Tuesday 4 October 2011

The Aberdeen MacTaco: for Jazzi

Several of you reading this will know my wee Scottie pal Jazzi. She lives in Illinois, has a troublesome bulldog sister Addy, and every single one of her frequent blog posts will make you smile. (For evidence of this, click here to see her special post for my Earth Science class last year....)

Well anyway, Jazzi has a bit of a thing about tacos. 'A bit of a thing' - that's British Understatement, by the way. So today, 4th October 2011, she is celebrating National Taco Day, and she has invited all her friends to participate by posting a photo of themselves eating a taco..

Oh this has caused me so much stress and anxiety. I have never seen a taco, except on Jazzi's blog. They are not part of the Scottish diet. Plus, Gail cannot drive while she recovers from 'the belly button thing', so I am not in a position to scour the length and breadth of Aberdeen to hunt down taco ingredients. Whatever they are anyway. What to do? I so wanted to join in.

Well I wrote to Jazzi about my dilemma and she kindly suggested I could 'improvise', and indicated that the definition of what constitutes a 'taco' would not be interpreted too strictly.

So Gail allowed me to have a rummage around the food cupboard and the fridge, and this is what I have come up with. An original creation, I am sure you will agree.

In this 'MacTaco', I feel I have achieved a successful blend of the traditional and the novel, and incorporated a uniquely Scottish flavour with the oatcakes. Gail has suggested that it might be helpful to readers if I label all the ingredients....
Can you believe Gail confiscated the chocolate almonds before I even had a chance to taste one!

PS I want to thank Jazzi specially for organising such a fun event. Do visit her blog for more on National Taco Day. I am so over the rugby.


  1. LOL!
    Gail...what have those doctors done to you? I'm really giggling here...has boredom set in? At the same time, however, I must say that I really enjoyed this post. For a moment, I thought you'd be eating that 'tripe dog food'..and yes, for a moment, I couldn't believe what I was reading.
    Bertie bud...you certainly are a spoilt doggie - Tacos or not!
    Sending lotsaluv for a 'good' day :)

  2. OH Bertie,
    BOL, I just LOVE your own special made Taco, it looks great and I bet it tasted just as yummy. See....I knew you could be this creative. WTG friend and ENJOY.


  3. Mmmmm...you had us at Oatmeal Cake and Fresh Tripe Dog Food!!
    (we have no idea what that tastes like, but we are pretty sure that we would like it!)

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  4. We've made it to the Nairn Oatcakes and got no further .

  5. Wow.. that looks really tasty!!

    I might get my daddies to make me one similar!


  6. That makes our meat and cheese tacos look soooooo boring. Who would've thought of tripe!!!!!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  7. Wow, that's a great looking taco!!!

  8. Bertie,

    Your version of a taco looks pawsome! I bet it was very tasty too. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  9. Even tacos in Scottie Land? I can't hardly stand to see all these nommy posts.


  10. Bertie, we think the Scottish version of Tacos looks quite yummy. But since this is our first time with Tacos we had no idea what to expect, but we found we love them. But Mom found that Taco Johns is not the best for fur-kids. They gave Amiee a very "stinky butt", so next year I am sure we will get some homemade ones. Thanks for stopping by our blog today, there are tons participating in Taco Day. Jazzi will be so excited to see all these posts. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  11. Hi Bertie, thanks for stopping by and admiring my tacos - they were GOOD! (*licks chops*)

    I think yours is inspirational in its innovation!! That's two big words huh?!?

    Hope you enjoyed what bits of it your human let you eat!!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  12. Bertie.... I think your Taco is totally AMAZING!!! Yours will make MINE look really boring. VERY creative rummage through the cupboards and cold box!!! Bravo!!!

  13. We are so Happee Jazzi thought of taco day. You make one mean taco Bertie
    Benny & Lily

  14. Yum.....Mee tinks YOU needs to host an INTERNATIONAL TACO DAY...SCOTTISH STYLE!!!

  15. You original taco looks divine, Bertie! Hopefully this won't be just a yearly event at our houses!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  16. Wow, Bertie! Your tacos are works of art! Original, for sure! Bet they were yummmmy, too!

    The Road Dogs

  17. Well Bertie I say you've done a great job improvising! Yours will surely be the most interesting taco.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  18. WOW! You really know how to make a Taco good! Happy Taco Day!

  19. Oh Bertie ~ Your taco looks Wowza ~ Wowza! My peep says she wants those confiscated the chocolate almonds.
    Sweet William The Scot

  20. The MacoTaco is INSPIRED!!!!! You should open your own fast food restaurant.

    I predict Scottish/Mexican fusion is the next big thing.

    Love and licks, Winnie

    P.S: Love to Gail for a speedy continuing recovery.

  21. Wow. Horatio is well jealous of the MacTacos. If only he had known what a significant day it was today! Hope you are feeling better Gail. I can recommend back to back episodes of House, CSI and the Guardian. Failing that...Cash in the Attic... No, actually that's the point you turn the tv off!

  22. Oh Bertie, your mum is lovely. Look at that wonderful taco she made just for you. Mum said she deserved the choc almonds for all her hard work. Take care all. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  23. Bewtie
    That is the most owiginal and delicious looking Taco I have evew seeen. I think it's impawtant to use local ingweadients whenebvew pawsibull and also foosion is such a big twend these days that I think you have achieved a most impwessive and wondewful MacTaco wif Jazzi's help
    I am vewy bummed that Mommi totally dwopped the ball on this most exciting event and I nevew got neaw a taco today, but I plan to make up fow it vewy soon

    Thank you fow not holding my lack of pwopew pwonounciation against me
    smoochie kisses

  24. Oh...so delish! I think I have to leave Bloggerville now and go eat! Happy Taco Day!

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  26. Oh my gosh, your taco creation looks absolutely delicious - especially the cheese and guacamole! I may just have to pop over for a taste!

    Your pal, Pip

  27. Wow, what a fun taco!! I think you did great and I bet it was delicious!! This was one fun event! Yummy.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  28. Wow...a MacTaco!

    We are all drooling here..it looks so scrummy.

    Big Nose POkes
    The Thugletsx

  29. Bertie, Is there a category for the most unique taco- if there is, we're sure you've got a winner there. We didn't expect you to have guacamole in Scotland!!

    The Rocky Creek Scotties and Ivy

  30. We're intrigued by the greenery - thyme & celery leaves. We like to eat grass. Are those good comparables? The rest sounds yummy for sure. Even the oat cakes. We're assuming that's something like an oatmeal cookie? We love oatmeal and we love cookies.

    Jed & Abby

  31. Oh Bertie I thinks that you did a pawsome job creating your MacTaco!
    It sure does look good enough to eat to me!


    woos, Tessa

  32. The MacTaco achieved these results here:

    Stella: Looks delicious to me and I am already drooling for one or two.

    Zkhat: I think Bertie totally deserves this, uh, creation.

    Jo; Uh, something has me feeling a little nauseated, maybe the flu?

    Cheers, Bertie, and enjoy your uh, MacTaco!

    Stella, Mom and Zkhat