Monday 28 May 2012

Fun in the Sun in Scotland. Yes Really.

Gail says I owe you an apology for putting pictures of such unappealing humans on my last blog post, a shock perhaps when you normally expect to see cute little me and perhaps some of our lovely Scottish landscape.

Well today, and especially as it's Monday morning and you might need cheering up, I am going to redress the balance and show you photos of me out and about enjoying a rare (VERY rare) Scottish heatwave. It's been over 23ÂșC!

On Friday I went for a bicycle ride with neighbours Mike and Kirsty and their dogs Bonnie and Jack, and then later Gail and I travelled north to Macduff, right by the sea, to stay a night with Gail's friends Molly and Neil. I'm also showing you some photos of a sandcastle building contest on Banff beach, just by Macduff.  For some reason, I was made to stay in the house when this event was taking place, although Gail later reported that other dogs were present. SO unfair. Anyway, Molly's daughter Nancy and her friend Sorley won a box of chocolates for their magnificent effort, well deserved, as I'm sure you'll agree when you see the pictures.
On the Old Deeside Line
I lead, Kirsty follows
The humans refresh themselves, we are left in the shade with a big black stranger
At last, some attention. From Kirsty (she's a V.E.T.)
The return leg. And muddy legs...
At Macduff beach, I join Neil, plus lurcher Maisie and collie Jess, for a paddle
Post-paddle legs
Molly and Nancy hard at work on the sandcastle - Sorley supervises
The prize-winning construction 
 Sorley (holding the prize) and Nancy
The sandcastle meets the fate of all sandcastles...


  1. Love the header of you 'bouncing' up the path. What a great outing at the beach. We're sure you could have made a fantastic sand castle if you'd been allowed.

    We're currently having frosty mornings but then the days are about like your 'summer' temps...BOL!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Bertie, what an amazing weekend! I love photographs of four legged ones on the beach as, personally, I'm a huge fan of the sea - nothing better than a refreshing dip! The sandcastle is very impressive and I agree that it's rather unfair that you were not allowed to go. And what fantastic weather - long may it last!



  3. What a great adventure you have, your place was very beautiful :D

    Dog Training | Puppy Bond

  4. It's quite incredible, all this sunshine, isn't it mate?! I wonder if it's sent us all slightly barmy!! Deccy x

  5. Your new header is just terrific. . .its soooo

    Sorry they wouldn't let you do the sand castle thing, but looks like you had a great time anyway. We were freezing in 40-50 degrees F. so much for spring/summer.


  6. like the action pic at the top
    and the lovely scottish scenery, of course

  7. Good Morning Bertie, we also like your new Header pic - kinda sums up your bounciness.
    Great fun in the sun pics - did you manage to get the tall dark stranger's phone number for your Auntie Bailey?
    We are not so keen on this hot weather - being ladies of a certain age you understand.
    What fun it would have been Bertie had you been allowed to dig up those sandcastles......
    The Aunties xx

  8. Dawling Bewtie! What a lovely weekend time fow yoo
    Fwiends, mud, wunning in watew and SUNSHINE galowe
    It looks like a pawfect day and seeing you wunning on yoow headew wawms my heawt
    smoochie kisses

  9. Beautiful pictures, what a lovely sunshiney day

    urban hounds

  10. It looks like you had a fun time on the bike ride. Your new header picture is fantastic!


  11. You sure are having a fun day with your friends.
    Benny & Lily

  12. I'm glad you got to enjoy the warm weather at the beach with friends. We love your new header photo!


  13. Oh what fun you had Bertie. Looks like a blast!!


  14. hey Bertie,

    Love the new header pic! Especially since it has your shadow. Very cool!

    Yay for Scottish sun and warmth! Sounds like you and Gail had a great time enjoying the weather and being with all her friends.

    Bertie, I love the expression on your face looking at the big black stranger! BOL! And I love the photo of you "post-paddle legs." Very pretty with the sand and your shadow.

    Congratulations to Sorley and Nancy! That was a pawsome sandcastle, and so big! Sad to see it wash away. I assume you were given large amounts of their chocolate winnings as consolation for being left behind?


  15. Howdy Bertie, wowza 23C, no wonder you ended up at the beach. Looks like a totally bouncing great day was had by all. See ya mate. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  16. We got that heat wave thingy here too. I totally didn't like it!
    Gosh, you has a beach too? I hope you got to bark your head off, like I do at my beach.
    What a great sandcastle! I got to go to the sandcastle competition here last summer, but it did not be much fun cos you was not allowed to walk or even leave peemail on any of them!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  17. Wow Bertie, dat looks liyke a reelly relly funn tiyme! I dontt fink i has properlyee introdyooced maself! Ma nayme is Posie-dorg, n I live not farr frum Aberrdeen too, how cool es dat?!?! I was in Macduff jusht da othir weeky whenn we travvelld to Focahabers fur da Hi-landd gamyes! yeah! niyce sarndcastel by da way! Love n likkers, pdorg xox

  18. Well, our apologies. We're reading backwards to catch up on your posts and we see you actually did have your Day of Summer. Very nice. We understand 23 C is somewhere in the mid-70's in real temperature, which is actually our favorite temperature of all.

    Jed would love to go swimming and volunteers to let Gail carry him into the water any time. Abby could help dig the sand for the sand castles.

    Jed & Abby