Tuesday 14 August 2018

A letter to my friends in Canada

Gosh it's been a very full few days and I really am too tired to say much this evening. But I would just like to send a brief letter to my friends in Canada.

Dear Hailey and Zaphod,

I hope you are OK in 'camp'. You know, it's a real shame you can't be in Scotland with the Lady and Man, who are here with Gail and me, staying in YAM-Aunty's very lovely flat in Dunoon, where I have been given the run of the place (including both of YAM-Aunty's large and most comfortable sofas). I mean there would have been plenty of room on the sofas for you too. I'm not making you feel bad, am I?

You won't be at all jealous if I tell you how the Man and I had a most satisfying game of tug of war last night, will you? He really didn't seem to mind how much I growled and came close to nipping his fingers off. Does he play like that with you? Then at lunchtime today, I am totally sure he would have shared his packet of crisps with me too, had spoilsport Gail not told him not to.

Oh and we all had such a fun time exploring Auchindrain Township in the morning, and learning how life was lived in rural Scotland in times past. I have to say that the very basic furniture in the old cottages did not look a patch on YAM-Aunty's sofas. Did I mention the comfy sofas here? Oh, I did already, apparently! The Lady and Man told us how in Canada you guys would not have been allowed to roam around a museum like this. Well that's really too bad! Although of course I don't mean to make you feel envious, especially since you are cooped up in prison at the moment. (What? You didn't need reminding?)

Well I think I've written enough for now. I do believe that the Lady and Man, who are such nice humans, are missing you very much, despite hiding it well.

Send fond and manly kisses,
Toodle pip!


  1. Oh...Bertie! What wonderful guests. Too bad Lee and Phod couldn't join your party, but looks like you gave their pawrents a wonderful time.

  2. that is so pawsome!!! and I'm sure professor lee and phod will enjoy all thge adventures the man and the lady will tell when they are back...

  3. That's so sweet of you Bertie to think of writing to Lee and Phod...they must surely be wanted to hear how their peeps are doing. Its it a shame us pups can't go everfurry where wiv our peeps
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    my Cats, Dogs, Birds, reptiles and OMCritters everywhere Bertie!! I just knew with 100% assurance you would love meeting Lady(K10) and Man(Sam) and having all that extra hands on experience!!!! The peeps agree they are most wonderful peeps. I don't know about Phod and Hailey but my peeps are quite envious of this wonderful visit. And they hope many hugs were shared. YaYa is a wonderful hostess!!
    Hugs and Have a good trip back to Aberdeen
    Madi your bfff and Peeps
    PS did you and Gail get 'camp names'?

  5. Bertie - It doesn't look as though heat was a problem at Auchindrain.

  6. Oh Bertie, it's so nice of you to send such a friendly message to Hailey and Zaphod, who must be so lonely. What a friend you are!

  7. How cool those humans are visiting you. They better bring you a good present
    Lily & Edward

  8. Oh Bertie, we also know just how friendly Lady and Man are and are sure Hailey and Zaphod are happy their folks are in good paws with you around!

    Happy Napping!
    Arty & Jakey(and Rosy who hopes to meet Lady and Man next summer!)

  9. We bet Hailey and Zaphod are happy to hear your report of how the Lady and Man are doing on their big trip. It sounds like (and looks like from the pictures) that you all are having a grand time together.

  10. Ahhh, the big reveal - so now we know who your very special visitors are!!! We are sure that Hailey and Zaphod were thrilled to hear what a great job you are doing at entertaining them all.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  11. WE had wondered if Lady and Man were going to see Yam Aunty but to get to meet you too and Gail of course is wonderful
    Hazel & Mabel

  12. Dear Bertie,

    I must admit I am now a bit nervous. How did you steal Lee and Phod's people? You're not going to steal my people, are you?? Do you steal Canadians?

    Actually I am sure it is not you who does the stealing. But how does this happen? I am worried!


  13. Sounds like everyone is having a grand old time ...except maybe Hailey and Zaphod back in camp ...

  14. Wow having your friend's people at your house is super cool. They already know how to treat dogs so that is a plus. I am sure you will give them back when you are done with them

  15. OMD, Bertie what a FABulous visit! I am sure the Lady and The Man missed Phod and Hailey terribly, butts they had you to love and play with, so I'm sure you made up for it! I am glads you all had a good time.
    Ruby ♥
    pees: Do yo steal Canadians??? ☺