Saturday, 26 May 2012

LOL and BOL confusion

When Gail has her radio on in the morning I keep hearing about this thing called the 'Leveson Inquiry'. Something to do with investigating the relationship between politicians and the press, I believe. It's been going on, like, forever.

One fact emerged recently that most folk here will actually remember. Apparently our Prime Minister David Cameron used to sign off texts to Rupert Murdoch's UK henchwoman Rebecca Brooks with 'LOL' DC, under the mistaken impression that this meant 'Lots Of Love'.

Well I thought this was just hilarious. Who could be so ignorant? And then Gail confessed, very quietly to me, that when she first came across this text usage, she too was under the same misapprehension as Mr Cameron. The only difference being that she never used it in text messages to the most powerful woman in the British media.

But now I am worried about a related matter. I have been most neglected this week as Gail has been involved in some rush project at her new workplace. Up till now I had bought the line that Gail had a serious job, worth the sacrifice of spending less time with me.

And then I find see she has brought home some work-related papers and every other word in them is 'BOL'.

Bark Out Loud, surely?

BOL reports....The BOL estimate for reserves of gas is.... BOL is a unique entity in the North Sea.... The asset is operated by BOL....

Well I am puzzled. Is Gail working with a bunch of other dog bloggers? Do they really spend all their time laughing. Why have I not been invited to join in?

Oh. Gail is telling me that BOL in her work context does NOT mean Bark Out Loud.

Should I be disappointed or relieved?


  1. I bet it does Bertie mate, Gail is just pretending that she has a proper job hehe! Deccy x

  2. Bertie,

    Gail has brought her work home to you because you are so important to her new job. Her company uses the letters BOL to refer to "Bertie Our Leader" and, as a scientific advisor, I agree that your view of things would truly make you a unique entity in the North Sea!


  3. Bertie - It's a highly technical term meaning Barrels of Laughs .

  4. Bertie, it is hard enough for us canines to learn human language but then we discover they have this silly text speak!
    Well thank dogness we don't have a mobile phone! We will never have to worry about the media intercepting our messages - then again our barking and howling is freely available to all!
    By the way we think Gail is kidding you about having a serious job...............if it doesn't involve hiding bones it cannot be serious!
    The Aunties xx

  5. Oh Bertie, I would think the same as Gail. We are not quite as clever as you. REmember the money Gail makes at that job does go to fund treats and what not.

    urban hounds

  6. All work requires laughter (and barking out orders), Bertie. I am sure that Gail is seriously mistaken.
    Lotsalicks, LOL

  7. Hey there Bertie...
    If you were confused, it is actually me and not 'Chad'. 'Chad' is a friend who was usurping Maxmom's computer last night (and forgot to sign out) apologies for any confusion.

    BOL!!!!BOL!!!! BOL!!!


  8. ps.... Are you sure that Mr Cameron didn't have a dog?

  9. Hi Bertie
    Call me Dave and his texts BOL. Have a grand weekend.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. BOL? Two meanings? No, I doesn't think so. You should sneak out and follow Gail to work one day, just to make sure. You doesn't want her hasing fun without you.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  11. Ah Bertie, if only BOL DID mean the same, how much more fun Your Gail's work would be.

    Here is one that momma just learned recently. NSFW meaning Not Safe For Work as in don't let your boss catch you looking at THAT! Oh dear.


  12. What in the world?! BOL is being taken over by your Gail's workplace? How could this happen? Hootie thinks it must mean "boring old ladies"...Please don't let Miss Gail know he said that. Have a good weekend.
    BRD & Hootie

  13. My mom says, "Where's the bol? Go get the bol!" so I look around for something really exciting and what do I find? Just an ordinary tennis ball. Maybe Gail's work is like that.

  14. Hi Bertie

    My Human Mum Sarah has just discovered your blog and read it all the way through to me

    We really like it especially as our friends from Essex moved to Aberdeen a few years ago and with your lovely photos, we can imagine all the places they might be exploring

    If you ever meet a chocolate lab called Cookie with humans called Lindsay and David, bark a big hello from me please

    Mum says we can follow you blog now and she's even made me sit down and write my own blog!

    Have fun and we'll check back soon

  15. Oh Bertie-bud,
    that sounds like the best fun ever! (Although not enough mud!)
    If you enjoyed that weather, perhaps you should come and visit us's like that almost every day of the year. (Although we live far from that wonderful seaside and don't get to put our paws in it)
    Gail sure makes you work hard with all that cycling...but you seem to be enjoying it.
    Fitness fanatic! GI Gail, BOL!

  16. You should be relieved, Bertie, and I hope you BOL with this BOL joke:

    Q: How does BOL estimate the North Sea oil reserves?
    A: With the help of Rubi's Law :)

    (I hope it works as an in-joke; please let me know.)

    1. Yes it does! Very clever! Someone has inside knowledge.

    2. Not really...we just googled "BOL Aberdeen North Sea" :)
      We're glad you liked the joke!