Friday, 10 September 2010

Something to prove

Meeting my friends on my early morning walk in Duthie Park

You know, I am really quite upset, because recent comments on this blog have implied that I might be deficient in certain essential fox terrier traits.

It all seems to revolve around the fact that when I go for walks in the hills (or indeed the park) and am allowed off the lead, I do not do the 'expected' thing of running away, chasing little animals and refusing to come back when called.

Well, perhaps you can tell me why would I take off like that when I am given lots of freedom to roam around anyway? Plus, it's worth keeping Gail in sight 'cos I know she always carries a nice bag of treats in her pocket and she will give me a cuddle if things get scary.

Oh, you think it all might change when I'm a bit older and I really hit my terrier stride?


But for now, please do watch this video which, I hope, proves my true WFT credentials, even if the action all takes place in the study and the only crittur involved is a vibrating toy hamster....


    1. Oh, little Bertie, here we are connected and not yet cut off and able to see your video.
      Now we have to tell you that Auntie Martha heard you killing that toy and decided she would try to come and help you!
      She is trying to find a way through the computer screen as we speak - that was true terrier!
      As for the running off, well, we advise running off only when there is a great scent to follow.
      Otherwise sticking to your human with the treat bag is good.
      It also lulls them into a false sense of security so the day you decide to disappear they will be totally unprepared!!!
      The Aunties xxxx

    2. The Mango is unconvinced. I mean look at those piles of papers undisturbed! Wouldn't a true terrier have put them through the shredder.

      I need to get one of those vibrating hamsters.


    3. Oh, Bertie, you just have to face it. You're quite a well behaved terrier. There are worse things in the world.

      lotsa licks, Lola

    4. Bertie, you are a fine dog, some dogs are not smart enough to be obedient but you, you are just doing furry well! There are dogs who have statues built for them, marking their faithfulness, and loyalty to their owners. Stay as good as you are, is my advice!


    5. Bertie, of course you're all terrier! A terrier's motto "expect the unexpected"
      You, darling Bertie, are living up to that brilliantly :)

    6. Oh Berti
      Just face it~~YOu are very well behaved. My mom wishes I would stay close when off the leash. I well....tend to run..BOL so therefore I am ALWAYS on the leash (sigh)


    7. Oh Bertie!! You made us laugh so hard!!! What a wonderful video..especially at the end when you made your great departure!! I understand about not running off when you are off leash. I am the same way...M.O.M. gives me lot's of fredom all the time and I don't need to run around like crazy. And yes, she keeps lot's of yummy treats handy too! Hugs and wags, Mistaya

    8. You're getting there, boy. We loved the growling!

      XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    9. Hi Bertie
      Moms just got her finger out, and let me catch up with me comments.
      I saw your post the day you put it on and have been looking and studying your video daily, just practicing to get that growling right. She thought it was funny how you jump off things like me. Maybe its a puppy thing!
      See Yea George xxx

    10. Hi Bertie
      Moms just got her finger out, and let me catch up with me comments.
      I saw your post the day you put it on and have been looking and studying your video daily, just practicing to get that growling right. She thought it was funny how you jump off things like me. Maybe its a puppy thing!
      See Yea George xxx

    11. Mom wouldn't put sound on because it would cause a cacophany of barking -- but we did truly enjoy the action!!!

      Our opinion about your terrierness is that we all have different personalities and express ourselves in unexpected ways. It is to your advantage not to run as you then have lots and lots of freedom -- which most of us don't have. So enjoy -- and don't worry what "they" say -- whoever "they" are.

      Wirey love,

      Jake and Just Harry

    12. Hi Bertie,
      You and I are so alike. People tell Mama that I am so well behaved too, they can't believe it. Mama just says the word 'TREAT' and I come running to her, hehehe. Mama even taught me NOT to chase the silly chipmunks or bambi deer. I just stand and watch them. But if a chipmunk gets right up beside me, Mama says it's fair game!
      Wirey Hugs, Purrz & Licks,
      Katie, Butchy, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby & Hootie

    13. Bewtie
      Well poo on "them" I say!
      I think you awe a pawfect 10000% tewwiew..just look at that shaking action and those sounds , you awe flawless!
      I think we'we all just a little jelly of the fweedo you get, cause we'we not allowed off leash hewe..but you live in civilization, and awe behaving exactly like you should.
      Youw weasoning is flawless..Gail is the the one to always come back to
      smoochie kisses
      pee ess, Bewtie, had I known that you would have enjoyed coming wif us giwls I would have cewtainly invited you..thewe wewe tons of boys on the stweets.. and of couwse you could have seen all the cute time you'we in fow suwe!

    14. Now Bertie...

      Listen up, little one...

      That mechanical rodent that you have there? They grow outside where you were walking...

      Real ones...that don't even vibrate...they like run!!!!!

      Now that you've practiced on the robot are so ready for the real thing....

      Hey, does Gail paint your saddle's like so black....shoe polish??? Scruffy's got way more silver...

      You are totally handsome...and obviously Gail's treats are better than Mumsie's...or you're a GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD Boooooooooooooyyyy!

      Love you dear,

      Lacie Teacakes

    15. There is NOTHING wrong with your terrierness! I am like you too when off-leash, but otherwise, I make terrier noises like you did in the movie (awesome noises btw), and have lots of terrier pawsonality!

      Was that a kitty toy by any chance? I had one similar that was meant for a kitty and I killed it!

      Love nibbles,
      Miss Sunshade

    16. Bertie! Who? WHO yapped you weren't a proper live wire? Shall I nip their leggeds for you? Go on let me eh? Well my boy. I have news for them.COURSE you're a proper foxy. Like your Uncle. Who is always off his lead and has never ever not come back. Doh. I mean why would you leave the walking dinner bowls?

      Don't chase them stupid squirrels either. Why waste all my efforts when I'm never going to catch 'em? You must think the same. Smart boy. But your toy was asking for belting you gave him. Haaa!!He deserved it. And you jumping all over the furniture is extra supersmart. Gail must be ever so pleased with your terrible terrier ways. Bit puzzled by Mango's remark though. Why would you want to shred the papers when you might be putting your leggeds up and reading it later? Huh?

      Wiry love to my truw wirey nephew from your proud old Uncle Eric xxx

    17. Hi again Bertie, I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed Eric's comment. And I think he is so correct about so many of his statments...all good advice...and some made me laugh!! Hugs and wags, Mistaya

    18. And now a critique of your film by your WFT instructors A+A...............
      ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? NO WFT TRAITS???? DIDN'T THEY SEE THIS AWARD WINNING FILM??? Geesh...THIS WAS A SUPERB PERFORMANCE..The only thing that really would have flinched it would have been if you had bounced off the back of the chair, still with the hammie in your mouth and then bounced off of the couch.. SO listen you are still a kid so we have time for that.. Your instructors give you A++++++++++ Love A+A

    19. Good work BertieBoy!! Very terrier-like in your hampster shaking. Mommy says she wishes we always listened as well as you do. Your mama must be one of those fabled terrier whisperers we've heard about.
      Smooches from pooches,
      BabyRocketDog and Hootie