Friday 13 November 2015

In praise of dark mornings

I get the impression from Gail that folk in Aberdeen – humans that is - don’t much like the dark winter months of these northern climes. They seem to think it a problem having to get up before sunrise.

I have a different view.

A mundane morning walk in the park becomes a big adventure; the familiar rendered unfamiliar by the cloak of darkness; one’s other senses heightened; one’s regular terrier alertness supercharged.

And I’ll tell you what’s even better.

It can happen that your human forgets to put on her glasses and also forgets to attach the pink light to your collar, and then, on reaching the park she lets you off your lead as usual, neglects to keep her eye on you as she ponders a work-related problem, and, joy of joys, she fails to notice that you have slipped away into a dense shrubbery and disappeared from view.

Selective deafness kicks in (the heightened senses having conveniently failed you at this juncture) as your human calls ‘with animation’* but to no avail, and it is not until you have nearly circumnavigated the park that your excited owner locates you again and firmly clips on the walking string.

Oh yes, gosh, early morning walks can be such fun!

I do hope Gail’s boss is properly appreciative of my role in ensuring that Gail is well and truly wide awake by the time she arrives at work. (A bonus payment would perhaps be appropriate?)

*I must thank my Down Under friends Stella and Rory for introducing me earlier this week to the concept of our humans calling "with animation".


  1. We're not allowed out until SHE can see our leads to untangle we go at first light. Would have loved to see Gail trying to get your attention. Maybe next time you can put the pink light on her...

  2. Hehe, what a great idea Bertie, I will try this out as soon as possible!
    On a scientific note, and I nose yous just the pup to advise on this Bertie, I finks SMELL better in the dark, can that be true? I always sniff more in the dark anyway
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Well being a scientist I must caution against anecdotal evidence and small sample sizes, but I DEFINITELY find my sense of smell is heightened after dark. Perhaps we could get a big grant to do some proper research?

  3. PINK! You let her put a PINK light on you. The indignity of it all. I think you deserve a make-good treat for the humiliation and scorn.


    1. Gus my friend, Gail says that a dog who is confident in his own masculinity will not have a problem wearing pink...

    2. Hear-hear, Bertie. The exact reason why I have a pink water dish!


  4. that's a super idea to be the light in the darkness for my staff... then she will follow the light and we go only to places I like... brilliant, huh?

  5. OMDogness! I never realized being out in the dark could be so much fun! I'm usually hiding under the blankets until at least noon! Good Job, Bertie!

  6. Oh, that DOES sound exciting!! Jessie tried out some excitement yesterday when Momma let her out back and the gate was open for some reason. I'm not sure if Momma's heart could stand any more excitement just yet.

  7. Oh, that DOES sound exciting!! Jessie tried out some excitement yesterday when Momma let her out back and the gate was open for some reason. I'm not sure if Momma's heart could stand any more excitement just yet.

  8. Hey Bertie!
    Wow, that's a super idea! Anything that will allow us some true freedom and running time is a great thingy. I am also a proud practitioner of the selective deafness routine. Works wonders. BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  9. OH MY WORD Bertie...why is it your problem Gail got lost and could not find you. YOU knew exactly where you were and where she was. That is what counts!
    Calling with that when one is called by one's entire name with a few other words at the end?
    Oh we love it.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  10. We don't really like dark mornings cause the boogey man can be in the dark. Moms are useless with out their glasses
    Lily & Edward

  11. Calling with ANIMATION... now that is one we MUST try to have MOM ...Attempt... BaaaaWaaaah.

    As fur the PINK light... that is you being in touch with your SOFTER Side... and we think you do it WELL, Bertie...
    OMD WE think thingys might just smell better after Dark Also... so we HOPE that you pawsue a Grant fur doing Further Insniffigation into this Paw nom in nom.

    We would be glad to help in any way Pawsible with the research... Should you be GRANTED the Grant, that is.

  12. Hello, Bertie! Am I the lone voice sympathizing with Gail? While you were off on adventures, she was beside herself (well, you know what I mean). Perhaps next time you could take her with you? Then, you both would be having a good time!

  13. Hari OM
    My word Bertie lad... you are testing Gail's med signs at such times; BP, heart rate, lung function, muscular reflex... definitely a waker-upper! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  14. Bertie, I, Hailey think that dark walks are awesome, but Phod is a little scared.

  15. Mama is soooooo glad we have a backyard and doggie door!! We think you are doing a great job exercising Gail's mentals!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo