Friday 31 December 2010

Dinner time with the grandparents

There are several things that I hope you have noticed in the picture above:

1. Human Granny and Grandad are very well trained at posing for the camera aren't they? (I am told I would do well to follow their lead, but that's not fair is it? I mean, I am posing nicely here too).
2. Did you spot the festive table decoration? We think it dates back to the Precambrian....
3. Grandad may not be as sharp as he once was (he is in his ninetieth year), but he still knows to guard his glass of wine against prying noses and tongues.....
4. Can you see Granny's home made steak and kidney pie? Gail says it's the tastiest in the WHOLE WORLD. I was allowed a little bit of kidney after the meal and it was HEAVENLY!
5. The dish on the right contains tagliatelle, a heated up left-over from an earlier meal. Never mind that this is an unconventional accompaniment to steak and kidney pie. The generation that experienced rationing does not waste food.
6. Isn't it a pretty Nottingham lace tablecloth, a wedding present from Grandad's friend Keith, back in 1956. Those of you who used to read Hamish's blog might remember the story about him, some scones and jam, and this very same tablecloth.  For some reason I was never allowed up close enough to check out if the stains were still visible....

Happy New Year everyone. I hope we all have a fabulous 2011. 


  1. Times like this with family are priceless. Money in the bank of memories. For some reason Bertie seems to be upside down in the last photo - Was your father keeping that close an eye on his wine ?.

  2. Hi Bertie!

    Well, I agree with Angus, I think that you had a slurp or two from Grandpas wine glass! BOL

    Me thinks that you did GRRRRrreat sitting and flopping like a real big boy!

    What gives though? A bite of kidney and no bite of steak? What an outrage!

    We look forward to another wonderful year with you!

    woo woos, Tessa

  3. Steak and kidney pie! We LOVE it! And we think you posed very nicely for your pictures. They could have put your chair closer. Looks like you've had enough of posing in the last shot....very funny.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  4. Sounds like great food. Looks like fun was had by all and yes, you are doing very well Bertie. ;-)

    And yes, I do remember Hamish's incident!! lol


  5. Who could forget Hamish stories! That was one of my favorites. A lovely dinner with pawrents and grandpawrents and a great way to ring in the new year!

    Happy, Healthy 2011 to all!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  6. We haven't forgotten you ... nor have we been ignoring you. Like you, we are visiting Grammoma and ... well ... you don't need the details. But we want to let you know that we made it back to wish you a Happy New Year ... and this post sort of grabbed Moma's heartstrings. It was ... and is ... very special.

    Our best wishes and love to all...
    Jake and Fergi
    Happy New Year
    (we WILL be back!)

  7. Hey there Bertie Bud!

    Maxmom says: "How fabulous to finally see Gail in all her glory! Was her mom perhaps a blogger in her youth? LOL!I see she's finally outgrown her publicity phobia, LOL!"

    From my point of view, you did a remarkable job by keeping still on that chair! Now that the photos are over, I URGE you to tackle that table cloth! I know you can, Bertie Bud! (I cause the same kind of destruction with my tail by the way!It kinda wags too much for Maxmom's liking) So, without much of a tail, Bertie-Bud, that table cloth is calling you...Hamish would be proud of you!

    Wishing you all a very happy New Year! (With much table-cloth pulling!)

    Your biggest mate...

  8. Happy New Year Bertie. We loved all the pics of you with your grandparents - they are indeed most cooperative.
    The table looked lovely and we drooled over that steak and kidney pie.
    We hope you have the best 2011 - we thought the ecard would magically transport you to Edinburgh castle at the Bells if you were feeling homesick.
    Much love
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  9. Happy New Year! Yuh, my grandma and grandpa are well trained to the flashy, but momma says that due to their advanced age it is really that they just don't move fast enough to escape. Hehehe.

    After dinner napping is important, even if you are inverted on a chair.


  10. Oh. Your post made Mom a little teary even though we both loved it. All your noted details made us smile, we put our pies on others too ..the enamel pie dish and the knife :)And the very same lace cloth. Haaaa!! That was one of our most favourite stories from dear Hamish. Hugely happy times there for you both to treasure.

    Also. I'm wagging impressed you could behave so well for so long Bertie dear boy. You must get that from the other side of your family.

    Wishing Gail,you and your Grandparents a wonderfully happy, new year dear boy.

    Eric + B xxxx

  11. A postscript.

    That lovely Florida beach? Well, at the moment it's getting pummeled with rain and punctuated with thunder. Maybe LATER we can go back for a visit!

    And that lovely tee shirt? Or rather, those tee shirts! We LOVE them! Incredibly nice quality!!! Not to speak of very high fashion!!! Nina's got a VeryNiceLongSleeved black one, too (with a white wirey one). You'd love it!

    Jake and Fergi

  12. Bertie I really hope you have a great new year. You deserve it and are sooo cute.

    Happy New Years,


  13. JACKPOT!!CHECK IT OUT! LOOK WHERE YOU ARE!! AT THE TABLE....ON A PEOPLE CHAIR!!!!WOOHOO! AND next to that lovely lace....WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAA..listen this place looks GREAT and look what a great job you did keeping your Grandpop's feer warm...ah dear boy we know we have said this a thousand times but you are our best learner and pupil!! Happy New Years dear boy!! Love A+A

  14. Bertie is a natural in front of the camera - he is so photogenic. Lovely to see the traditional steak & kidney pie too. Happy New Year.

  15. Bertie, you did such a nice job. You look so grown up! I saw that movie about that other Bertie yesterday. What a courageous man he was. Well Happy 2011.

    Our mom finially started a blog for us. please visit us.


  16. Happy New Year to you and Gail.

    Hoping all your wishes and dreams for 2011 come true!

    What a lovely family time to reflect upon.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsxx

  17. Happy New Year Bertie! I think you did a fine job posing your grandpawrents at the table! You would make a very good creative director!! :)

    Big slurps, HoneyBuzz

    Pee.S. - I don't think your grandpaw did a very good job of guarding his glass!! You is tippsy, admit it!!

  18. We are most impressed. Next year, we're sure your bowl will be right there on the table so you can eat with the rest of the family. Looks like you enjoyed some nice bonding naps with your granddad. That's a very important bonding ritual.

    Happy New Year, young Bertie!

    Jed & Abby

  19. Bertie, you look very much at home there, and so well behaved ;)
    See Yea George xxx