companion - especially one belonging to Mr Putin?

Ms Merkel's ally, our own UK Prime Minister, was in his early days as leader known for 'husky hugging' but his credentials as a dog lover were somewhat dented when he very nearly dropped a wriggly terrier puppy on a fraught visit to Battersea dogs home.

Back to the Brexiters, I finally struck gold with Michael Gove, perhaps the most senior Tory MP to declare he wants 'Out'.

Who could not love a man so unembarrassed to be photographed embracing his much adored powder puff Bichon Frise, Snowy? Isn't she cute? Surely her owner must be a man of sound judgement? And what's more, he comes from Aberdeen! Yes I think I am convinced. Bertie for Brexit it is!

Oh. Gail is giving me a disapproving look and saying something about reduced treat rations and no more help with the blog unless I change my mind.

They said this was going to get nasty…


  1. BOL! It could be worse, our orangest presidential candidate appears to have been raiding a Lhasa Apso for hair plugs.

  2. It's all too complicated for our little, did you get some good views of the Aurora Borealis....or do you see it all the time?

  3. I finks you haf hit on sumfinks here Bertie.
    ALL politicians should now haf to pass the canine test BEFORE they stand fur office....if the dog doesn't like're OUT!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. Hari
    BOL - Bertie lad, your reasoning is as sound as any other in this silly business... I can't help thinking (and 'oor Nicola' has touched briefly upon this) that there is a certain double standard among those in the Out camp, many of whom were on the other end of a recent internal decision!!!

    what I need to know is can I vote ahead of time - will be in the US during all the kerfuffle! hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

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  5. Bertie
    Jumpin'catfish what a complicated mess. I have learned over the years it is always BEST to side with the person with the thumbs..'cause for sure I'd starve if left on my own. All this being said BRAVO BRAVO for you thorough thoughts!! You are da man with the plan
    Hugs madi your bfff

  6. Guess in the long run - it doesn't matter what we little people and furries think - they (being the government) will do what ever they want to do

  7. I would be happy if we had the chance to make this decision here too... but we probably are those who turn the light out together with Angela... That was a super clever idea to invite Koni to the meeting with Merkel ;o)

  8. Wow....that is a brave stand for a doggie to take. Call us if you need bus fare to Virginia.

    gus and teka

  9. I agree with the canine test, my friend. What better way judge a person's true character. OK, so Gail may not like it, but we can have our own opinions separate from our human companions. I mean as long as they don't withhold our treats ...and if that happens, just go along with whatever they say.

  10. Gail surely can't fault your reasoning. Follow Snowy!

  11. WE like your idea...
    We also believe that the entire world would be better if all economics were based on TREATS. Milkbones fur ALL... 87 bazillion of them.

  12. It is all in how the treats stack up!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  13. Bertie - Only another 100 days to go. We've discovered we're allowed to vote in the referendum but not in the May parliamentary elections. A word of advice. Never trust a Bichon or its owner.