Monday 27 December 2021

My kind of a day

So our wee poodle guest Ella woke me up early on Christmas morning and wanted to know what we'd be doing that day. 

To be honest, I had no idea. But shortly after, when we were all up and about, I observed Gail filling the vacuum flask with coffee, tucking a few treats (dog and human) into her daypack along with her Bernie Sanders style mittens, and I whispered to Ella that I thought we might be going for a nice long walk and a picnic somewhere.

Soon we two dogs were bundled into the back of the car and were heading inland towards Aboyne. Ella, who has quite a good brain underneath all that adorable fluff, confided in me her worries that Gail had not packed enough food for the three of us, and this remained a concern until an hour later we arrived at the Glen Tanar car park.

There we found our friends M and J, and their friend K. To my great relief I saw that M had come equipped with all the makings of a feast, and these were being placed in the humans' various backpacks for, one presumed, later consumption. 

Suitably equipped, we set off up the glen, Ella a bit nervous at first but soon getting into the spirit of things. 

At -2ºC when we left the car park, it was slippery underfoot/paw, and chilly enough for me to be glad of my Nordic sweater. For brief moments the sun did peep over the sides of the valley. 

After a couple of miles we reached the picnic destination and the humans expressed relief that their favoured spot beneath the bridge had not already been taken. 

That this was a better class of picnic than the sort Gail usually puts together was evident from the moment M laid out a table cloth on the snow-covered stone bench.

I was tied to a nearby tree trunk and given a top quality chew while the humans consumed their turkey sandwiches, tasty nibbles, tiramisu and 1/4 can each of naturally chilled Prosecco. I thought it a bit unfair that Ella was allowed to roam free during the picnic, and wasn't too happy when Gail said "it's because she has better manners than you do Bertie". 

But then I remembered it is the season of goodwill. I decided to accept the situation and sat there quietly as the humans drank a toast to many more Merry Christmases (and I was given another treat...) 

All in all, it was my kind of a Christmas Day. And Gail's too, I believe.


  1. That sounds like a super picnic, Bertie, and what a lovely way to spend Christmas Day
    - with photos to remember it by too!
    We know it is difficult for you to be tied up while Ella is allowed to roam free. My human explained to me that she has had both male and female dogs, and the females have always been much more reliable and obedient off the lead! And I'm the best of them all!
    You had a lovely picnic and treats! I just stayed at home on my own to look after the house when my human went off to enjoy herself for Christmas lunch with friends.
    Your Christmas Day was one I would have liked too!

    Inca xx

  2. What a fun Christmas picnic!

    And I must say, ya look pretty cute in that nordic sweater.

  3. A snow picnic and with the yummiest foodables! What fun and your day is just beautiful!

  4. the food looks really really good and the two of you are adorable as always. you look so good in your warm sweater, I assume the itty bitty pup, even smaller than you, has enough furs she doesn't need a sweater/jumper. what a lovely place for a picnic, alas, I would be miserable, anything under 60 Farheit and i don't want to be out doors. I do walk Beau at 49 to 50 but that is only for 20 and only happens a few days a year. I think my blood grew thinner in the heat and my cold threshold is not so good

  5. What a lovely way to celebrate Christmas! A feast on a pretty "table" cloth. The penultimate picture of Bertie is a beautiful Christmas portrait (with a coordinated red leash). When we lived in New Hampshire, USA, the dogs and I would play, and walk, everyday that was at least -7C or above (which I discovered, by trial and error, to be a reasonable cutoff!). Best wishes for the New Year.

  6. What a great way to spend Christmas day! You got to enjoy some snacks and the peeps enjoyed their special picnic, too.

  7. Hari OM
    OMD, Bertie and Ella - you totally scored!!! To have the white stuff for Christmas Day, to have it dry enough for a picnic, to have those special treats, to be loved on by these wonderfurs hyoomons (even, Bertie, if that meant a little restraint)... and all that out in the very depths of nature... Well, all just very extra special I say!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  8. Bertie I have been eagerly anticipating news of your picnic! Ella is all kinds of adorable and has very nice manners, which might have shined brighter since she was a quest. Your adventure and Ella's calm nature are excellent mix.
    What an nice place for your picnic which has me licking my lips currently.
    We had one yesterday too and turkey sandwiches were on the menu with chips and pickles.
    HOWEVER (not bragging just stating facts) it was 72 degrees, sunny with a light breeze.
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. Bertie - A picnic in Aboyne is mega cool - in this case literally .

  10. What a lovely way to spend Christmas Day. Lee and Phod

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  12. Celebratory napkins, no less!

  13. What a lovely way to spend Christmas Day!!
    Sunny, Rosy and Jakey

  14. What a wonderful way to celebrate!

  15. You are brave and hearty folks. It looks like a blessed day.

  16. My goodness, that looks like the best way to spend Christmas day! A big walk and a feast!