Saturday, 5 June 2010

It's (not) cricket

Can you believe that us dogs don't always get the local park to ourselves?

For example, I came across this notice today during our Saturday afternoon perambulation.
Imagine my horror! I mean normally I get to run around wherever I like. But for some reason Gail saw fit to snap my lead straight back on and started issuing tedious instructions about not straying over the white boundary line or chasing after the men dressed in white clothes.
Well, I said to Gail, you're always trying to get me to fetch a ball (so far without success, but that's another story....) Surely that means I can join in? I mean any game that can involve bowling a maiden over has to be good fun, no? After all, that's what I do to Daisy Dachshund at puppy class every week....

Gail laughed - in an ever so slightly patronising way, I felt - and asked if I'd considered which fielding position I'd like to try. Well, obviously, 'fine leg', I replied and was just a bit hurt when she said no Bertie I think 'silly mid off' would be more your thing. Or perhaps 'slip'.
Well we clearly weren't getting anywhere, and to be perfectly honest, the game of cricket is just a teeny weeny little bit slow if you're only allowed to spectate. I persuaded Gail to let me go and introduce myself to some new friends, for once choosing doggies approximately my own size.
She started telling me to 'play with a straight bat' or I'd find myself on a 'sticky wicket'. Did I have any idea what all this meant?

Frankly I was stumped.


  1. I don't see those little insects anywhere. Where are those crickets anyway? All we see are humans playing in the grass! Poor Bertie
    Benny & Lily

  2. Since we thought there was an insect convention, we can't help you at all with the rest of the phrases.

  3. All I know, Bertie, and all you have to know is Sticky Wicket means trouble. We want to stay out of that (or most of us do anyway!)



  4. Bertie,
    You are growing bigger and bigger. When my little brother comes, would you like to have a e-play date?
    I think you are doing great. I love tennis balls. They are so much fun. Once you learn about them, your life will be filled with tennis ball fun.
    Sally Ann

  5. What a wonderful fun post Bertie!! I hear crickets outside every evening but I had no idea they dressed in white and played something your mom calls "a match". Of course maybe your crickets are different over on that side of the world. I have never seen any of our crickets playing anything. How puzzling!!
    Hugs and wags anyway, Mistaya

  6. Berti
    You mean little crickets play games??I thought that they just crawled around!! ummmmm... and If my mom said that to me I would be confused too but I have a feeling that it isnt good whatever it means lol


  7. We were thinking 'silly mid on'. We have a synthetic pitch at our sports park that we run on. We never go out when there's a match...scotties aren't that dumb--to get out in the heat! We're not mad dogs or Englishmen.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    PeeS Alph said something about getting back the ashes?

  8. Just not cricket Bertie. Gail teasing you like that.Though it was kind of funny.

    Never play with the cricket balls Bertie. They hurt. In fact. If you can possibly avoid it. And sounds like you are good boy. Refuse to play with ANY balls at all. Especially that fetch game Gail will try and teach you. Act dumb. And do remember. We are Terriers. Not Retrievers.

    Wire love Uncle E xx

  9. "Play with a straight bat" must mean "chew on a straight stick" rather than a bent one. And you will get some sticky wickets from chewing on raw knuckle bones. LOL
    Alanis (He has never been outside the USA, as I have.)

  10. Bertie with those looks you'd bowl anyone over. Next time charge into the middle of the match and be yourself- that would stump them all.

    Sorry to hear about this mornings dreech haar. Many years ago at a 'seat of learning' just a wee bit further down the coast the haar came in and was so thick everyone was cut off for three days. Not good for morning walks.

  11. Dearest Bertie, yes we can see that Gail has decided to play with the words in your post today even though you were not allowed to play cricket.
    Now we can tell you that cricket balls are very nasty - stay away- they are hard.
    We have come across cricket players in our park............!
    We liked seeing you meet your new friends - what a lovely day it was for a visit to the park.
    We ourselves never play with anything when we are out for a walk.
    It is fine to play with toys in the house Bertie but when you are out you must remember a dog has work to do.
    You must sniff out every bunny, chase every bird and generally terrorise the neighbourhood.
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxxx

  12. Hey Bertie,
    We know nothing about Criket. But we do know what crickets are, hehehe. I Katie got to meet 2 dogs just like that at the vet this week. They were fun to sniff. Errrr, Mama is wondering if Gail has stripped your hair already? Mama is going to start stripping mine. See how fuzzy I am on my blog today, I can barely see out of my eyes cause my hair is so long. Have a fun week!
    Wirey Hugs, Purrz & Licks,
    Katie, Butchy, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby, & Hootie

  13. Hehehe. They say "it's cricket to me" and what that means to us is: we have NO idea what it means!! Looks like your having some lovely weather Bertie. It's been cool and rainy here in N.Idaho today. Fireplace weather in fact, so no outside play for us(again). You have a good day. Hi to your Gail!
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog and Hootie

  14. Bewtie sweetie,

    how dawe those cwicket types take ov ew youw pawk..whewe awe you supposed to wun???hmmmm?
    honestly, so not cwicket of them..i think based on Mommi's mystewy books, it means not faiw, hehehe

    That's all I know about the game except the outfits awe lovely and the wowds vewy amoosing
    I hope you had a nice play wif youw new found fwiends
    smoochie kisses

  15. Oh Bertie...Cricket is indeed a complicated game!:
    When one team is IN the other is OUT. But those that are IN can go OUT. When they are all OUT the others come IN....and then they too try to stay IN while the others get them OUT. Oh it's just so complicated...but real fun to watch if it is the 20/20 series.
    I suggest you stay 'OUT'.

  16. Well Bertie, you sure is learning a lot about the world very quickly! I doesn't understand a single cricket thing and sadly Mum's be a bit stupid where sports is concerned but I think you should put a new sign up saying no men in white allowed and then it can go back to being your park.

    (Unless they play 20-20.)

    ~lickies, Ludo

  17. Stumped? You? Never!

    Jake and Fergi (so in awe of your rapid development!)