Thursday, 16 September 2010

All ears

Never let it be said that this blog is not a broad church. And no I am not going to discuss this week's Papal visit to Scotland; to paraphrase a certain well-known former Downing Street spin doctor, we don't 'do God' round here.

Instead, today I'm giving you a choice of two diverse topics on which to focus. I wonder what will capture your attention when you look at this photo?

Those of you planning to attend the first of my lecture series (currently scheduled for Monday) will no doubt, like me, be very interested in studying the equations. Do biggify the picture if you need to....

Others, more concerned with appearances than with adiabatic gases, will perhaps be looking at my ears. Eric was asking about them just the other day.

You'll have noticed that, since the end of August, they are no longer glued. They are not as floppy as some WFT ears, but neither do they point to the heavens Andromeda Galaxy. Gail says she thinks 'they'll do' now as she's fed up of messing around with the Copydex. I tend to agree with her, although, to be honest, I never really minded them being stuck down.

What's your opinion?

And have you solved those equations yet.....?


  1. Dearest Bertie, we have bigified the equation and studied it carefully.
    We can honestly say it makes no sense from a basset perspective!
    We look forward to Monday.
    Now we are far more knowledgeable about ears.
    Do they flap in the wind?
    Do they fall in your dinner?
    Do you stand on them with your paws?
    Do they pick up lots of mud?
    If the answer to the above is NO then we think your ears are still growing!
    Glue..............!!!! What on earth is wrong with floppy ears!
    love and kisses
    Your Aunties xxx
    PS from the human - many years ago we had Petra, a GSD, from a puppy.
    Ears were never right - one up, one down, flopping all over the place!
    Something very endearing about ears...!

  2. Well, we biggified and it didn't make any more sense to us when we could see what was on the papers than when we couldn't. But your ears make very good sense to us. We admire them very much. They are full of character and look just like ears that someone known as Bouncing Bertie might have. Enjoy them. You've earned them.

    We plan on attending the lecture, but we're not sure we're going to get it.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  3. HEy Berti
    It all makes no sense to me either but your ears do look just fine. Just the right ears for you!! I will be at the lecture but not sure if I will understand it or not but I will give it a good try!!


  4. We biggified the picture, but the only thing we saw worth looking at was you - and you look very handsome - your ears are beautimous!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  5. Mr Bertie-buddy...
    You are far two intelligents for me! I cant solve any equalAsians...I'm too smalls...
    I'm only a Toby-puppy! But I'll ask my friend, Asta...she's a good guide!
    Your ears are cool though...and I will be popping by for some more intelligents lessons...WOL! (Dats "Woof out Loud")
    ps Maxmommy wants to know if you run an exchange-puppy organisation at all? What she mean?

  6. Well first off, no one said anything about tests and we think we need a group discussion about that(!) We like the equations. We showed them to Mum and she said they would make a lovely design for wrapping paper in black and white with grey overtones. (Mum tends to see things from the artist's perspective).

    We'll see you Monday for the first class. We have our notebooks and we are ready to rock and roll!

    Love, Dozer and Cooper

  7. Oh Bertie, we understand your ears have to kinda tuck down in a cute fashion - not stand up like a GSD - we were just reflecting on all the worries we had about ears so many years ago.....!
    We think blogging is a bit like emails where sometimes messages get confused in the posting!!!
    We have just had another look at your equation - we think we need to know what V stands for......!
    love and kisses
    martha and bailey xxx

  8. I'm still trying to work out want the pictures are, and as for them things called equations, looks like Alien language to me. I look forward to the answer.
    Your ears look beautiful,can you hear better without the glue?
    See Yea George xxx

  9. Does the size of the equation equate to the size of the dog? That looks like a very big equation for a small dog - I'm a big dog whose feet point towards yours (as I live on the underside of the world) so by my dog logic the inverse of what you are attempting applies to me and I'll need to start with a very small equation on Monday!

  10. I too biggie-fied the picture and I looked and looked and WTF is it?

    Your ears, they are CUTE. So tell your Mum to leave them be.

    Did ungluing your ears make you brainer? Cause it sure does sound like it, so I really look forward to Mondays post. Till then I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    woo woos, Tessa

  11. Darling boy, your ears look FABULOUS ( maybe though you will still be able to pop them both up straight in the air like Arch does sometimes) I really am blushing alittle but I must say I figured out those equations rather quickly( remember I do have several different degrees)Love Professor Ags and her brother Arch

  12. Right smashing pair of ears Bertie. Proper Foxy. Though I've studied the sums on the paper and puzzled over you looking forward to Monday's lesson.Yeah. My old noddles cross wired. Need to ask you a question. Promise I won't be cross if you give me an honest answer. Really. Yeah. I promise. Now Bertie.You SURE you haven't been sniffing the Copydex???

    A worried Uncle Eric

  13. Oh you think you are so clever, but you do not fool the Mango for an instant. Obviously, those are the equations used to calculate just the right amount and duration of the ear gluing. Sheesh.


  14. Hi Bertie! BabyRocketDog figured out your equations but said since you are in training you need to figure them out for yourself. Sorry she's not much help!!
    WelshieHugs, Hootie

    We never heard of putting glue on a pooches ears. I think you are adorable no matter how your ears want to be.

  15. Bertie, wear what God gave to you and wear it proud! Also, we think you rank right up there with fluffy Toby in the cute department, yes, we do!

  16. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm not figured out those equations yet but those squiggly lines on the paper............ you been doodling in class Bertie?