Thursday 31 May 2012

Bertie makes a splash...

Can you believe that Gail has been doubting my swimming ability?

Just because, when I encounter a river, a loch or the sea, I act prudently and choose to keep four paws firmly planted on terra firma.

It is perhaps not so surprising that Gail decided to "conduct an experiment".

So, on Sunday afternoon, the mini heat wave still being enjoyed across the land, I was driven out to Potarch Bridge, a favourite picnic spot on the river Dee.

I was happily scrounging for food and entertaining everyone with my mellifluous voice while Gail went into the river for a swim. After a few minutes of trying but failing to swim upstream against the strong current, she returned to dry land to find me. Her friend Yvonne recorded the subsequent shocking events.

Yes, I was picked up, carried under Gail's arm a few paces into the river, to where the water was quite a bit deeper than I am tall.

Then she let me go!

Well of course I doggy paddled right back to the river bank faster than you could bark "Rebecca Adlington".

Really, the cheek of it. Look at me, my furs all bedraggled.

How does one go about applying for a new owner?

PS The blog will be quiet for the next week as I am going down to Nottingham with Gail to check up on the human grandparents.


  1. Indeed!! The cheek of it! And Gail showing herself in bathingwear on the internet: The cheek of it!! Just kidding. Good swimming, Bertie. Hope Gail's trip is safe.

    -Bart and Ruby

  2. At least we all know that you can swim now. Have fun on your visit to the grand peeps.


  3. Oh Bertie, you have my sympathy. When we first moved 'Down Under' my swimming ability was tested a fair bit. Eventually, I just decided the indignity of it all was not worth it - to spoil their fun, I now just run into the water all by myself. That'll learn them, that's what I say.

    And even with bedraggled fur, you still look cool.



  4. Gail didn't believe you could SWIM if you CHOSE to??!!! Can't believe that.

    Looks like it was a better experience than being rinsed off in a cold mountain stream.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. The horror of it, the absolute nerve!! I am shocked and I truly hope you are over the event now and are resting comfortably. I fear for your dreams for the next few weeks as you will wake up with your legs and arms flailing. Take care and enjoy your Grandparents.

    Loveys Sasha

  6. Oh Bertie! How undignified, being picked up and plonked in the water. Of course you can swim, you are a TERRIER!

    Have a good to trip to Robin Hood Land. We will be there in a few weeks.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  7. That's definitely something we should look into - how to get some new peeps from time to time!! Enjoy your trip!

  8. This is shocking Bertie! A kind of a sink or swim experiment - so very shocking! What on earth was Gail thinking about, hasn't she considered the canine right of choice?
    Enjoy your visit to the grandparents - best behaviour!
    The Aunties xxx

  9. Oh Bertie , too only like a paddle and I hate getting my ears wet. Sorry though did laugh!
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Hey there Bertie-bud.
    Geesh, my last comment got eaten! (Is your blog hungry by any chance?)
    Firstly, congratulations on your swimming abilities. I wouldn't give Gail all the credit if I were you. I always knew you could do's a retriever thing and I've always considered the possibility that you may have retriever in you. BOL!

    ps. Enjoy your trip, Gail. (MM)

  11. Oh dear, Poor Bertie. We all hate getting wet too, except Bob. He loves water on his feet. Mom has to be very careful with him around lakes and ponds because once he seemed to think a fairly deep pond in a city park was like his baby pool and he dove right in! Bulldogs sink like stones so mom and dad had to fish him out. We are all impressed with what a good swimmer you are, now you and Gail know if you take a tumble into a pond you'll be fine

    urban hounds

  12. Well you know what they say mate... "you can pick your friends....." Hehe! Deccy x

  13. Shocking, that's what we think. To swim or not to swim...that's a question best left to the potential swimee.

    Wirey love,

    Jake and Just Harry

  14. Hey Bertie!
    Wow, that's just totally RUDE! I pawsonally love to go swimmie, but it isn't for everyone. I gotta say you swam like a fish and I like your curly wet fur! Very good outcome to the experiment, but obviously not one for repeating! BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  15. Fur a new... Peep.. dial 1-800- HELP !

    THAT was just a hideous thingy to do to you my furend. The woman should be put in her CRATE fur like 87 minutes until she can find her Right Mind.

    I Love it when you go to see the grand peeps. Pictures and Grandpa Stories PLEASE!!!

  16. As a dog owner, I feel that it is MOST important that Gail knows whether you can swim or not. If you don't like the water and never get in it, she won't know, will she! Now she knows, and if by chance you would wind up in a lake or river, you could paddle your way out and wouldn't need to be rescued. Thats how it goes, Bertie, she did you a favor.


  17. Well I think Gail was just checking out your expert doggie paddle moves. Swim Bertie Swim Now she knows you are safe in the water by yourself.
    Sweet William The Scot

  18. Sometimes you have to prove that even if you don't want to swim, when carried in and plopped in the water YOU really do know the doggie paddle. Hope you got a good rub down with a fluffy towel and then a lovely brushing.

  19. I can relate...I don't get in the water unless I absolutely have to, like the one time I fell into Lake Lugano while attempting to befriend a duck.

    "Well of course I doggy paddled right back to the river bank faster than you could bark "Rebecca Adlington"." BOL! What a great line!!!

  20. What a shock for you Bertie- Alfie would have been most disgruntled! He doesn't believe in swimming and gives any dog who goes in water a good telling off! Can't they see how dangerous it could be???

  21. lol Sorry Bertie I shouldn't laugh. But your right the cheek of it, it was hot down here and even me that doesn't like water went in to cool off. As for Tess she gets dummped in the swimming pool and has a rope attached to her life jacket and if she swims to close to the side they pull on the rope to stop her from trying to get out!!
    Have a good time and see you when you get back
    George xxx

  22. Hi Bertie, mum says can your Gail come over to Oz and do the same thing with Rory please. He doesn't like water. Thanks. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  23. Oh Bertie...the indignity of it all. However, you rose above it all and showed that Gail a thing or two. BTW...did you know that Cairn Terriers tend to sink rather than swim? Yup...we sink just like two rocks right to the bottom around water. Shocking. PeeSsss: Da mum sezs good back muscles Gail!

    Buzzy McDuff & the Pip

  24. I cant believe that she actually out you in the water. That is almost as bad as mine throwing me in the pile of leaves!! The nerve of our peeps!!


  25. We can't all be Otter Hounds and Newfies. I just wish I was an Otter...


  26. Bewtie
    Of couwse you can swim, and while it's good to know, most tewwiews would much wathew be on tewwa fiwma, hehehe. I don't know if yoo wemembew when I was uncewemonioosly shoved off a waft into a cold lake in upstate New Yawk. To my suwpwise and (jeews fwom my tewwiew fwiends), i found I loved to swim. Most fwiends doubted I was a weel rewwiew and called me, gulp, a Lab

    Hope yoo dwied yoow bootiful fuws
    I love you
    Smoochie kisses and hopes you have a gweat visit

  27. Dear Bertie,

    I know EXACTLY how you feel. My Cushion did the same to me though I weigh 43 kilos (more or less). I hope I gave him a crick in his back because he gave me a great fright dropping me into the sea. I got a hosedown after that too because, apparently, I was sandy (through no fault of mine).

    If you ever find a new owner, please write and let me know how you did it.

    Me, Georgia Little Pea x

  28. hey Bertie,

    Oh my dawg! I would be livid! I think you handled yourself as best can be expected. I really do not know what I would do if (1) I was carried into the water (egads!) and (2) dumped in water far above my height! I don't blame you one bit for wanting a new owner. But, I would advise against it. Humans are allowed a few mistakes. Just make note that Gail has made one and give her a second chance.

    My human thinks the swimming looks wonderful and she wishes she could go swimming in Scotland! Hope Gail at least had a fun time! And I bet the sun felt very nice on your wet fur. :->


    P.S. Have a great time Nottingham and hope your grandparents are doing well and that they have lots of treats waiting for you!

    1. Hi Bertie,
      we're thrilled to see present 1 is in use and very jealous! Florian is about to embark on the building of another for Alexander as his one has become to small and his little brother has pinched it. The idea being that we then go as a family as up till now Sebastian has been much in your position, left waiting on shore. Present 2 looks good, although the idea of improving in any way on Canapress does seem difficult(....I quite like that flat stone opposite the front door for sitting on and even eating...)Anyway, who knows, hope to see you sometime soon so you can take the boys up another mountain? F, A, A and S.