Tuesday, 8 June 2010

World Cup decision, and red bandana(?) day

Talk about pressure.

I think Gail's been reading too many dog books about how the human has to be the 'alpha' animal in the household. She's come over so bossy lately.

Not just this puppy class 'sit', 'lie down', 'paw', 'other paw', 'stay', 'come' stuff (all of which I can now do, by the way, well, apart perhaps from the 'stay' bit, and of course only when I choose.....)

No, it's been all Bertie you need to decide who to support in the football World Cup, Bertie it's not big and it's not clever to be anti-English after all who feeds you, Bertie I think you should take part in this red bandana day thing on www.portugueseblog.blogspot.com, Bertie just please try and be a bit more co-operative for once...

Well on Sunday night we had a long heart to heart as I lay cuddled up on Gail's lap, and, inspired by our new coalition government, agreed a compromise. I was planning to back South Africa in the World Cup, as Hamish had promised his dear friend MaxDog that he would and of course I want to honour their memory. The compromise is that I support England and South Africa. If they play each other, I am allowed to support South Africa.

So, the red bandana thing. We thought that I could wear an England flag bandana, red and white of course. I sent Gail out to the shops.

She came back hours later, having scoured Aberdeen for an England flag. She went on and on about how hard it was to find one, and how eventually she asked at the service desk at Sainsbury's and they produced a little packet from under the counter, wrapped in brown paper*.

Secretly I was relieved that it wasn't bandana sized. I don't do clothes, at least not yet (although come to think of it, a rainjacket would have been handy in the park this morning). But I did help Gail arrange the flag nicely on our sitting room floor, so this is my red 'too big to be a bandana' picture for the Porties event on 10th June.

Apparently I am lucky we don't have laws here in the UK about violating the flag.....

Oh, and England play the USA on Saturday, and I'll be posting about that too. Hope all my American friends will be watching! I should also say that MaxMom in South Africa has much more about the World Cup on her wonderful blog.

*OK, Gail says, I admit I made up the brown paper bit, but honestly, not the rest...


  1. Bertie - When you get older someone will let you into the secret of the 'auld alliance'. In the event that Scotland doesn't make it into the 2014 championship you can follow 'les bleus' - just don't try it if you're visiting folk south of the border ! By the way you seem to be growing taller every day.

  2. You had us going with the brown paper....had a good chuckle until we saw the footnote. Bertie, your flag picture will look great with the bandana pictures.

  3. If they give a prize for cuteness, you're a 'shoe-in'.

    We got quite a chuckle about the comment you left about our Dad. By looking at that picture no one would ever guess that the man in the bibbed overalls has 3 college degrees and 2 graduate level degrees. Mom is pushing him to go ahead and get his doctorate.

    Have a sunny day,

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  4. You say England and the US on Saturday? That is certainly one to not miss, isn't it! I'll be in the front row, Bertie, come sit by me!


  5. Hey there cutie pie Bertie!
    Thanks for your participation in the 'Unity in Diversity' initiative. It's great news that you have chosen the team to support...Im looking forward to your post.
    With love from all of us

  6. Sadly, most Americans will have little to no idea that the match is even on! One of the (many) great things about living in New York City is that there is such diversity from street to street. During the last World Cup, the watch repair shop was cheering for Brazil while half a block away at the French coffeeshop, there was a crowd gathered to watch France versus Italy. At the bodega on the corner? Team Mexico!

    My verification word is proma...a formal high school dance attended by The Sopranos,

    Your pal,


  7. Bertie, You have gotten so smart and clever in your youth! It sounds like you are learning your commands real well...except the sit but that's okay. Humans need to know we will sit when and if we feel like it.I hope your choosen team wins. Hugs andwags, Mistaya

  8. Hello Bertie,
    Well done with your red bandana day improvisation!
    Very creative - we ourselves were very difficult over this event and only had one grudging pic from your Aunt Bailey.
    We do not do clothes!
    We are finding it difficult about the football - our parents give us mixed messages about the England team!
    Our Dad would vote for any team playing against them but of course our mum is English!
    Is it any wonder we are confused and, on this occasion, unable to advise you!
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  9. Berti
    Sounds like a nice comprimise with mom. ANd yes, luckily no bandana type deal.!! You sure are cute with the flag Berti!!


  10. I think your photo is perfect for the red day contest. Good luck. And I hope whichever team you like wins. I think every station in Boston is tuned to baseball and basketball right now, so not even a glimpse of the big football match.


  11. Hi Bertie Thanks for dropping by my blogie, well we both have English moms, I like the St "Georges" flag you got, must get one me self,peeps are hanging them from the windows around here, and on the cars, and your piccy looks great, will look out for it on the portugueseblog.
    See yea George xxx

  12. Hey Bertie.

    Bravo! You're getting more and more like your Uncle E every day with your attitude to the commands ..when you want to, of course that's perfectly rational.

    Now what is NOT rational? Going out in the rain. Plays havoc with the wiries. Don't do it. Uh oh. For a minute there I forgot you live over the wall. Scrub that then or you'll be stuck inside for most of the year. Also don't ever tolerate clothes except for maybe a banana now and then to please the leggeds and it'll make you look cute.

    Then the matter of footie. Ugh.All of us in square dog house ignore the whole shebang!

    Encouraging barks for you Bertie.Your mentor Uncle Eric xxxx

  13. Oh my...it's been forever since we've been here...actually the black pudding explanation and Mumsie's still queasy bout that...

    Oh Bertie...that post of you in the dog park...

    Oh my...you are getting more and more like your dear Uncle Eric than he ever could have hoped. Have ya pinched any sandwiches yet?????

    Honestly, Bertie...I adore you attitude...and wire foxies have mega-attitude to begin with...

    Kisses, dear boy...

    Miss Lacie Girlie

  14. Bewtie
    I can sympafise wif youw dee Lemma. Mommi is hungawina, Daddi Dutch and Swiss, but we love Lowenza so we have to woot fow Mexico, and we love Max so Souf afwica, and of couwse Bwazillians awe just too cool and we love Italia food and Mommi loves Pawis sooo much.........and since being in England visiting youw unkel Ewic eawliew this yeaw..we have a big love fow them, and of couwse I looove you..
    as you can see, I will simply have to cheew fow evewy goal, no mattew who gets it in, heheh

    I think you solved the bananadana pawfectly..
    smoochie kisses

  15. Hello Bertie

    Just popped by and found your new blog. Of course, we are British (from Derby) and although Scottishdogs, we are wholeheartedly supporting England!!!

    Impressed you can do all those commands already - Bonny can do "sit" and I am good at recall but the rest is just fuzz (honest)...

    Nice to make your acquaintance,

    Hector and Bonny
    Scottishdogs (Wordpress)

  16. We tried to leave you a comment butit didnt get through...
    All the best
    Hector and Bonny

    (England to win World Cup!!!)

  17. We just sniffed our was over from The Portuguese Water Blog celebrating their red bandanna day. Not only do you look lovely in red, we think that you have a furry cool bloggy, too.

    You are just the cutest, little wire! Goodness sakes☺

  18. Woof! Woof! Saying HI, Sugar here. Happy Bandana Day. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  19. Your Bandana Day picture was just right Bertie. ONce they start dressing you up it never ends. Believe me. We'll check in with you Saturday to see who wins. Our mama's (dead)husband Stephen was from England and he coached our (old)hooman brother's childhood soccer teams. They were always the best in their little kiddo league. We never even met him though.
    Don't let your Gail boss you around toooo much. Ya need to make sure she knows who is ReAlLy boss!!
    XOXO-BabyRD and Hootie

  20. Hi Bertie,
    Just tried to get through to your latest post (about England and childhood memories) which was shown on my dashboard, but it wasn't there. What are my paws doing wrong?


  21. Hi there Bertie!

    Nice Read Bandana Day photo! We look forward to your World Cup posts and we will join you in watching the US-England game too. We are supporting Spain and maybe Italy too. It's great to be with you in this event with Maxdog watching over all of us. Weeeeee

    -Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & the Piappies

  22. We missed it. We missed the whole thing. The World Cup. We think.

    Better keep reading. Just a bit disappointed.

    Jake and Fergi