Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Pity the fictional detective's dog...

I really can't understand why Gail is disappointed that the Edinburgh International Book Festival has moved online this year. 

In what way is it preferable to schlep off to Scotland's rainy capital to gather in crowded tents in Charlotte Square, when you could be sitting in the comfort of your own home, sharing the experience with your dog. The dog who is comfortably curled up on your lap, rather than having been abandoned to 'prison' for a few days?

And you know what? The event we 'attended' together on Monday night was actually quite interesting and illuminating. Favourite Scottish crime author Ian Rankin was talking to journalist Ruth Wishart about his latest book, 'A Song for Dark Times'. 

It turns out that Inspector Rebus, Rankin's fictional detective, has newly acquired a dog called Brillo. And Ms Wishart commented she'd been distracted, when reading the book, by worrying about Brillo being left alone for long periods while Rebus was pursuing his investigations. Ian Rankin admitted that ensuring the dog was well cared for became yet another complicating factor to consider when constructing the story, and said he'd relied on his wife to proof read his text to check that Rebus's new status as dog owner was incorporated in a realistic way.

I bet you'd never thought before about this most important issue when it comes to writing crime fiction! 

Are you enjoying any online events with your humans?

PS Click here to link to the Rankin/Wishart talk.


  1. Inspector Rebus has a dog now? oh my how cool is that? we will buy that book, we LOVE this books... how much are written by now 23 or 24? we hope for much more

  2. Hari OM
    Oh, Bertie lad, I had thought Rebus had been dropped by Mr Rankin and am very excited that this is not the case and that there is this new twist to his life... surely for the better??!!! Thanks to you and Gail for the links, which I shall happily browse with the Seniors Snooker in the background... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. That sounds like a good book. We think Zoom meeting are so much better than when our pawrents leave us. Walter especially likes to climb on to our mom's lap (all 50 lbs can't fit in her lap so he just rests his front end on her) when she is "Zooming". She had an interesting Tele-Medicine appointment this week when both of us crashed her neurological assesment. BOL!

  4. Lady often gets distracted by such things. Mostly we are enjoying working from home event. Man is always in, Lady is out 2 times per week.

  5. Oh Bertie....bless your heart not only is Gail in lockdown she has a bum ankle and you are 'forced' to be entertained just as she is.
    I do love a good mystery. Bryan and I have Facetime with favorite Sissy and BIL every Sunday does that count. Oh once Mia the Tortie likes to walk in front of the iPad too.
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. I think it's pawesome that he thinks about the dog even when it doesn't impact the plot. That's impawtant! Mostly my events with Momma haven't been so interesting. We've watched a lot of oral arguments in our state high court and the US Supreme Court. She says they're much more interesting watching with me, but I confess I snoozed during most of them!

  7. We also enjoy the occasional Zoom meeting with Mama or Daddy! Mama also loves crime novels(and more important is looking for a new series)...and has put Mr. Rankin on her list of authors to try!

  8. That sounds like a good book to read - we will tell Mom about it.

    We like it when the whole family gets together on Zoom - we get to hear all those voices that we miss being able to see:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  9. I often get side-tracked that way. Gave up on Alex Cross when I read he foisted his kids off on the 80 year old grandmother...the bastard.

  10. Very interesting. We read one of his books. I think it was Rather Be the Devil. I hope the inspector has time to care for his dog

  11. My human is a great fan of Mr Rankin - she has read most of his books, so will be interested to learn about the latest one. She also worries about doggies in books, when they are left for too long. Sometimes I hear her say "What about the dog?" when she's reading a story!
    Mind you, she doesn't always worry when she leaves me - twice in almost as many days this week. She had to go to the dentist, so explained that it was a legitimate reason. I did get a couple of treats though - for looking after the house! When she asks me to do that, I know she's going to be away for a while.

    Inca xx

  12. Our mom has put that author on her list of books to read! Mom does an online book club when it rains or is too hot, otherwise they socially distance in a park and shout their opinions to one another!

    Kiki and Rosie