Thursday 5 November 2015

In the wars

I had a wee argument with Gail, my 'owner', about the content of today's post.

You see, I wanted to tell you about some health problems I've been having lately. But Gail said that I shouldn't bore everyone with these issues as they are not too serious, and why not show some nice photos from our recent weekend in Torridon instead?

I countered that certain other members of her family never hold back when it comes to discussing their ailments at great length, so why should I be expected to behave differently?

To which Gail replied, OK Bertie, you have a point.

So we agreed a compromise. I'll tell you about my sore paws and my cough, interleaved with some images from our west coast trip.

Now, you might remember I had problems with a so-called 'interdigital cyst' on my left front paw earlier in the year. Gosh, I swallowed bucket loads of anti-biotics but it just kept getting reinfected. Later, in June, another cyst thingy appeared on my right front paw this time. It was ever so painful for a while but eventually both paws healed up.

Then a few weeks ago, same thing again, left front foot. Gail knew by now that regular post-walk soaks in chlorhexidine solution were key to keeping the sore spot from getting reinfected and it went away quite quickly this time (although Gail wants me to tell you she did sacrifice going on her annual geological field trip with her colleagues to stay home and care for me at the end of September).

Just when my feet were fine again, a new trouble, I began to cough. Occasionally at first, and then more and more often. I thought that thing whereby the vet squirts horrid stuff up your nose once a year was supposed to prevent these coughs, but it seems I got the worst of both worlds this time. And Gail was all grumpy 'cos she said I kept waking her in the night. As if it were my fault. At least she got to meet some early morning guests.

BTW, the only dogs I was allowed near while I was coughing were these rather wooden fellows we spotted in a little park by a church in Keith.

I would have liked to visit with this fellow (the dog not the skeleton) last weekend, but Gail said I must keep away.

By Monday this week I'd stopped coughing and guess what?

The next day I woke up and my left rear paw was all sore. No way was I going to put any weight on it, so I made sure Gail carried me downstairs to breakfast.

And that's how things are just now. I'm told yet another trip to the vet is in the offing...


  1. You poor wee suffering boy. And Gail not wanting you to alert all of Blogville. Bet if her feet were hurting we'd hear about it! And so she should miss out on excursions that you aren't invited to, to attend you. Bella had a cough once, but it was just a cold...a common cold. Bummer about the vets, but we hope s/he can sort out your paws. (and the cough)

  2. Hope ya can get your paws healed up and dat cough gone for good!

  3. Oh no! Poor stoic Bertie! Horatio can fully empathise with toe pain! Lots of hibby scrub foot dipping is how we treat it but sometimes a visit to the vet is what's required... Don't tell Horatio!

  4. Oh dear. Foot pain is pawful. And that cough. Glad it went away. Well, at least you didn't have to talk about peepee issues. I hope your paws all heal totally and completely for good real soon!

    1. Believe me, we have heard enough talk about "peepee issues" from the human grandparents over the past few years…..

  5. I hope your paws are pawesome soon and the cough disappears to nowhere or to north pole. Fall is a busy month for dogs we have to take long walks and to examinate all that smells in the air.... POTP to you that you are back too 100% Bouncing Bertie soon.

  6. Bertie my darlin' little WFT friend. Bless your little heart.
    First of all thank you for sharing the lovely photos...that night shot was gorgeous.

    As mom likes to say when it rains it pours. Thank goodness the kennel cough was defeated. Now to work on those precious paws. Mom said once she had a very sore left paw so she knows how it limits you actions.

    All this being said good buddy, I hope and purr your WFT tail is ok!!

    Mom would love to see all the daffodils in Aberdeen!!
    Hugs and extra kisses madi your bfff

  7. Bertie! Sorry to hear that you have been feeling a bit poorly recently. Being the tough terrier that you are, we did not have a clue until you fessed up. Dr. Gus Dagger, a well know dog psychologist (or is that Psycho Dog?) says to share your problems with your peers and parents and it will help you feel better. So next time, let your stiff upper lip droop a bit and look just a bit brave but suffering still and Gail will know you are feeling poorly sooner. And so will the rest of us!


  8. Oh Bertie :( Thats no good you have not been feeling well :( We hope you will be back to normal very soon :) Milo & Jet

  9. Maybe it's all that standing about in cold streams and clambering around on sharp scree that is aggravating your feetsies. Perhaps a set of jaunty red boots are in your future? We get our feetsies washed quite often after walks cuz the chemicals people put on their lawns washes out to the street after a rain. If it wasn't for the bother of booting up 2 dogs, we would be going out in boots. We hope your tootsies heal up quick so you can enjoy more lovely adventures.
    Bonnie n Kenzie

  10. Bertie - Could there be a common cause to both ailments ? Might the sore paws and a cough relate to standing in freezing cold Scottish mountain burns in the winter ?

  11. Oh Bertie....we hope everything heals up and that silly cough goes away real soon! Being under the weather is no fun!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

    PeeEss...We totally applaud your getting Miss Gail to carry you around when your paw is sore!!

  12. Oh, darling Bertie:

    So sorry that you are under the weather. You were right to make Gail post about it. I know from experience (unfortunately) that knowing that your fur buddies are using the POTP makes a huge difference. I know you are not in the desert, so you cannot have Valley Fever -- usually that is a cough, mine was different -- it was a lump in my shoulder, which seems to be getting better.

    Anyway, I will be using the POTP and making sure my kitty sistahs do too, and hope your pawsies get better soon. MWAH and
    ttfn and toodle pip


    ps -- i'm to big for mum to try to carry me around, so you are much luckier, bol

  13. You were right in telling us all. We are sending you POTP that your paw is better soon and the cough stays away!

  14. Oh Bertie we are keeping all our feets crossed you will feel better
    Lily & Edward

  15. We're glad you stopped coughing but we won't rest until those paws are fine. Maybe Gail needs to carry you to the dogtur so he or she can look at it?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  16. Ouchie paws are the worst! We hope they are all healed up soon and you'll be back to normal!

    Monty and Harlow

  17. Hari OM
    Hello hello, what's this I read??! Bertie lad, that is just such a shame... I am glad that Gail was able to see the priority your health needs took over field expeditions... though am glad that Torridon was still on the cards. Vet visiting may not be such a bad idea, darling boy... if for no other reason than to steady Gail's nerves - a benefit to your good self in its own way! POTP from Down Under, hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  18. Oh Bertie, you are right to tell us so we can keep you in our hearts and hope for that foot business to clear up and never come back. We are glad the cough is better. Good luck at the Vets. We always find it's a great source of treats. Rory has some advice though. Always remember to remain seated and just explain your temperature is just fine. Take care little mate. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory