Tuesday 6 March 2012

Educating Horatio

Oh I am so proud of myself.  It’s a wonderful feeling, to teach a young pup a valuable new skill. To play a part in educating him on how to be a ‘real dog’.

OK, let me backtrack.

A few of my blog friends will already have come across Horatio, a wiry pup in Edinburgh who belongs to Climbing Mandy and is just over one year my junior.

Well I am thrilled to report that yesterday I had the very great pleasure of meeting Horatio (and Mandy) in the flesh, when Gail and I stopped off in Edinburgh to change trains on our way back from a long weekend in Nottingham.

They came to meet us at the station. Horatio was looking most dapper, I must say, in his best blue bandana.

But you know what struck me right away about Horatio? That he is a feisty wee fellow. Yes really. Who’d have thought it? A wire-haired fox terrier?

So there was quite a bit of growling and snarling going on as we were led through the station concourse to Horatio’s car. A few tourists stared at us. Admiringly, I’m sure.

Once out of the car, off the lead and racing around the base of Arthur’s Seat, we started to make friends, in a boisterous fox terrier-ish sort of a way.

We put up a united front in the matter of refusing to pose unless treats were offered.

By Salisbury crags, we ganged up on a pair of Scotties.

And overlooking the Scottish parliament building, we discussed important matters and agreed that we both supported the concept of independence….

Now you know how it is when you are busy with your friends, your humans start gossiping about you, thinking you aren't listening, and sometimes they will reveal your quite intimate secrets?

So it was that I overheard Mandy say to Gail that Horatio doesn’t cock his leg yet.

And him nearly one! Well I have to say I was surprised, and so I took it upon myself to provide a demonstration of the appropriate position etc. Though I say so myself, my leg lifting action these days is performed with a balletic grace. Any pup would have been impressed.

And you know what? A few minutes later, tentatively of course, Horatio followed suit.

I can’t tell you how pleased I was. If only we had had more time, we could have covered the finer points of balance and increasing one’s accuracy of aim, and decisions regarding amounts to release or retain for future marking.

But sadly Gail and I had a train north to catch.
I keep asking Gail if I can email Horatio via Mandy to check that he still remembers what to do, and that he hasn’t fallen over yet, but I am told not to be ridiculous, they’ll think we both are barking…..

PS Just want to point out that I didn't neglect my duties in Nottingham either. Here I am making sure HGD sits down for a rest when we go out walking by the river Trent. 
PS for Mandy and Horatio's account of the meeting, click here.


  1. Hey there Bertie,
    At first I thought I was seeing double - who is Bertie? Who is Horatio? Had you pasted a pic up of the leg cocking lesson, maybe I'd have been wiser. Anyway, looks like a good lesson was had by all. Perhaps I can teach you how to squat preperly? (Afterall there is fun in variety)
    BTW Your HGD looks well, doesn't he?
    Sending lotsaluv to you and Gail

  2. Bertie - Well done on teaching Horatio one of the finer points in life !

  3. He could almost be your twin Bertie! Well done on teaching him the manly art of peeing. I'm a terrible aim myself and usually get my front legs... Deccy x

  4. Bertie, have you considered a how to video?? You are quite the excellent teacher I must say. What beautiful scenery, thank you for the tour.

    Loveys Sasha

    p.s. I didn't hear anything on the news so I am assuming there is no discord going on with your country and America over the flagged droppings incident. I am relieved.

  5. How fun Bertie - what a great meeting even if it did start with a few growls and snarls.

    I laughed about the leg lifting action. My mum is mortified when I do because I'm a girl!! But you boys leave peemail up high and in order to write my reply - I need to go the extra mile!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  6. Oh Horatio is most handsome, just like you dear Bertie!
    Now we cannot comment on the cocking of legs but it does explain to us how we can sniff peemail in higher places than the ground!
    Perhaps we could give it a try, what do you think?
    We loved the picture of the two of you high up overlooking the Scottish parliament.
    Cute scotties too.
    You HGD is looking well, we like that nice bench he is sitting on. Who ever would have believed that you would sit so patiently Bertie!
    The Aunties xxx

  7. I'm glad that you are passing on your wisdom to the young one. He does look a lot like you, and I had to check the photos closely to work out who was who.


    PS A while back I sent Gail a link to see Wilson the "Lotto" dog and his travels from India to NZ. Now I see they have this description of why your breed was used on the Lotto website....

    "What breed is Wilson?
    Wilson is a wire fox terrier – a breed known for its loyalty and smartness.

    So you see Bertie, you WFT's are perfect teachers.

  8. Great job teaching real-life skills! And it's so neat you're also a train traveler, like me. I usually travel in my crate so that my parents don't have to buy me a ticket, but I often get to sneak out and snuggle with Dad.

    BTW, I tagged you on my bloggie today! Come on over for more information...it's fun!

  9. Holy moley! Horatio could be your twin brother. Good of you to show him the ropes of being a grown up WFT. Loved that photo of you and HGD on the bench. A couple peas in a pod!
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRD & Hootie

  10. Horatio is so chuffed at featuring in the Bertie Blog!! He was even more chuffed to meet the gent himself yesterday. I'm afraid to say that Horatio will need a follow up lesson - we are back to old ways this morning.
    Hope Bertie slept the whole way home!
    BTW, you are famous. My colleague saw you at the station after we left you off. He thought it was Horatio!

  11. Are you SURE that Horaito isn't your missing TWIN???

    Bertie you did us Fellas Proud with your proper Pee instruction. I can't wait fur another installment.

  12. PeeS... speaking of Pee reminds me of Poops... did you see and more of those "Flagged" Piles? I am worried that this will lead to some... international Incident or somethingy.

  13. Bertie-
    Your new pal is quite handsome and it is a good thing you are teaching him not to pee like a girl!


    P.S. We think the flexi lead with the tape works well. The only problem we can see is that if it gets wet, it will need to be dried out properly, or it will get moldy inside. We do have rainy day walks! But it seems safer than the cord, mom got a rope burn once from the cord type...

  14. What an amazing teacher you are, and you guys sure look like twinnies! You can get involved in a lot of Wodehousian mistaken identify mischief if you'd like

    Urban Hounds

  15. Very impressive post....scenery, your lessons...two beautiful boys...and (HGD going for walks.) Also seeing two scotties in Scotland!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  16. Oh Bertie, if only I had you here in Oz to teach me. Alas as I had only a sissy to copy and mum had me tutored I only know how to, er, (add embarrassed look), squat. I know, I know, its kinda girly but what can I do? Please post a video and I will watch it closely. No worries, and slobber, Rory (and Stella)

  17. What an exciting weekend - a trip and a play date with a friend! They don't let dogs on trains over here - was it fun? Nice work showing Horatio the ropes!

    Your pal, Pip

  18. I am very impressed that you are now a lecturer on such an important subject - and practical demonstrations always work best.

    Perhaps you could write "Peeing for Dummies" (no offence intended to Horatio).

    I, myself, do a mixture of girl peeing and boy peeing styles (just to confuse people).

    Great job of looking after the HGD too. Think you've earned a rest after so much work.

    Love and licks Winnie

  19. Bertie you have been busy! We are quite worn out now just reading about your busy schedule.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  20. Bertie! You are a great role model for that feisty little chap. Teaching him to lift his leg! What a proud moment. I am shocked.... SHOCKED, that your Gail neglected to capture it in photo or video.