Monday 31 October 2011

Keeping faith with Hamish

Sometimes, posts on other dog blogs prompt Gail to tell me a story about my predecessor Hamish the Westie. So it was with Saturday's Rottrover post, in which Bart and Ruby's humans donated treats to the local dog rescue home, but decided they were not yet ready for a new pup. (In case you don't know them, I should explain that the Rottrover household recently lost one of their brave and much loved Rottweilers, Gizmo, to a nasty form of cancer).

Well Hamish, who also had a blog of course, was getting to be a very old chap by the winter of 2010. At the end of his post on Wednesday 17th February, he related how he'd collapsed on a freezing walk by the beach in Aberdeen and had to be carried back to the car. Gail has now filled me in with more details from that day.

Just before the walk they'd been to the big pet store to buy a new bag of kibble. Gail knew that her dear old Westie's health was failing, and the thought had even crossed her mind "is it worth buying him a large, 19kg bag? I'm not sure he'll last that long". She picked up a 5kg bag, then looked down at Hamish and his characterful, expressive face, and set the bag down again, feeling guilty, as if she had been about to break faith with her beloved first ever dog. She purchased the 19kg bag of 'senior' dog kibble after all.

Hamish only lasted one more day.

Shortly afterwards, an unopened 19kg bag of dog food was donated to the local stray animal shelter.

Two months later, I came to live with Gail and bring new joy to her heart.

Gail says she doesn't regret one penny she spent on that last bag of 'formulated for the senior dog' kibble.

And, phew, what a relief, she says she definitely doesn't regret that I came into her life so soon after she lost Hamish. Although she will now admit, there were moments when I was a troublesome wee pup (troublesome, me?), tearing noisily around the house and looking for more clothes to shred, when she would picture in her mind dear Hamish resting contentedly by her side on the sofa and wonder how well she and I would bond and if indeed she was the one who had bitten off more than they could chew.


  1. You've made us laugh this morning . If only you knew how many times we've looked at the small bag of kibbles in the vets. Yesterday we got another 19 kg bag .

  2. We KNOW she did the right thing....both with you and the larger bag of kibble!!!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. Hi Bertie, we too are glad she bought the 19 kg bag of kibble. I bet she didn't wonder for long when her heart expanded to fit little you in there. Mum knows what she means. There is a certain peacefulness about an old dog. Then again, life is never dull with two little rascals around either hehehe. Take care Bertie. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  4. Aw...sweet post! Had you not bought that bag, you'd not have this cherished memory.
    I'll never forget dear Hamish and how his plight echoed my Max's. Then Bertie arrived...then Toby. So nice that we can share the journeys together. :)
    sending lotsaluv

  5. We weren't blogging in early 2010 so we didn't ever get a chance to meet sweet Hamish. Well, we went back and met him today (full of tears). Your Momma is very thankful for you, Bertie, and so are we!

  6. Oh Bertie.. I think YOUR mom and Mine must be SOUL SISTERS..beclaws My mom would have put the little bag back also... for the SAME REASON!!!

  7. Ah Bertie, our mom would have done the same thing with the food. And we're so glad she got you a few months later! We waited 6 months after Allie went to the bridge before seeing Ruby's "mug shot" in a pet store and knowing she was the ONE! We don't think our mom was thinking about getting a new dog on Saturday, she was just reminded that we all need to heal first... This was a wonderful post, and we went back and visited Hamish, as Amber did, because we did not know him well. Your Gail has excellent taste in her canine companions!

    -Bart and Ruby

  8. hey Bertie,

    What a bittersweet post. I am so glad Gail put the 5 lb. bag back. We need our humans to keep their faith in us, even when things look gloomy.

    Hamish was a beautiful pup and I wish I had known him, but now I know you! And I love being your friend! It is obvious how Gail could bond with you so quickly - such a perky, sweet, fun-loving, gorgeous pup that you are! Thanks for sharing Hamish's story.


  9. Hamish was one of my most special pals and my heart just broke when we lost him. To me, there is something very special about a terrier and both my Mom and I love them. That might even include you one of these days!


  10. Just put your paw down and say to small bags, nutty
    Benny & Lily

  11. Well Bertie, one thing we do know is that Hamish would have been very pleased with that large bag of kibble being donated to an animal shelter.
    He was a true Aberdonian and very much of the 'waste no want not' school of thought!
    We suspect Gail is to....!!!
    We still miss Hamish, of course we just adore having you for our new nephew.
    You have always been a welcome addition and never a replacement.
    Hamish was Hamish and you are definetly a Bouncing Bertie!!!
    We know Gail wouldn't change one thing about you..........well maybe you had better not ask her about that....!
    Much love
    Your adoring Aunties xxx

  12. We know Gail did the right thing buying that big bag of kibble.. we also know Gail could not possibly regret having you come into her life!

    You keep her on her toes!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  13. Bertie, every one has a right time to bring in another dog to the family home after a much loved one has gone to the bridge, moms last dog had cancer so she knew there was not much time left with him, but in her heart she needed a dog in the house to make it a home, they came to see me less than two weeks after Jack had gone to the bridge, I don't replace him just like you cannot replace Hamish, but you are loved just the same.
    Gail did the right thing with the dog food, and us dog mellow over time.
    Give Gail a hug from me :)
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  14. I think my Mums had very similar feelings to Gail Bertie. They had me 2 months after they lost Flynn, and it hasn't exactly been plain sailing but they wouldn't be without me now :-) Deccy x

  15. What is life without hope? Or love without commitment? Good choice, Gail.

    Jed & Abby

  16. Oh Bertie we love you.We can't write much because PL2 is really leaky and it is hard to type.. She is remembering getting Chinese dumplings for her last pup when it was the only thing he would eat... MUAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Love PL2 and A+A

  17. We're pretty sure the story end happily ever after. And we're softies and like happy endings. (We are SO glad you and Gail are getting along well. Despite differences. Or maybe BECAUSE of differences)


    Hehehe. Ou verification word is MESSES.