Sunday 13 March 2016

Job application - references wanted PLEASE

Oh I am fairly bouncing with excitement!

In the same week Gail learned her job is 'at risk' a marvellous new opportunity has been brought to my attention.

Scotland's tourism agency are advertising for an  'Ambassadog'.  Yes really! A position tailor made for yours truly, you must agree.

I do recognise the competition for this role will be fierce. Especially from the Scottie, Westie and Cairn Terrier community, with their built in 'native breed advantage'.

But I would not be Bouncing Bertie were I not a born optimist! And this is where YOU come in. I am hopeful that some of my dear blog friends might be a able to help me by providing references in support of my application, in the form of comments on this blog.

Perhaps you would like to explain how my blog has shaped your view of Scotland? Readers from overseas, have there been particular posts which made you think you wanted to visit this fair land? Can you nominate a favourite photo in which the beauty of our landscape combined with my own distinctive handsomeness makes for a notably striking combination? Maybe one of my posts has even taught you something interesting and new about my territory?

If you click here or biggify the picture below, you can get some more hints about the particular qualities needed for this role:

Any assistance will be SO MUCH APPRECIATED!

PS If you could mention in your comment which part of the world you live, that would be great too.

PPS Oh and, just a wee point, I would politely and respectfully ask dear readers not to focus those rare posts where my description of my homeland has, er, fallen short of the wholly complimentary…


  1. Hari om
    My word, Bertie lad, but the picture here is just grand... indeed most in which you feature tend to also enhance the bonny backgrounds of our picturesque homeland! As an ambassadog, I just know you would do your best to increase your educational and ground-level views for the edification of your viewers!!! Wishing you all the very best in your application, hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

    1. Now as to Visit Scotland, may I add my voice...

      Dear Sir/Madam,
      re: Mr Bertie MacBoffin - ambassadog.

      Having read the criteria for the post of ambassadog for Scotland, I can think of no better candidate than young Granddach Beinn Alligin, aka 'Bertie', of Aberdeen. He is a very well-travelled lad and, although not directly of Scottish heritage, was born here, owns property here, and drinks the local distillation. Through his blog, Bertie has many times astounded his readers with the sights and adventures he has right here in the Bonny Land. You could do worse than to spend a few minutes reading the Torridon posts... in fact I defy you not to spend a joyful xxxminutes as you become engrossed with the knowledgeable and eloquent presentation of just that one part of our land - and Bertie is capable of this for all parts!

      Truly, there cannot be a more fitting personality for the job you have at paw - for I do believe he is already doing great ambassadorial work!!!

      (To not at least shortlist this lad would suggest VisitScotland hae rocks in their heids and Bertie Boffin is pawfectly capable to excavating rocks lemme tell yez...ahem..)

      Yours Expectantly. Miss Y A MacLean of Dunoon.

  2. Mom and I just checked out the qualifications, Bertie, and you are a shoe in and an obvious choice for the role. There are numerous of your adventures that we'd rank as the best and most informative, but we will do our best to narrow it down and post again in the next day or so.

  3. We will certainly do some thinking and remembering to help you. We think you'd be Perfect.

  4. To Whom it May Concern:
    I, Madi(son) D. Cat, have know Master Bouncing Bertie for all of his 6 years. He willingly, happily and with great glee took on the task of introducing all of his friends to the wonders and beauties of Scotland. He climbs mountains with Gail and many of her friends (he is a people pup) in a nano second, uses his scientific knowledge to explain rocks and such to us. Neither rain, nor wind, nor snow will keep him from a trek.
    Bertie travels on trains too. Often he is so quiet folks don't even know he is there. Bertie goes to K9 camp every so often and gets on well with other pups.
    In closing, it is for all of the above reasons, give Bertie my heartiest recommendation to be the one and only Ambassadog of Scotland. Oh and a side note
    Bertie looks most dapper when wearing his hand knitted sweater made from Scottish wool.
    Madi(son) D. Cat

  5. We have no doubt that you would do the job better than any other dog!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!
    Murphy & Stanley

  6. To whom it may concern:

    My name is Otto and I reside in Southern California. I have been a loyal reader of Bertie's blog since I came to live here three years ago, though my family has known Bertie all of his life. Bertie is an extremely well-traveled fellow who goes from snowey mountains to icy lochs with a passion only his breed can capture. The beauty of his adventures is truly breathtaking. While I live in Southern California in an almost opposite geography from Bertie, I have often commented to my human what beautiful country Scotland is and how much fun we wojuld have exploring its varied scenic spots.

    In addition to being well traveled, Bertie is polite and plays well with others. His human, Gail, appears to provide for him well as indicated by the fact that she knitted him a beautiful sweater of Scottish wool. Please accept my strongest rottweiler recommendation of Bertie for the AmbassaDog of Scotland. There can be no better qualified candidate.

    Otto von Weiler
    Southern California

  7. Abby The Labrador here from Chicago U.S.A. My Mom, best selling author L.B. Johnson, regularly reads Bertie's blog, which showcases so much of Scotland as he takes us along on grand outings through wonderful places we've never seen. Mom reads with a smile and occasionally a wistful sigh as now she wants to visit Scotland. From Bertie's pictures and the descriptions here she can almost picture herself walking in this beautiful land where the land is green and strong, morning breaking with a crash of spray against a sea cliff, days stretching longer than the beaches that lie quietly in wait for a footstep to make an impression on them. Bertie makes us laugh and think and wish we were there. With that - My Mom nominates Bertie to be AmbassaDog of Scotland! Bertie represents so much of what is great about Scotland, strong, rugged and welcoming to others, proud to be part of a group, but still a unique individual who will stand out in a crowd.

    Abby T. Lab

  8. how could they not chose you - you are indeed a brilliant ambassador already :)

  9. Us again. We've just taken a very short scroll through you're blog, and you have it lunches, seals, cross country skiing, any of the Torridon photos. Ben Macdui..hikes (don't mention midges), mist rolling in, public transport, Edinburg. We think you've got enough campaign fodder to walk this in!

  10. Too bad I'm not in Scotland - hey, do you think a Scottish breed American pup could come steal da job?? BOL!

    But if it can't be me, it should be you. Terrierists say Scotland like nuffin else.

  11. Bertie, the Ambassadog job description was written for you! You're the complete package and absolutely perfect for the role!

    Your hopeful and wishing you best of luck, neighbour in Torridon,


  12. Oh Bertie, this is the pawfect job fur you!
    I luffs you description of you walkies and the parks you visit, makes me and the peeps want to get back and visit Scotland again
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  13. Bertie! We are SOOOOOO excited you applying for this prestigious post. We can think of no better qualified pup for this post! Top reasons for choosing you:
    You are an experienced traveler by train, bus and car - very useful for when you embark on your official duties as an ambassadog. You even create your own diversions and adventures when travelling (it's sometimes the journey and not the destination that counts!)
    Your posts show great diversity in terms of content. You are equally at home discussing European politics, munros, observed dog (and human) behaviours as well as scientific theories, city visits and wider world events.
    You are so very well connected within the dog world through your blog! Admittedly you may need to embrace other social media with the post - instagram, facebook and twitter but you can delegate that to Gail and it will greatly increase your following!!

    Good luck from Musselburgh!!!
    Harris & Horatio

  14. Bertie is super qualified to be Scotland's Ambassadog! I've learned so much about Scotland from him. Mostly I learn about the stunning mountains and natural beauty that he explores on his many hikes. But I've also learned a great deal about some Scottish cities and the public transportation system. It does my heart good to hear about how well canine citizens are treated abroad, and my momma says she would definitely put visiting a country that loves dogs so much as VERY high on her to-go list.

    Casey the Boxer
    McKinney, Texas, USA

  15. Bertie it is I, Sir Sweet William The Scot, from Cincinnati, Ohio United States of America. Why Bertie you take such pride in Scotland. You have showed us all about on hikes that have taken great endurance. From finding Cloudberries to beautiful sunsets. Going from Torrin on Loch Slapin to the diversity of the people who live on your street alone. Bertie would make the most wonderful Ambassadog dog Scotland could have.
    Sir Sweet William The Scot

  16. No other dog better captures the spirit of Scotland then Bertie. The lovely shots of the wee lad enjoying a brisk hike through hill and dale or standing outside a pub or chip shop or curling before a cozy fire have me desperate to visit Scotland. Then there is his marvelous coverage on Scottish transportation which is so much more dog friendly then US transportation. I would love to visit Scotland and Bertie is why

    retro rover

  17. Bertie you are the dog for that job... you know efurry place of your fabulous country and you are the one who has a wool sweater from scottish sheepies... And at last Mr. Darwin himself lived with a Foxterrier... that says a lot!

  18. We definitely think you are the pup for the job Bertie! From the beautiful scenery to the hustle and bustle of community living, you have shown us Scotland would be a wonderful place to visit!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo
    Humboldt County, California

  19. To whom it may concern:

    Bertie and his person Gail would be an outstanding Ambassadog team for Scotland. Through them we have come to know and appreciate a part of your country that we would never have seen through our own humans. We have walked by the loch, into the mountains and along the lanes and byways. As terriers we appreciate the excellent variety of adventure and contemplative exploration that they provide on a quite regular basis. Our horizon has been expanded exponentially !

    Gus Dagger WFT
    Teka Dagger JRT
    Richmond, VA. USA

  20. I hope you get it Bertie, I thinks you were born for this part! Hopefully Gail's job will be safe, I know lots of TND's friends have had some trouble too.

    Now, (I'll try and keep my grammar correct)
    Dear Scottish people.
    Bouncing Bertie is already an Ambassadog for Scotland! He has shared many reasons to visit Scotland, from his many wonderful shared adventures with his human and in his unique insights into the culture too. I know if there is a pressing Scottish issue I know I can count on Bertie to put it into perspective for me.
    I have been inspired to visit Scotland and walk in Bertie's footsteps but posing in front of the stunning scenery, just like he does.
    Bertie also doesn't shy away from letting us know the best times of year to visit and when we might prefer to enjoy some of the cozy accommodations Scotland has to offer.
    Plus his exuberance and optimism will be a nice contrast from the view that Scots are grumpy (quite wrong, I'm sure!)
    Here's our favourite pictures showing off Scotland.

  21. Crikey Bertie ..... I somehow missed this post before. Aunty sent me over to check it out. I sure hope I'm not too late to add my sixpence worth. Fair dinkum, mate ..... you would be perfect for the job. How could they even consider anyone else? You've got more Scotspirit in the tip of your proud, upright tail, than any other dog I know. They've just gotta make you Ambassadog cause that's what you are anyway, aye?? You've got ALL the qualifications. No-one else would do the job you would, and already do. Crikey my Mum's so desperate to visit your wonderful country and she wouldn't have even given it a thought if it weren't for you and your wonderful blog and the pictures ... OMD! ... how you capture that beautiful scenery ..... its a sight to behold. I thought my country, Australia, was the prettiest joint in the whole world but I reckon your Scotland's up there with us, aye?? So tell those tourist agency blokes from me that if they don't chose you they've got rocks in their heads. I'm not much good at this reference thing, Bertie, but I sure hope they listen. I forgot to mention how well behaved you are. Crikey ..... you go everywhere with Gail. You've never been chucked out of anywhere for bad behaviour, aye?? AND you're fit!! All that mountain climbing. You're sure not going to get worn out from all the hard work and long hours, aye?? Ambassadog!! OMD!! If they chose you, mate, and they should, Mum will fly over, at great expense to her, to see you in your moment of Glory. What's more I'll let her. I don't usually let her out of my sight but for you, Bertie, I'll do it. I'd come myself but a whole day in the pits of a plane would freak me out something awful.So good luck, mate. AND as for those tourist agency blokes. Just do it, aye?? GIVE THE JOB TO BERTIE!! You won't be disappointed.