Friday, 24 December 2021

Bertie's 2021 Christmas Greetings and Poem

The Bonus Christmas

I am not a miracle, I'll have you know.
I'm very scientifical in fact.
And just because this cancer thing I've got
Is not behaving as vets say it should,
It's all to the good.
But not a miracle. Understood? 

Because a WFT's a complex entity,
His journey can't be easily foretold.
So many interactions and what ifs, 
Combine to unpredictable effect,
And when that means another year of life
Please join with me and celebrate! 

I might be, statistic'ly, 
An outlier in survival terms.
But though it's sometimes difficult to pee
And Gail finds it a bore to wait for me, 
In all other ways, these sweet extra days 
Are, oh I nearly said the word,

A miracle (of sorts).


  1. we wish you another year and much more dear Bertie... christmas is the time for miracles and if one good comes to you, we are super happy.... have a fantabulous christmouse...

  2. I don't mind what you call it, Bertie, just as long as you keep going for many more years.
    We wish you, Gail, and little Ella the happiest of Christmases, and good health for you, in 2022.

    Much love,
    Inca xx

  3. We wish you the most wonderful Christmas and here's to a great 2022, Bertie and Gail!

  4. In this world that has been full of more darkens than we would like, we are grateful for the light miracles (even if they are scientifically explained). Merry Christmas! Lee and Phod

  5. your card is beautiful and so is your poem. Our wish for you is another Miracle year. Merry Christmas to you and Gayle. the last photo is absolutely stunning of you.. makes me feel joy looking at it

  6. Bertie....your card is beautiful compounded x 87 by your presence on it. Your Nordic sweater photo with the sun a glow on your back is breathtaking.
    Should Gail tire of retirement...she could be Scotland's Poet Laurate.
    I hope you and Ella have a wonderful picnic tomorrow. Sunday, Bryan and I are meeting Marlu and Greg halfway between our house and theirs for a picnic. The temperature of 70 is predicted. I might need to wear my flip flops
    Hugs and head pats to all
    Cecilia and Bryan

  7. What a beautiful poem, Bertie. You sure are a miracle and you shouldn't be shy about using that term to describe yourself. We hope you and Gail (and your friend Ella) have a lovely Christmas.

  8. Hari OM
    Bertie lad, there is no denying
    that you are defeating the dying
    and proving that, despite some strife,
    there is nothing to beat choosing life!

    Miracles are supernatural. Super = over and above; natural = the normal or expected state of things. That is the etymological explanation of your most welcome presence with us this Christmas... and its being the best of presents for Gail!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  9. Whatever explanation one endorses, it's the result, in this case, that is important. Merry Christmas! /Fay, the cardis2 and the SPoo

  10. Sending you warm Christmas hugs. We hope ya'll has da bestest Christmas efur :)

    Matt & Matilda

  11. I think Yam-Aunty explained it well...whichever it is; science or miracle, we just know that seeing your handsome WFT moozle makes our days brighter!!
    Merry Christmas!
    Rosy, Sunny & Jakey

  12. Great poem. We pray that you are with us for Christmas 2022.

  13. You look full of vim and vigour in that photo Bertie. Long may that continue. We enjoy accompanying you on your walk and wish you and Gail, a happy Christmas and a year of love, adventures and companionship in 2022.

  14. Sending you and Gail greetings from NZ, and wishing you both all the best for 2022.

  15. We think you look wonderful whatever the reason…science or miracle. Keep it up buddy.