Friday, 21 January 2022

Bertie the barometer

I like to think that when Gail stops to take my photo on our early morning walks around Duthie Park, it is because she is overcome anew with wonder at my continuing handsomeness and wishes to have this on record and perhaps post the picture on my blog.

It turns out this is not the whole story. At least once a week the photo taken on my dawn outings apparently becomes a key element in decisions about the conduct of  Gail and her friends' Thursday morning bike ride.

I only discovered this by chance, when I happened to glance the messages on Gail's phone. 

And yes, the WhatsApp group is called 'Scones R Us'...

Do you think I should charge for my services to safe bicycle ride planning?  Or at least insist they bring me back a cheese scone. 

PS Gail is not sure this post qualifies for the LLB Gang's Nature Friday, but as it's (albeit indirectly) about our Scottish weather I, Bertie, believe it counts! 


  1. oh sure that counts... we are such a baromter thingy too... but the mama said we are a bark-o-meter LOL

  2. It must be slightly warmer, Bertie, I don't see you wearing your lovely red sweater!
    If you are going to act as their barometer, and leave you at home alone, then the least they can do is bring you a scone.

    Inca xx

  3. Gail could have been taking a photo of just the pavement but she didn't, handsome Bertie. I hope you get a bite of that yummy cheese scone!

  4. Bertie every photo of your handsome self applies to any and all blog hops.
    If Gail's ride has a stop somewhere along the way for a warm beverage and a snack. I trust she returns home with a goodie for you. If not, then yes charge her for your services
    Hugs Cecilia
    PS I love the pink hue around you

  5. yes, it does count. you are now the official weather pup and so cute with your lamp around you neck. thank Gail for my LOL this morning, first one where I did laugh out loud. love the text. my SIL lives a 10 hour drive from us. each morning the first thing we do is exchange weater reports.

  6. Hari Om
    It absolutely qualifies, Bertie lad... Duthie park, a critter (pardon me), climatology, mention of geography... what's not 'nature' about that?! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  7. That is a lovely picture of you in the park, Bertie. We definitely thing Gail should bring back a special treat for being her groups weather dog.

  8. Of course it counts as a detailed discussion of recent weather. Hope you had a good ride, followed by....scones! (Does everyone eat them with clotted cream, or is that English? My ignorance is showing....)

    1. Gail replies: Normally we eat them with butter, in both England and Scotland. It does have to be proper butter not margarine or low fat spread!

  9. We think the title of the post should be Bertie the Handsome Barometer!

    ...and yes, you should definitely be charging Gail for the use of your image Bertie!!

    Rosy, Jakey and Sunny

  10. Another reason that we are important and humans can't exist without us.

  11. Mom listens to the weather before we go out, but then she uses us to confirm weather too. As long as we get walks out of it, why not, right?

  12. Lady loves the name of the group! It is perfect. She says she prefers sunrise walks. The day is fresh and anew and quiet. We prefer any way. We also are thinking of moving to Scotland after that picture with no frost of snow. We have at least 50 cm of snow and it has been below -27C. Lady and Man have no idea why they continue to call Canada their home! Lee and Phod

  13. I would demand a cheese scone for your amazing service, Bertie!

  14. So your walks serve two purposes, so what, you get a great walk out of it with your Gail! But, yeah, you should probably score a scone too!

    Rosie and Redford