Monday 17 May 2021

Still enjoying life's simple pleasures

From early morning cuddle time,

To breakfast (with tablets),

Then a trip to the park and the local shop,

Later, if I'm lucky, a venture into the hills,

And finally more cuddles and a snooze.

A note from Gail: Thank you so much for all your kind comments on Bertie's Friday post. His visit to the vet threw up no new surprises. All the signs point to his bladder tumour having increased in size, and to manage his apparent discomfort on peeing the vet has prescribed Bertie a painkiller, Gabapentin, to be taken in addition to the Previcox. I'll admit to having more than a few reservations about dosing Bertie up with Gabapentin due to the distinct possibility of adverse side effects (the most commonly cited are 'sedation' and 'wobbliness'), but I've decided at least to try it for a short while. So far, I haven't detected any dramatic changes in Bertie - he sleeps a lot anyway, but still eats well and on Sunday he managed a gently-paced ascent of Peter Hill, and a lively scamper back down again. We're taking each day as it comes.


  1. we are happy with you for every day together and we wish that there are many of this days for you two....

  2. Bertie, we're so happy that your vet has found a tablet that will help you. You look so full of energy in that video, so we hope it doesn't have any side effects.
    Take care.

    Inca xx

  3. Dearest Bertie and Gail...Bryan and I are happy to see you two today and read that Bertie continues enjoy simple pleasures: cuddles, food and a nice trek. Bertie, while watching your video, I thought you were gonna run right thru my monitor in to my arms. I loved the photo of you at the end. We in the feline world call that a cinnamon bun!!
    We send continued vibes for daily quality
    Hugs Cecilia and Bryan

  4. Hari OM
    Bertie, bouncing along just getting on with life. Good lad... it's impawtant, that 'carpe diem' aspect. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Wonderful photos, Bertie! I must say, you and Gail look terrific early in the morning....not so, in our house! Just a comment on Gabapentin, which might ease Gail's mind (or at least provide another point of view). I have tried Gabapentin on two of my dogs. I rejected it immediately for the old borderish-colliesh, because it essentially knocked him out. Following that experience, I was prejudiced against using it, but did try it again recently (temporarily) on my 12-year-old cardigan, who had absolutely no adverse side effects and did not sleep more than usual. (Perhaps it was the collie in my borderish that was sensitive...). Feel better, my friend, Bertie.

    1. Gail says: Thanks Fay for this information. So far Bertie actually seems a bit perkier for taking the Gabapentin - so far so good.

    2. As did cardigan James Bone. That's very good news.

  6. Hello Bertie and Gail, Mr Bailey both took Gabapentin with good results. We did have to adjust Mr Bailey's dose due to the sedation side affect but one we got that figured out they both did fine with it.
    Mabel & Hilda & Mom

  7. I was thinking of your blog and your dog (Bertie) today as I walked to St David's Head on the very western tip of wales. The landscape is not dissimilar to your title picture. And I was thinking how much I enjoyed having my little dog with me and how sad I will be when he can't do so much... But then perhaps I will not be so able either.

  8. We sure love seeing you enjoying life to its fullest Bertie, and you are such an expert bouncer!!! We sure hope the meds help!!

    Rosy, Arty, Jakey & Rosy
    (and hugs to Gail from Mama)

  9. You sure are enjoying life, Bertie. Our mom takes Gabapentin and it hasn't slowed her down. BOL!

  10. Phantom took gabapentin for a while and it really seemed to help him. We think Bertie is going to surprise us all - there sure is still a lot of bounce in his step and his eyes look happy and bright. Hugs to Gail.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  11. I'll admit, I've been kind of holding my breath since your last post, but it sounds like all is good. And that's great news. Bertie looks wonderful. We'll keep all those prayers and POTP going in your direction, Bertie! :) ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  12. Sending thoughts & prayers to both of you, Gail & Bertie!
    Take care,
    Lucy (Troy, Ohio)

  13. It is amazing how much energy he had considering. Sending you love and prayers. Paws crossed the medication works.

  14. You are looking like your bouncy happy self on your adventures, Bertie, and we're glad that you have tablets to take the edge off.

  15. Sending you both lot's of love, hugs and prayers from Florida. I'm happy to see you out and about. You just take your time out there peeing and walking. We know Gail is enjoying every minute with you.


  16. so happy to read your are still bouncing and cuddling and I pray the new drug will help you with ZERO side effects. hugs and prayers coming your way and we love you Bertie...

  17. I am so sorry that the tumor is getting bigger. But, I am so glad to read of the joys still in your life - cuddling and even bouncing. I am sending love.

  18. Dearest Bertie,

    We have been thinking of you and are only just reading your health updates.

    Like my late Riley, we know you have always been here for a good time! However, often humans hope we are here for both a good time and a very very very long time.

    As scientific adviser “What is a long time? Is it measured in happy moments OR years of average life existing day to day but not achieving or doing much?”

    From what we have seen on your blog, you have lived your life with great adventures and spirit. You are legendary Bertie! And now you have Gail, at your side (I am sure you planned her retirement for this time), catering to your every need and watching your every move, nap, leg lift and meals far too much.

    Being constantly watched can be strange, as if you followed Gail into the bathroom and watched her every movements she would have something to say, but the way she thinks is different to how you think. You are just doing what you need to do when you need to do it!

    Bertie, you live in the moment, enjoy food, treats, adventures, more food, walks and living in the moment, more food, pats and love and did we mention food... so we are wishing you many more good moments than bad this year (with lots of extra hugs from Gail) and that you and Gail both know you are surrounded with love from all around the blogging world.

    Sending you our love and hugs,

    F and Enzo (from New Zealand)