Friday 17 December 2010

Bertie's Christmas Poem

I am not yet quite one year old,
So barely past a pup,
But I was ever brave and bold
While I was growing up.

I’m told that terriers can be
Quite naughty, when they choose.
Of course that can’t apply to me,
So please do not accuse

Me, I did never chew
That cashmere top, no way!
Nor did I ever steal Gail’s shoes
Not me, I only want to play.

At puppy class I bounced around,
And strived so hard to please,
But Daisy Dachshund, silly hound,
Kept trembling at the knees.

I learnt to sit, like, in a flash,
It’s easy if you try.
Of course I do prefer to dash
About. Why sit still? Why?

I know how sad Gail felt that night,
That dreadful night when Hamish died.
But even as he lost the fight,
New life was born. Through tears came smiles.

And now with Christmas drawing near,
We have a splendid tree,
And Gail’s face shows a look of fear
When I approach to pee…..

Oh it is very difficult
To keep these humans happy.
Maybe when I'm a true adult,
I’ll be a well-conducted chappie!

‘Til then I wish my friends good cheer
And ‘Slàinte Mhòr’ and ‘Toodle Pip!’
I hope you had a splendid year,
And through the next one gaily skip.


  1. That is one great poem Bertie,
    Loved it~~you are most talented and for such a young pup. Think what you will be like when you are grown up. Yah I never believed bout the cashmere top anyways!! ;-)


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  3. Oh Bouncy Bert' are my bud
    and what a lad you are!!!
    Creating poems like that!
    You truly are a star!

    I love you Bud...I really do!
    Although so far away!
    You're kin to me, it clearly seems
    Although I had no say!

    "Woof!" I say "Cheers to you!"
    as you stand there by that tree
    "Go, my boy! Do it well!
    On that tree, go do that Pee!"

    They might be shocked,
    The might complain,
    They may well shout at you!
    But it's YOUR mark, it will remain
    'Tis certain! That's your due!

    I bow to you and salute you good,
    My buddy sweet in Highland gear.
    You are our lad, our 'Bertie' lad,
    We're a team so never fear!

    "Cheers!" to Christmas! "Cheers!" to us!
    "Cheers!" to humans far and wide!
    "Cheers!" to fun and shared delight
    With fur-friends far and wide!

    May Santa bring a bone for you,
    And many other treats,
    To mark the day, the exact same way,
    and celebrate your feat!

    Sending lotsalicks

  4. Well done! We love the poem! You are truly one gifted pup! Happy Howlidays to you!
    Bones and Treats
    Bronson and Pepper

  5. Hiya Bertie
    What a lovely poem and such a handsome pup. I'll bet you're as well behaved as George - well, you are terriers and have to keep your reputation up.
    Happy Christmas to you and Gail.
    Georges Dad

  6. What a fabulous wordsmith you are - and so young to be so astute. And you probably know why there is no tree up in our house yet - boys will be boys!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  7. We'll have to be calling you Rabbie Bertie from now on.

  8. You have a fine poetical muse, Bertie. Did you know you had it in you?

  9. Oh Bertie you are talented for a little kid. We love your tree
    Benny & Lily

  10. Bravo Bertie, you are one multi-talented terrier!!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  11. Oh, little Bertie, your poem was so sweet
    We read it all, it was quite a treat!
    We love that pic of you with your tree
    We really hope you remember you must not pee...........

    It is hard to be young and good at the same time
    We know you will try extra hard at this festive time
    We Aunties can tell you wee Hamish was no Saint
    Many a time he left his Grandma feeling quite faint!

    We expect Gail will struggle with old Santa Paws
    With no scientific 'proof' being one of the flaws
    But we know you will wake up to find...........
    Lots of pressies he has left behind!

    Have yourself a Merry Little Xmas Time xxxxxxxxx

  12. Well done, Bertie!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  13. You are an excellent poet, Bertie!

    Thank you for sharing your poem with us.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  14. Excellent poem, Bertie! I am most proud of ya for this one!

    But here, Bertie, we are surrounded by Poets in this blog, you are gonna have to keep besting yourself or they will overcome you.


  15. oh Bertie well done! I is sure you has beed good enough for Santa paws and so you doesn't need to worry about growing up, just keep being you. Anyways, apparently it not matter what age we is we can still get in trouble.

    pee ess: Mum keeps playing 'Christmas' Carols and they is really high pitched and hurting my ears. I hope you doesn't has to suffer that.
    Merry Crisp mas!

  16. Boy, we have no poem to offer in exchange for yours. But we still want to say "great literary efforts" by all who did, and Merry Christmas!

    Jed & Abby

  17. That is a great poem Bertie.

    Wishing you a wonderful first Christmas with Gail, as together you listen to and share her memories of Hamish, and you also create new memeories of you with Gail. If you are anything like I was for my first Christmas you'll find shredding Christmas paper fun - just don't try it before the 25th!

  18. Excellent poem!

    Sallie and I just found your blog. I hope we can be friends.


  19. Dearest nephew, Hoots toots!! What a wagging poem, that some super dooper smarts you've got. You must get 'em from your Uncle's side eh?.

    Now. That last photo of you laughing your square head off at Gail trusting you with one of them rare pee trees. You may well laugh Bertie but beware them indoor pee trees. One ATTACKED me once. Spiteful thing fell right on my delicate puppy bonce. As me and kitten bro were er....skipping by.
    Not seen one since then. Thought they could be extinct. You better water it Bertie, make sure you keep the species going. Just take aim from afar...

    Wiry love your Uncle Eric xxxxx

  20. Oh Bertie..what lovely poetry!! Now, take this from Uncle Stan. If you have one of those FAKE Christmas trees and ya do leggie lifts on it...




    Uncle Stan

  21. Well done dear boy...Listen you have to admit that was really nice of Gail to bring a tree inside for you to pee on so you don't have to go outside... Really fabulous.. Love A+A