Saturday, 15 October 2011

Delusions of grandeur

Long time readers of this blog will recall that I once tried to persuade Gail to move into a country estate with a castle.

Well, I have become resigned to the fact that I am basically going to be a city dog, and that's fine, that's quite OK with me, so long as I am taken out at weekends for long and adventurous country walks. Which I often am.

However, my visit to Diane and Bunty's residence last week brought home the fact that I live in neither the grandest nor the prettiest house in this part of Aberdeen. This doesn't seem right, does it?

So now that I am feeling much bouncier again, but am still not allowed to fraternise with my pals in the park on account of my cough, I have been out and about in the local neighbourhood, looking for an upgrade.

Do you not think this impressive corner residence would suit me well?

Of course it would be nice to have a place with columns,

and a pleasingly curvaceous end.

Or how about some interesting window detail?

Maybe a Flemish style frontage?

Oh look, this one's actually for sale.

Gail is making such petty objections. Like that she has no need of a gym when she has me. And that 'offers over £700,000' is rather a lot of money....

Well if we can't have a bigger house, why not a prettier one?

I quite like these cottage style homes.

Especially the ones with colourful front gardens.

Or what about this? It might be cheaper 'cos the windows are in need of repair.

Yes, come to think about it, if only Gail would buy a big old house to renovate. That would be such fun. I'm fantasizing about a constant stream of workmen feeding me jaffa cakes, just like my blog pal Wilfy in France.

Oh, Gail is saying she is not sure that Wilf's blog is the greatest ever advert for the joys of renovating an old house.....

And I am being asked what exactly is wrong with our own home anyway? Is it not comfortable, solidly built of Aberdeen granite, the right size, in a quiet yet convenient location, surrounded by kind and friendly neighbours, just perfect for us in fact?

Well yes, you know, put like that, I guess I don't want to move after all.


  1. Bertie - Stick with the Aberdeen Granite .It's the perfect material for christening .

  2. Hi Bertie, We think home is where your family is and it sounds like your family has the perfect home cause you are all there together. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  3. Think yourself lucky mate; until I was adopted I lived next to the M6 in Wolverhampton - now that IS tough! Deccy x

  4. Well, Bertie, there sure are some fantastic estates in your neighborhood. But home is home, right? And trust me, living in a fixer upper is no picnic.


  5. There's no place like home! Although dreaming every once in a while is a good thing too, right? :) Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Well, let us just see how PIP's move goes. I mean... what if all your toys and snacks and walkin strings and stuffs got LOST in the move???
    I worry about stuffs like that. Better wait and see. I think movin would be scary.

  7. Bertie you look wonderful posing in front of your dream castle, BOL....but at least you have a great will go on more adventures than those castle doggies
    Benny & Lily

  8. LOL Bertie- your own home sounds just perfect and you can always admire the variety of architecture when tou are out and about. Glad you are on the mend:)

  9. And, Bertie, if you and Gail had a big fancy-schmancy house, you may not be able to have your beautiful cottage... Just sayin.' We like to look at houses and imagine living in them, too. Butt we love coming home because it smells like us!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  10. What lovely homes. the stone work is wonderful and of course we like the flower gardens.
    Bertie, you don't want your mom so busy with fixin' a house. That would cut into your walkie time!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  11. Ah, Bertie, few of us terriers live in homes that befit our beauty and character. But your home already sounds like a castle to us because most houses here in the Pacific Northwest, USA, are made of wood. We could chew the whole house up!

  12. Mom is wooing and ahing bout da house in da furst foto. Now her wants to move....Mom's dey are never hap-pee when is comes to houses!

  13. We live in a humdrum area--but there are lots of things to watch. SHE's very lazy and doesn't like cleaning our little unless you get staff to go with the big house, Gail will be too busy cleaning to take you on long walks.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    Glad you're better. Maybe Gail should walk you to the shop and buy some Jaffa cakes....just an idea.

  14. Bertie, you already have TWO houses and a gorgeous backyard in Aberdeen! Why would you want to trade that all in on the off chance some unknown workmen might slip you a treat now and then? Just click your paws together and keep repeating 'there's no place like home, there's no place like home.' However, we might be tempted by the conservatory!

    Jed & Abby

  15. I sure is glad that you is feeling better there Bertie. I was quite worried about you.

    I do believe that the huge house on the corner would suit you quite well. Have your Gail get right on it OK?

    woos, Tessa

  16. I think if you talk Gail into buying a more spensive house - there will be less in the treat jar for Bertie!!

    So I wouldn't chance it!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  17. Oh my,our word verrie is "peglycod" that some kind of Scottish fish???? You have a slight cough, dear boy??? I have a KC smoothie that will fix you to rights...(kennel cough)...yeppers, it'll do the trick. As for those vaccines they don't always work. That picture of you in the round was quite impressive. Square Dog Eric would be are such a handsome devil, Bertie...

    Oh...just to tattle on the boyz...Stan has some sorta nasty protozoas in his poop...and Scruffy has worms. I however and perfect; as usual.


    Lacie Girlie

    Off to fry our peglycod...

  18. Sometimes, Bertie, when people find themselves saddled with a demanding, domineering dog, they re-home them. While I am sure Gail would never do such a traumatic thing as that, well, it does give pause for thought, doesn't it?

    Your dear friend Stella

  19. You certainly found some very Bertie worthy places. More rooms would give more scope for bouncing but I bet, like me, you mostly just stay in the room Gail's in, so you really only need one.

    Haha, Stella never tells me off anymore!