Thursday, 19 November 2015

Seasonal fun and games!

This is just the best time of year to play 'Hide the Poop'.

Here's how.

You have to be in a public place where your human must 'pick up' after you.

The game can be played any time of day of course, but it's most fun after dark.

The rules are ever so simple. You just find a nice big, deep pile of leaves, and do your business.

Then you stand and watch (and try not to laugh) as your human frantically rummages around with bag in hand, attempting to locate your deposit.

If your human is just a beginner, you could be kind and 'go' near a lamppost the first time.

Maybe my friends have other favourite 'hide the poop' spots?


  1. We do like long grass, or near muddy puddles. You're right, it's great entertainment.

  2. that's like a jigsaw and I bet humans need more time than we need for a chewing bone :o) to make it interesting we can hop around in all directions to place the next part of recycled food, that's like playing minesweeper :o)

  3. I guess da bathmat are not a good place to hide da poop, as I learned tonite. Unless your poop wuz bright pink maybes.

  4. Oh I luffs the 'hide a poop' game...I do this in the garden so when Dad's out there he always finds it....on his slipper!!!! I is laffing soooo much!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. that sounds like a fun game indeed

  6. Bertie: "Hide the Poop" is an international game, but does not seem to have a formal rule book. Here in Virginia, the picker upper (for want of a better term) is allowed to put one hand inside the pick up bag. This helps them deal with the reality of what they are about to do. Not encouraged for veteran dog owners, who become immune after about 12 years.

    Also, my favorite trick is to poop at the top of a small incline. That way, the poop rolls down and often ends up in the biggest pile of leaves at the bottom of the hill. Along with assorted poops from other dogs. heheheh

    This is such a fun game. Maybe we should write a set of instructions together, with input from out pals?


  7. BWHahahahha...

    What might be even more fun is the PRETEND POOP. Then watch as the peeps look for something that isn't there! :o)

  8. MOL MOL MOL Bertie....this is hilarious and so timely
    Kasi tried that same trick on mom the other day.. Mom is purrty sure Kasi thought mom was a beginner too. BUT mom has been a poop scooper for 37+ years. First with the mighty mini dachshund Toto and for the last 25 she has been chief scooper of feline poop. The joke was on Kasi
    Hugs madi your bfff

  9. Oh Bertie..this is a wonderful game. Jakey plays it all the time...but he makes small deposits at 2 feet intervals over a 10 square foot area! This leads to many giggles on our part as Mama tries to find all his nuggets!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  10. Bertie, It's even worse (for Gail) if you shake your bootie!

  11. We love that game too. We are back from our prolonged blogger break and we missed u
    Retro rover