Wednesday, 22 December 2021

Not what I had in mind...

So when, at the end of a muddy walk this week, Gail suggested I needed a paw spa, I envisaged this kind of a set up.

Followed maybe by this...

Whereas what I got was a cold dip in the River Dee.

And scant sympathy from my owner, who just said don't make a fuss Bertie, I can't see any ice floes...

At least it wasn't total immersion.

PS BREAKING NEWS: It has just been confirmed that my wee poodle pal Ella is arriving at our house tomorrow for a five day Christmas holiday. Oh we're going to have such fun!


  1. h wow... but at least you had a natural spa day that way and it was for free LOL

  2. Last time I had a "Spa" day, I just got the soapy part of the treatment. It was all very nice and the girl at the groomer's was very efficient, but I did fancy the idea of the robe and a tanning session too! However it was better than your dip in the chilly river Dee, Bertie!
    Have fun with Ella - we're sure you'll behave like a perfect gentleman.

    Inca xx

  3. Did she remember to bring the towel? Have fun with Ella, Bertie. We are loving your Christmas blog header!

  4. Hari OM
    Crikey Bertie lad, you've joined that mad bunch called wild swimmers!!! But golly, I am glad to hear you will have Ella stay for the holiday - I am so glad you have such a fine wee friend to share time with! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. my feet are cold and in socks and you standing ankle deep in icy water YIKES.. i am shivering for you. you look happy though. so happy your guests are coming, enjoy. I may not be around for a couple of days, the hubby is not doing well this am, had a bad night

  6. Bertie Gail might need a Dictionary for Christmas she seems confused on her choice of words

    WooHoo Ella is coming for a visit that might....JUST might....make up for giving your paws a frosty dip.
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. Enjoy your Christmas walk and get together with friends, canid and human. Merry Christmas, Gail and Bertie! You have brightened my year.

    1. Thank you for the kind and lovely comment, and Merry Christmas to you too!

  8. We think a dip in the river is much better than a full bath. You and Ella are going to have lots of fun together.

  9. Sorry about the cold paw soakj Bertie...but we sure you are warmed by the pending arrival of Ella!!!
    Jakey, Rosy & Sunny

  10. It may be cold, but Phod would prefer that to the tub. So happy you are having some Christmas company. Covid is insane here and it is likely Christmas will have to be postponed! Lee and Phod

  11. Oh Bertie, that water looks so chilly. What a beautiful new header photo! Merry Christmas, dear fellow and Gail. I second Fay's comment; you have brightened my year immeasurably.

  12. You will have so much fun with your friend visiting for the holidays! And being huskies, we think the cold dip you took looks amazing! Have a wonderful holiday with lots of walks and lots of treats!

    Your friends, Rosie, Redford and Lesley