Monday 13 July 2015

A sad week for Duthie Park dogs

Oh dear Gail, it has been a sad week hasn't it? First, on the train back to Aberdeen last Monday, you had the text from Yvonne saying how flat-coated retriever Jake had been put to sleep, his cancer having become too bad to treat or bear. And then yesterday morning we saw Sheila in the park and she beckoned us over to tell us that her wee schnauzer Sadie had died of a stroke two days ago.

Yes, our morning walks in the park won't be quite the same without those two 'regulars', will they Bertie?

You know Gail, I don't feel so bad about Sadie, 'cos she was very old, and had been blind through diabetes for at least a year hadn't she? So one understood that her life would soon come to an end. But poor Jakey. He was only two years my senior, and a few months ago he was still rampaging around with the energy of a pup. It seems all wrong that he's no longer with us.

(Gail pauses a moment before replying).

Bertie, you're right. Of course Sheila will miss Sadie a lot. She's not been so well herself - remember how we walked Sadie last year when Sheila was in hospital -  and she lives alone. I think Sadie gave her a reason to go out for a walk everyday and talk to all the other dog owners. But do you remember what Human Granny said when HGD died? That his life had run it's full course. So it was with Sadie. It's much harder to accept when someone close dies too young. 

Oh dear Gail, you are looking sad now. Are you thinking of your friend Kate? Let me come and sit on your lap and give you a lick.

Bertie, you are such a comfort. Oh I do hope you are blessed with a long terrier life. 


  1. It is sad when it is a young life.....old lives can be hard to take as well. So Bertie, make sure you and Gail are out there, enjoying every moment you're given.

    PS. We don't watch the Cricket, but we can't avoid all the commiserations, analyses and excuses. Still early days.....

  2. Hari OM
    Oh Bertie lad, so sorry to hear of both doggies' passing - but especially for Jake as you say. The gaps, of course, do fill... but never quite as fully, eh? You keep hugging and snooking with Gail. I too wish that you live long and prosper...
    Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Not a good time indeed. A difficult post, nicely written B+G.
    Extra licks and pets all round I think.

  4. We are so sorry to hear of the loss of your two friends. We too hope that we are all blessed with long lives.
    Wally & Sammy

  5. Bertie I'm sad with you and your Gail... I hoped so much that Jake had more time and that he maybe could win that fight agains the big evil C. I agree with that was your granny said... but it's not easy to accept .... there is a lot of sadness included too... sigh...
    easy rider

  6. Very true human granny is wise hugs

  7. Howdy Bertie. We're sorry to hear about your friends. Life seems to carry on even when we're sad and we feel like staying put for a while. We hope when you visit the park you remember your friends with a smile and a wag just as they would want you to. Sending a gentle hug from across the pond. No worries and love Stella and Rory

  8. Bertie and sorry to hear about your doggie friends. Our muzzzer is becoming quite obsessive over her two senior dogs. We tell her to be more doglike and more accepting of the greater plan, but then she goes out and get us new stuff, like our new steps to the bed....see, we just take it for the good it brings and put it behind.

    Gus and Teka
    ps..I am going to be 13 and Teka is ten and a half. We'e not old. We are just barely mellow!

  9. it is indeed sad when friends leave us - it always leaves such an empty spot :(

  10. We do hope to read Bertie's adventures for years to come. Hugs to your friends.

    Monty and Harlow

  11. Oh Sweet Bertie and Gail
    We are so sorry to read of Jake and Sadie's passing.
    Both Sadie and Jake's quality of life had diminished. Friends are sorely missed. This is a reminded to us all to enjoy the moments we have and always embrace a visit by a good friend because life flies by too quickly
    Hugs madi and mom

  12. Losses in our extended pack remind us to live each day to the fullest and give our dog love freely to our humans. Condolences for your losses, Bertie and Gail.

    -Ruby and Otto

  13. So sad Bertie and Gail. It's good you and jake were able to put your differences behind you. Life is often simply too short. Best to live it with loads of bounce. Amanda and the boys xx

  14. Sorry about the loss of your friends Bertie. Thats so nice that you comforted Gail.


  15. We dogs are just so perfect that we have to have a short lifespan to make up for it. We have to have SOME flaw, after all. But Momma told me I'm going to live to be 87 with her, and she's never wrong!

  16. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your friends lucky Gail is to have you by her side, Bertie. You just keep on doing what you are doing and she will be fine.

  17. We are so sorry! That is so sad. May we all be blessed with longevity and health!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  18. There are no words that can diminish the pain of losing a friend. Pain changes you but it help you to learn to appreciate more the ones you have left. Sorry
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  19. Super sad. We're thinking of you both and wishing for a very long doggie terrier life, dear God-dog son.

    Many licks.
    Tootsie & Mom

  20. It is always hard to lose a friend. But nice to remember them together.

    So you have actually met YAM-aunty in the fur ... er, in the flesh? We wonder where since she has traveled so much. Could it be in your home town? :)

    1. Gail replies: Yes, she came to visit us in Aberdeen, right at the opposite side of Scotland, late last year. I hope to take Bertie to see her in Dunoon one day.