Friday, 28 January 2022

A watery week

Well it's Nature Friday again, and truth to tell, I've been struggling a bit this week to come up with a coherent post, as we've been here, there and everywhere, including a quick trip over to Torridon to deal with a (Gail says) boring cottage maintenance issue.

Looking at the various photos taken over the week, a common theme did emerge.


Something we are never short of in this part of the world. 

So here I am by the River Dee on a peaceful Sunday walk with our friends M, J and K (photo taken by M).

Then a day later, on the Nairn beach, favourite stop en route to Torridon. (These days I'm let out of the car after an hour of driving, or maximum an hour and a half, which means lots of nice little walks.)

It was a watery scene when we reached Loch Torridon.

See the puddles outside the front gate to the cottage just after dawn on Wednesday.

A bit later that morning I enjoyed the tranquil scene by the loch, for a few minutes anyway, before the wind got up and more rain swept in.

At least the waterfalls never run dry in this part of the world.

Can you see me here, showing great bravery crossing a stream in the woods at the base of Beinn Eighe, a final walk on the western side of Scotland before we set off back to the relative dryness of the north east.

Look! There are actual patches of sunshine on the slopes of Slioch. After our walk in the forest, Gail wanted me to wash my paws with a paddle in the clear, clean waters of Loch Maree before I got back into the car, but I did not co-operate.

Happy Nature Friday friends. Was your week a wet or a dry one?


  1. Bertie that is beautiful... and you even can cross a stream? wow... we wouldn't do that... our staff had to carry us LOL

  2. Well Bertie, I have to agree that it looks a bit wet and gloomy, but the scenery is still beautiful.
    Did your friends M, J and K have some tasty treats for you? You were posing so nicely.

    Inca xx

    1. They DID have tasty treats. Lovely big biscuits designed for larger dogs. They were AMAZING!

  3. You certainly do live in a beautiful spot in this world, Bertie. You are one very lucky boy!

  4. Very pretty area but water always seems so cold in the winter. Here we have a big waterfalls but it is frozen solid because of the below zero Fahrenheit weather we have been having. This year we haven't been to see it, but we have gone in other years and it is amazing to see water in motion frozen.

  5. Hari OM
    ..."a quick trip over to Torridon" might be considered something of an oxymoron, Bertie lad, given the length of the drive and the number of stops required! Still, it did at least yield some fine photos for this Friday post. And I can confirm the weather here continues in the same vein. Wet! Wet! Wet! To be fair yesterday was. Fair that is. Back to situation normal today. Sigh... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. Bertie (all pictures of you are super duper fabulous), the first one shows your WFT self posing most handsomely!! All the scenery photos a breathtaking..#3 all the colors. WTG braving the rapids as you crossed the they stream. As for the paw washing I counted several times paws were in the water. Gail must have missed that. I hope the cottage maintenance went quickly.
    As for our weather, last weekend's snow was so DRY any attempt to make a snow man or snow ball was a failure. This weekend (3rd one in a row) we have another chance of snow but not much and there will be some rain too.
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. you seem to have the same car ride limits as I do, hubby says one hour and we have to stop. you and I could ride well together. I too would not put my feet in that cold water. the view from your cottage is spectacular. all the photos are beautiful and one thing i must add, the first photo of you on a walk with your friends, it appears to me, 3 of you were sitting and 2 were standing and no walking do I see...BOL Bertie, love you

  8. We've had lots of precipitation around here, but it's all been in the solid form of water (snow), so it isn't really wet until you get inside, and it melts. BOL!

    Even with all the clouds the scenery in your pictures is all so beautiful, especially since you are in them, Bertie.

  9. Oh Bertie, such beautiful water! Now, we must say, in our new state of New Mexico, we have had sun every single day! We have to say it's put a spring back in Jakey's step. Maybe you and Gail need to come visit!!

    1. Gail says: I'll let you into a secret. Bertie and I are visiting one of our dear blog pals next week. Only problem is, where she lives is even wetter than where we are!

  10. Your homeland is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, even when it is raining!!!!!

  11. We think you get a much better winter than us. You are lucky. Lee and Phod

  12. Very damp in your neck of the woods! But oh so pretty! We, on the other hand, are pretty dry...our big snowstorm this week only gave us 1 inch of snow! Not enough!

    Rosie and Redford