Saturday, 5 May 2012

They should have called for me!

What's the point of having a fox terrier in your neighbourhood if he's ignored in times of need?


Gail and I were returning from our walk in the park this morning when we ran into Harry Schnauzer and his human, Alan. We stopped for a wee blether.

I am SO ENVIOUS of Harry. You'll see why.

After some boring preamble about weather and the importance of dogs being contained in the back of a car so as not to interfere with the driving (as if), Alan then casually observes to Gail, "we could have done with Bertie round our place last week".

My little flappy ears prick up.

Apparently Alan and family have, or rather had, two elderly rabbits in a cage in their back garden. One night in April a fox was spotted, sat on top of the cage, unable to figure out a way in. Well I could have told them foxes don't give up so easily. Foxes and fox terriers are well matched you see.

So anyway, a few days after the initial sighting, Alan's wife Jeanette goes into the garden first thing, and finds an empty cage and rabbit entrails strewn across the grass.

The horror.

If only I had been called in earlier.

And where were the rest of the rabbit remains? Where was Harry?

Well before long, out came Harry from behind a bush. I guess it's hard to smile when your jaw is crammed full with the limb of a much loved family pet, but I know fine well that inside he was grinning from ear to flappy (like mine) schnauzer ear.

I'll say it again. I am jealous.


  1. My mum is horrified at this story Bertie......but I am silently smiling.

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  2. Oh wow! What a story! Your neighbors should have you on speed dial!

  3. Hey there Bertie,
    Seriously, I'm not going to invite Harry to our home...especially with the Guinea-pig explosion we are anticipating.
    BTW...Does Harry know how to howl?...or bark?...or something? Canine reinforcements are always on call. Then again, maybe he wanted to do it all himself...some friend! You'll have to have a serious chat to him.

  4. Oh dear. Mom does love bunnies so she cant think this isnt a tragedy, but us hounds think Harry probably had a blast and should have invited you over

    urban hounds

  5. Oh my word....why didn't they call you to the rabbit recue!! We hear foxes taste like chicken
    Benny & Lily

  6. What a story and Yesm they should have called you in on the situation. WHAT were they thinking?? oh wait they werent thinking!!


  7. I'll bet that they don't make the mistake again!
    I am sure that they have YOUR number right by the phone..NOW.

  8. Errr... I don't want to do the proverbial on anyone's bonfire but if silly human had thought of a stronger lock on the cages maybe everyone would still be happily hopping around. I know, I'm a greyhound and we're talking bunnies, but you can't go about eating bits of your family can you mate?! Deccy x

  9. O my goodness, how awful! we were always lucky with our guinea pigs as we get a lot of foxes, but I think Alfie might have taken an unwanted interest in them (they were deceased before he came on the scene)

  10. The poor bunny, Mommy had many growing up as pets. I am having a moment of silence for the bunny.................ok I think it is up to you to take revenge.

    Loveys Sasha

  11. Such a shame! Deceased and eaten bunnies, just good fellows who did no one any harm. What are you going to do about this, Bertie?



  12. Jed, as an aspiring DCI [Detective Canine Inspector], wants to be sure he understands the scene of the crime. So the fox [a known killer] returned and broke into the flimsy cages after Harry's pawrents had advance notice that additional security was needed? And Harry chanced across some of the remains left behind by the perpetrator and, being a conscientious lad, was cleaning up the yard so his mum wouldn't have to see all the carnage? Jed thinks the pawrents should be charged with rabbitslaughter-by-neglect. Harry was doing his duty [he did bark in the night when the fox attacked, we bet, and was told to 'shush'] and he's already eaten his reward. Case closed. Oh - Abby suggests the pawrents should not be allowed to own any more rabbits unless they are prepared to house them inside [as mama's friend does], or at least cough up for adequate security that does not involve poor Harry having to sleep in the yard as a permanent rabbit guard dog.

    Jed & Abby

    1. An excellent and accurate case summary, thanks. And Harry almost certainly did bark. He does that a lot.

  13. Oh Bertie, those poor bunnies. HOpe if they get more they have a better cage. We agree with Jed and Abby, Harry was just helping out (drool, dribble) and trying to save his mum from seeing the remains of bunny. Maybe they should have you on speed dial. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  14. ...and that is why we don't have bunnies or chickens or any small furry or feathered creatures....if the coyotes don't get them, Stanzie will.


  15. hey Bertie,


    Your jealousy is well understood. That fox would have been no match with you and those bunnies (*drool) would be safe right now. Your natural talents should be utilized by your neighbors. As for Harry, lucky pup! But he should have woofed for me. I would have had no problem cleaning up the mess. Just call me The Cleaner.


    p.s. Jed and Abby pawed an excellent case summary!