Monday 3 May 2021

Le Tour de Angus

I have a question for you.

If your human takes you round to neighbour Kirsty's house at the crack of dawn after loading her bicycle in to the car, then she returns ten hours later, tired but euphoric, does the fact that while away she took a couple of photos of dog memorials make it all OK?

So it seems that last Thursday Gail and four of her cycling friends had agreed to meet up in Montrose, 40 miles south of Aberdeen, and spend the day riding around the quiet roads of the Angus region of Eastern Scotland, first heading down the coast to Arbroath (famous for its Declaration and its Smokies), on to Carnoustie (golf) then inland to Forfar (Bridies) before arriving back at the beach car park in Montrose.

In cool and blustery conditions these five ladies reached Forfar early afternoon and, fortified by this town's renowned culinary offering of greasy minced beef enclosed in shortcrust pasty, they then completed the final 20 miles of their 66 mile circuit. 

Oh, you want to see the dog memorials?

First we have Bamse the St Bernard, heroic mascot of the free Norwegian Forces, who served on a minesweeper during World War Two and died right here on the dockside in Montrose on 22nd July 1944.

And further down the coast, in East Haven, just north of Carnoustie, this memorial celebrates the brave Airedale terriers who carried wounded men and messages on the frontline in the First World War. I wonder how my Airedale friends Molly and Ruby would take to wearing a gas mask? (I fear Ruby would find imbibing her favourite margarita tipple a bit tricky...)

Well when Gail showed me these photos I'll admit I did at least in part forgive her (after all I had enjoyed a lovely day with Kirsty). Do you think I did right?


  1. wow that is so great that your people honored this dogs for ever and ever... wish we would do that toooooo!!!!

  2. It's good that those brave doggies are remembered, Bertie, so yes, I guess the photos make it all OK.
    Shame that you couldn't go with them, but 66 miles is some trip! I think you were much better staying with Kirsty and having a lovely day.

    Inca xx

  3. Hari OM
    Bertie lad, if you did enjoy your day too and Gail shared the stories of Bamse (hero dog!!!) and the Airedales with you in the evening as you snuggled together, I am guessing all is okay... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. I've never worn a muzzle so I would assume a gas mask would be a REAL challenge! What wonderful memorials!

  5. Bertie I must confess that I, purrsonally would have been more, up in arms over missing "greasy minced beef enclosed in shortcrust pasty,"
    I did enjoy the scenery and I will say a happy Gail makes for a Happy Life for Bertie
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. OH My, you had a day out with Kirsty, Mom had a 66 mile ride and we all get to see the Memorials, yes, they do count. It makes me sad to think of these dogs in war, but happy for the good they did and that someone decided to do a memorial for them. The fish place and the meat place would of course be my favorites, but I love the beach view. I see Molly is saying no to the gas mask and i think Ruby will too. Dogs are amazing! so are you Bertie.. I know mama feels better now after going so far from home.

  7. I guess you can forgive her, BUT I think she should just mount a doggy seat to the back of her bicycle and let you start tagging along!

  8. It sounds like Gail and her friends had a great day of riding and you enjoyed the company of your friend Kirsty so we think you both did well.

  9. What a wonderful ride and adventure your Gail had! What interesting and inspiring stories of the hero dogs! And Bertie, you were well taken care of so we think it was a good day for everyone! Our mom is in awe of a bike ride of 66 miles---her longest was 50 miles, and that was years ago!

    Rosie and Redford

  10. I do think it may have been ok to partly forgive Gail...but hold out for a nice hike WITH a tasty lunch before you fully pardon her error!!

    We do like the Airdale memorial she found!
    Rosy, Jakey, Arty & Sunny

  11. There is something about the entryway to Kirsty's home that is very inviting. We think you probably had a great time. That was a lot of riding for Gail - she surely got some good exercise. Thanks for sharing those dog memorials and the information about those pups. We would love to see Ruby wearing one of those masks:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  12. Oh Bertie, what a lovely ride Gail took! Butts, I agree, she SO could have gotten a doggie trailer for the back of her bike and taken you along for the ride! sigh. Wells, at least she got to see the Beautiful Doggie Memorials! Yeah, I don't thinks a gassy mask would be my're right, it would make margarita sippin' a little tough..BOL!
    Ruby ♥

  13. We feel sure that you had a great time, Bertie!! Gail did two Dash so all seems good to me! I love all the photos but especially the dog memorials. That shows you that she was thinking of you all day long!

  14. Glad things are opening a little and Gail can adventure out some, even if it means leaving you.