Wednesday 5 August 2020

Rishi's dishes - dogs invited?

On passing by the 'Inn at the Park' on my morning walk, I couldn't help but notice that the board which usually says "dogs welcome in the bar and garden" now has new wording. 

It announces that the restaurant is taking part in 'Eat Out to Help Out', a novel scheme announced last month by UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak, aiming to get people back in the habit of dining out again now that lockdown restrictions are being eased*. The government will subsidise meals by up to £10 per head on any Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday in August. 

So I carefully scanned the menu and decided a cheeseburger would suit me nicely (you can forget the salad), and if Gail ordered fish and chips I would be prepared to help her out with the batter.

I am confident that Mr Sunak, who as you can see in the picture below seems comfortable in the company of canines, will allow the meal discount to be claimed by pets as well as humans. Of course he will! I mean, us pups are always ready to make sacrifices for the sake of our country's economy, aren't we.....?

*Gail says: whether 'Eat Out to Help Out' is a good idea or not at this moment, especially with a cluster of new Covid cases in Aberdeen linked to a pub less than a mile up the road, is whole different subject, and not one for this blog.  


  1. Hari OM
    Bertie lad, it's such a conundrum, isn't it? The do we or don't we aspect of eating out; and whether that should be out-out or in-out is so much dependent on our untrustworthy climate... Did the pair of you sample the fare in the end, or simply return to #3 and take soup and a sandwich?! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. pee ess; love the new blog banner! Yxx

    2. Gail says: It was 8 am when I took the photos, and I haven't gone back when the pub is open. Frankly, not a very inspiring menu!

  2. We do hope you get back to the pub to try that cheeseburger and give us a report. There is no dining in our out for our pawrents even though it is allowed in our area.

  3. Bertie I agree a burger and fries would be my choice..well once I can chew properly again.
    I know what Gail means about the 'good idea' or not. A charter school, Thales Academy, fall semester opened last week. All in school learning. Now the entire 4th grade is quarantined because one of the students tested positive. I don't know much about the school but evidently grades are kinda in groups

  4. Our folks have been doing there best to support local businesses, but they still get there food to go....

  5. It sounds like a great idea, but maybe not just yet. The peeps here still haven't eaten out or ordered takeout. Our area is steady one day and then up the next. Crazy times.

    Love the new header.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  6. Watched that on the News...good idea? Jury's out on that. But if you can sit outside AWAY from other people take advantage. And we think dogs should definitely be included!

  7. That is a terrific idea. The states should do that.

  8. After the covid cases die down, go get that cheeseburger! That sounds so delish!

    I do think that dogs should be included. You are the heart of your country!

  9. We don't have an eat out scheme here, Bertie, because it's high season and very busy, so no need for it now.
    These days we stay home and my human makes her own beef burgers, so we don't have the conundrum that you and Gail have.
    To save coming into contact with so many people, some of whom just might have brought the virus with them from the north, it's been quite a while since my human has had a meal in a restaurant. You can't always trust people to self distance properly.
    We hope that you get your cheeseburger eventually, but perhaps it's good that you should wait a while - just to make sure that you and Gail are safe. We wouldn't like anything nasty to happen to either of you.

    Inca xx

  10. We hope that you all get a delicious meal soon that you don't have to cook! We know our mom is sick of cooking and gets some carryout from her favorite place every once in a while...and we get the scraps! Yum!

    Kiki and Rosie