Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Wardrobe dilemma


Have you been invited to lots of seasonal festivities this year?

No, me neither, so far. But ever the optimist, I'm sure it's only a matter of time, and thus today I am requesting your help in resolving what Gail insists on calling my "First World Problem".

In fact it is a VERY SERIOUS dilemma.

Surely, my readers will agree it is important for me to make good choices when it comes to deciding which of my four hand-knitted jumpers I should select to wear at any (as yet hypothetical) Christmas parties or other events this winter.

I'm hoping you can assist by making suggestions as to which sweater might be best suited to different occasions.

Perhaps it would help if I modelled each one, and told you a bit about it?

Here is Gail's first effort, incorporating a Fair Isle yoke and knitted back in 2015 when Gail was on unpaid leave from work looking after Human Granny. The undyed yarn is spun from Shetland sheep owned by our lovely Torridon neighbour Julia. The jumper is, just possibly, a teeny weeny bit too close fitting these days. Or you might think it shows off my slim but well muscled torso to good effect...

Next is my roughty-toughty Aran sweater. To knit this, Gail used up yarn which had been sitting in the back of her wardrobe for about three decades, left over from her abortive attempt to knit a similar jumper for herself. To my mind, this is the most masculine of the four available garments.

Thirdly we have a an intricate 'Bohus' design from Sweden. This little number uses finer Shetland yarn, and many different colours and Gail says was a total pain the **** to complete. It is has a lower neckline than my other sweaters, and is rather short in the body - a style that my Human Grandad would have referred to as a 'bum-freezer'...

Finally, the most recent is my Nordic Snowflake sweater, which some of you will have seen in my post a few weeks ago. The jolly red colour might be suitable for a festive shindig, although I would note it would not be good camouflage should I, just let's say for example, be invited to join the Royal Family for a spot of deer stalking on the Balmoral Estate.

Please dear readers, I know that you, unlike Gail, will take my wardrobe dilemma seriously. With your advice, I will surely be suitably attired for all potential forthcoming events...


  1. oooh they all are pawfect for a pawty, but da furst one is da best... you look a little like a weim-aterrier in that color ;O)

  2. They are all pawsome, your mum is so clever. But, the red one is lovely!

  3. Hari OM
    Bertie lad, paws down the Bohus is for indoor events - and there may be some pawmitted, I read. its brevity of cover would keep you from overheating. As for outdoors... if indeed there is any snow involved then unquestionably the latest addition with its bright red would make sense. If it is a walk in the woods at Balmoral (a distinct pawssibility, I would suggest), then your blue aran is the winner!!!
    Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx
    (was that any help???)

  4. Oh Bertie - you look so good in all those beautiful sweaters. I love the red one, as it's my favourite colour, but really, they would all be acceptable anywhere. It's how you feel on the day that will help you make the right choice.
    My human is useless with knitting needles and yarn, so I don't have the problem of what to wear. Not that I need an extensive wardrobe, as it rarely gets cold enough to need an extra layer - my fur is usually enough.

    Inca xx

  5. Isn't it wonderful to have choices, Bertie! You look so handsome in all of them but our favorite is the red one.

  6. Well probably know my purrsonal first choice is always RED!!!!! However, you made some valid and well thought out cases for the first 3
    #1. coordinates well with your beautiful WFT furs!! However, as you pointed might not provide ample rompin' room!!
    #2. I 100% agree is most manly and the color very very complimentary. I purrsonally would use that for any formal gatherings
    #3. Once again the colors purrfect for a daring deer dash. In my mind I say it should be your go too jumper for daily romps.
    Respectfully submitted never wordless
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. We think you look great in all of those, Bertie. Should you go on a hunting expedition we think the red would be good so they don't mistake you for a deer.

  8. I am a RED kind of person, so that one is my favorite, but that said, i do understand RED is not the color for hunting with the royals. I am thinking you should wear the blue when there is a party under the blue moon, and the first one which is my 2nd favorite is perfect for any party that you want to 'blend in' and not be noticed. your mom is talented and you are one lucky terrier to have so many sweaters. that said, you could come live in FL and you would never need another sweater. Beau says, what is a sweater? or jumper? sorry we forgot the word for a sweater in your part of the world.

  9. Oh, Bertie, I am so glad you asked my opinion. (No one in my house asks...). First, your first sweater, a wee bit tight, should go back in the drawer. Never wear anything uncomfortable. Your second sweater (blue) IS very masculine and perfect for outdoor adventures. Your third sweater, with its intricate pattern and finer yarn is suitable for tea with the Duchess (and your bum won't get cold at a tea party). Finally, your red sweater, my favorite, is perfect for outdoor adventures on a dull day (Gail can see you, if you get too far ahead) and is equally at home at a Christmas soiree.

  10. Red for a Christmas 'do'. The Fair Isle is perfect for deer stalking, The cable knit, hiking or other outdoor activities, and the Swedish, lounging in the evening at Balmoral. Should you get a Royal Invitation, you have the day covered.

  11. We do thing you should wear the red for any fancy howliday parties at the palace and perhaps the bohus design for tea and/or hunting with royalty!

  12. Hi friend! Ojo here! I totally changed my mind when I saw the sweaters on you! I think the striped ones are especially handsome on you!

  13. How can you go wrong, Bertie? They are all stunning. Our favorites are the red one for any holiday festivity and the and the first Fair Isle one. And we think it fits you just fine.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  14. You make them all look perfect I think that you have the advantage of looking good in everything so you can choose want you want to wear because of the weather

  15. You are such a fabulous model, Bertie! If you are stalking deer, that first one is perfect. I love that one. But, for a jolly party, the red one is the BEST!

  16. Dear Bertie,

    We like the red jumper best for Christmas events as it looks festive. However, we suggest another factor you seriously need to consider - what will Gail be wearing? Christmas is the only time of year when matching outfits are allowed!!! I repeat "the only time of year" so you now have the chance to coordinate your look with hers. Will Gail have a red nose from enjoying Christmas spirits of the liquid kind or blue hands from venturing outside during the Scottish winter? Please post photos of your final choice.

    1. Blue hands, almost certainly. You should have seen them when she returned this afternoon from her Thursday bike ride...

  17. They are all lovely. Blue is the fave colour hear so we lean towards that but think the red maybe the most festive.

  18. I don't knows Bertie, I loves them all! butts, I thinks the furst one, although quite handsome, should go back in the closet...gots to be comfy when out and about! Maybe save the red one for fancy schmancy events, butts all the others you can mix it up!
    Ruby ♥

  19. Oh Bertie, you look soooooo handsome in all of them, how could a girl make a decision! Can you tell I have a little crush on you?

    Your friend and fan, Rosie