Wednesday 30 November 2011

Quietly assertive or just plain bossy?

Do your humans ever make the mistake of assuming that just because they are friends with someone, then you will automatically be best pals with that person's dog...

It doesn't always work like that does it?

It might look from the photos above that, when Gail went for a walk in Glen Tanar with her friend Yvonne on Sunday, Yvonne's flat-coated retriever Jake and I were getting along just fine. I think that's the impression Gail sought to create with her highly selective camera work.

Let me list for you some of the pictures that could have been taken but weren't.

In my house before we left:

  • Jake eating my food
  • Jake drinking my water
  • Jake laying on my bed
  • Jake monopolising my spot by the radiator
  • Jake tearing the nose off my favourite stuffed Newfie dog
En route to Glen Tanar:
  • Jake peering over from the boot of the car in an irritating manner
  • Me on Gail's lap in the front seat, barking loudly in response
  • Yvonne driving, gloating "isn't my Jakey a good, quiet dog?"
Out walking in the forest:
  • Jake unfairly taking advantage of his longer legs to beat me in a race through the undergrowth
  • Jake after a swim, shaking himself dry all over me (and Gail, and Yvonne)
  • Jake stealing the stick I was chewing from OUT OF MY VERY MOUTH!!
But you know what irritated me more than anything? Overhearing Gail say to Yvonne; "Isn't it fascinating the way Jake is so calmly and quietly assertive".

FASCINATING!?  Grrrrrhhh

Here are some Jake-free better photos from the walk. (We stayed in the glen 'cos it was too windy to go climbing any hills).


PS from Gail: should any readers ever visit Royal Deeside, I thoroughly recommend the 'Sign of the Black-Faced Sheep' cafĂ© in Aboyne for the most delicious post-walk cakes! 


  1. Oh don't you just hate it wheen someone steals your thunder?! Deccy x

  2. Bertie - Don't worry . In that second photo Jakes seems to be swimmin in front of a sewage outlet .

  3. I know the feeling there buddy. I should do a post on how annoying other dog owners are too sometimes, or just plain oblivious to their own doggies! You are great! I hope they let you into that shop!

  4. We think the applicable word is RUDE, just plain RUDE!!!

    Why anyone would think that quiet and good are synonymous is beyond our BARKALOT comprehension!

    Wirey woofs!

    Jake and Just Harry

  5. Did it bother you at all, Bertie, that Jake was bigger than you and a highly skilled swimmer?

    Mustn't be jelly now, Bertie, just learn to accept things like this!

    Cheers and hugs,


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  8. INTRUSIVE is the word you are looking for. I have the same problems with young Enzo.

    Bertie sometimes you have to just hold your head up high and show everyone who is the better dog. Alternatively refuse to go near him, hide in the bushes and make an occasional whimpers. Then Gail and her friend will wonder what Jake has done to you, and you might even get extra treats and attention to make things better.


  9. We're with you Bertie...sounds like Jake was a royal pain and sucking up to the humans...

    Hope you got a treat at the tea shop.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy

  10. Totally RUDE of Jake!

    Your Gail should know better! I mean what if you bring over a furiend and he is rude to Gail!

    I agree with Riley, just hold you head high and HOG ALL the pics!

    woos, Tessa

  11. We're agreed: Jake is a rude bully. Instead of barking at him, you need to stand real near him and then yelp suddenly and fall on the ground, writhing in pain. Be sure you remember to limp for at least 30 minutes after you're finally coaxed to your feet. That should result in Jake being banished to the car while you get to go inside the tea shop for a restorative snack.

    Jed & Abby

  12. Bertie, please see my most recent post. Some dogs...


  13. Bertie, we think Jed and Abby have made an excellent suggestion. We feel the frustration just reading this report. Don't forget, Bertie, revenge is sweet. There is always a next time, for the unsuspecting Jake hahahahaha. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  14. Hey there Bertie...
    Never look a gift walking buddy in the mouth...
    Sending lotsaluv to you and Gail,

  15. Hey Bertie,

    We're not sure what happened. but your comment on our blog landed in our Mom's e-mail -- as it always does, but didn't post to the blog. We wonder why since this was the first time it happened.

    We're having all kinds of trouble leaving comments -- for example the only way we can comment on Wilf's blog or on Bocci's and some others is via our smart phone. From our computer, we can't pick a profile and leave a comment. Very annoying.

    Wirey woofs,

    Jake (not aggressive) and Just Harry

  16. Miro here. I know exactly what it feels like to spend the day with the one everybody thinks is Mr. or Ms. Perfect. Sneaky monsters! Thieves! Brigands----(sounds of dog being dragged away from computer).

  17. My husband and I want to visit over there one day - we will have to ask both you and Marvin's Mom for good places to go!


  18. LOVING Angus's comment about the sewage pipe!!! LOL!!!!!

    I feel your pain Bertie - being a quite unsociable girl myself.

    I have heard the LOTH talk about me going to some dog socialisation thingy... but frankly I don't think I want to socialise and your experience with Jake only serves to show that I AM RIGHT.

    Love and licks, Winnie (Always assertive)

  19. Jake is not a very good guest. Of course he likely has the soulful look down pat and distracted your Gail from proper observation of the pack dynamics. You are going to have to take matters on yourself next time by waiting until humans are otherwise occupied and then putting the terrier smack down on him. MY HOUSE! MY RULES!


  20. But you were a very polite host!

    Hope you got into the tea shop?

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

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  22. Truth be told. We could have a character swap. Same name. Different breed. ( we are so grateful for the secrets behind digital photos)