Friday, 24 September 2010

Wet weather, a tummy tickle and remembering Hamish

After the excitement of Monday's highly successful lecture, we are taking a break from science for a few days... But keen students should look out for a new announcement early next week!

So, just to update you on other stuff. Over at Gail's west coast cottage last weekend the weather was, well, all that one expects on Scotland's west coast. Exactly as depicted in the animated film 'The Illusionist' in fact. I was a bit worried that we would be staying inside so I decided to draw Gail's attention to her excellent and definitely waterproof walking boots...

Luckily, my new friend Clare, who was staying with us, is a jolly good sport and does not mind the rain at all. Here we are together in the little village of Shieldaig.

And later, admiring the view of Loch Maree, and the majestic mountain Slioch, part hidden in the mist.

Then I went exploring the Caledonian pine forest on the slopes of Beinn Eighe.

Back at the cottage, I discovered that Clare also does most excellent tummy tickles.

What's not to like?

Oh and finally, I want to show you the Autumn crocuses, growing around Hamish's memorial stone. They are extra pretty this year, drawing beauty from the ashes of Gail's dear old Westie.


  1. Berti
    A nice walk, and excellent tummy rubs and having fun, it doesnt get much better than that huh?? The flowers around Hamish are so pretty. He would be soo PROUD!!

    I know what the announcement is!! Next week for class, Gail is bringing in the tacos for us right?? BOL


  2. Bertie - We thought the pictures of you amid the mist dappled mountains and glens were mucho macho. A true Caledonian hardman always out and about no matter what the weather has in store. And then the picture of the tummy tickle ! Is it you or your long lost twin brother ?

  3. Hey there Gail and Bertie...

    That cottage sure is a beautiful must feel totally refreshed when you visit.

    I can't help it, but my heart caught in my throat when I saw Hamish's memorial absolutely beautiful...and suddenly I realised that today is exactly four months since Max's death...what sweet memories!

    As for Bertie's tummy tickles...don't they just love it!

    Sending lotsaluv

  4. What a beautiful weekend and a lovely reminder of our dear Hamish.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  5. Those crocuses is beautiful! What a nice friend you has, she seems a lot like chump, try getting tidbits from her too!

    Too abd about your lecture Bertie, I was looking forward to it! But I think you proved the point nicely about the chaos thing! BOL! Cos I figured that out does I get to come to the next one?
    ~lickies, Ludo

  6. Bertie: When your class fell into utter chaos, I knew just what these events were going to be!

    If my dear pal Ludo isn't welcome to your "classes" I don't feel that I could come either.

    Such snobbery, Bertie!


  7. What wonderful photos of a wonderful walk. You live in such a pretty place Bertie.
    Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  8. Hi Bertie, you have been in our favourite part of the country!
    You are so very lucky to have a cottage up there.
    We like your new found Clare, we have a friend called Clare, without an 'i' too!!!!
    Your pics were very pretty of your walk.
    We loved seeing the Autumn crocuses coming up on Hamish's grave - you know we have never seen them such a wonderful colour!
    Hamish really is at peace is such a wonderful place.
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  9. I really feel I should apologize to you for my harsh words, Bertie.

    You were talking about Hamish's final resting place and I got in a huff. I suspect Hamish would tell me that you are just a little kid, and don't know any better. But as much as you don't care for the comparison, Hamish was a kind and noble gent. I doubt he would have excluded anyone from a "class".


  10. Bertie. First up I've got to bark it, me and Mom did as little lip wobbling at the sight of dear Hamish's beautiful memorial stone. What a peaceful and beautiful spot Gail has chosen for him. We loved the crocuses.

    You new friend Claire certainly seems to be able to hit the spot Bertie. Is she free? Can I hire her? The leggeds are neglecting me and my blog something wicked have you noticed? I see she excellent walkies too though of course I refuse to go out in the rain. Always. But guess if you did that dear boy you might never get out at all.....

    Wiry love from your Uncle Eric.

    Can't wagging wait for Monday's lesson Bertie - all them words to teach the Barkalot Boyz. Think I have one of them as my veri word...
    "proucked"..heheee...sounds sooper naughty...

  11. That Clare sounds like a great friend. You should make sure she is on speed dial for when your Gail gets, er, lazy.

    I love the Hamish garden. It is nice to have a special meditative spot to remember him.


  12. It looks like you are in a most magical place!

    What a lovely spot for Hamish.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  13. Bertie. You'd be proud of us. We applied our good thinking skills on our hike today. Made sure the people took it seriously and learned something. Even helped Moma learn that she needs some good hiking boots (sorta like Gail's).

    The big difference was your recent walk was wet. Our hike was exceptionally dry. And very very dusty. That preempted the possibility of any tummy tickles at the end of a good workout. (We wonder if Clare would've overlooked that minor difference.)

    So. We're looking forward to your next lesson. And we promise to do any research that would be helpful. We want to remain in good standing. Or repose. (Maybe Clare will come audit your class.)

    Oh. One more thing. We think that Hamish's memorial site is perfectly lovely. What a very special spot to notice and reflect upon. We can't imagine anyplace any nicer.

    Your faithful students
    Jake and Fergi (who have so much to learn)

  14. Hello we thought we would drop in and see what you get up too!

    How lovely finding a friend who does walks and tummy rubs.

    Hamish has a lovely memorial site.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  15. Gail, Hamish's garden is SO beautiful. What a lovely spot to remember a special friend.

  16. Bertie, sounds like you had a great walk and found a great spot to remember Hamish.
    Licks of Love,


  17. Bewtie
    I envy youw bootiful home and that weathew looks pawfect to e..I bet the lovely smells awe at theiw best! I know mommi says the best photogwaphs awe in wainy weathew..not all wahsed out like in full sun..youw fwiend clawe is lovely and I think you should keep hew awound..she seems vewy useful as well as nice.

    I got all teawy when I saw Hamish's gwave and the bootiful fall cwocuses..I love him and always will..I'm so happy that he has this memowial..I know he's vewy pwoud of you
    smoochie kisses
    pee will be on the big bed befowe you know it, hehehe

  18. Oh such BEAUTIFUL scenery! The flowers are fantastic too!

    Great to have a friend to take you for walkies AND a tum tum rub!

    woo woos, Tessa

  19. I love how the flowers have grown around Hammish - what a beautiful reminder of a beautiful dog!


  20. Hamish will be with you always I am sure. Bertie looks like he's a handful and will keep you entertained!!! Looking forward to reading about the adventures...and since I'm new I will go back and read about Hamish.

  21. Bertie, that looks such a lovely place to walk, are they rock steps you are climbing on? Its nice to see the crocuses growing around Hamish's memorial stone.
    I'm catching up on your posts, but the new one Earth science is not just for terriers is on my side bar but is not coming up, I'd love to know what its about, it must be blogger playing up again!!
    See Yea George xxx