Monday 31 August 2020

Normal (but in no way average)

Greetings friends! 

My human has always advised me to avoid allowing medical issues to dominate my blog. (Apparently she learned from her own experience with Human Granny and Grandad that lengthy and repetitive descriptions of every single symptom experienced, no matter how personal and embarrassing, are not a good way to engage another's attention...).  

But I do want you to know that the results of last week's blood tests all came back as absolutely 'normal'. The vet also assured Gail that my daily water intake of 500-600 ml is well within the expected range. The current theory is that a slightly enlarged prostate might be contributing to my occasional 'accidents' in the house.

So the way forward is that Gail will continue to monitor my fluid intake, noting any changes, and will be more attentive when I indicate I would like to go outside.

On to cheerier matters. I was thrilled to meet up for a walk with my WFT group for the first time in six months. There was a bumper turnout (ten of us wiry guys plus one smooth-haired fox terrier) and we enjoyed a glorious romp on Balmedie Beach, with a modicum of merry terrier mayhem, as you can see from the photos below.

I think you'll agree that my blood might be normal, but in every other way I am well above average.


  1. oh y what a terrierfic day... like a wise man said, terrier, the more the merrier...
    we are glad that you got an all normal from da vet man and we send potp that there is nothing to worry with that accidents...

  2. Great news Bertie. and reassures me you will be bouncing for many more years. Did you get rid of all the sand between your toes before you got back into the car?
    I do hope so.

  3. Hari OM
    Furbulous!!! (Though I am a tad concerned that the hyoomons kinda furgot the 2m rule... put it down to over excitement, eh?) Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx
    (Who is getting by on 90 mins sleep from the last 36 hours...)

  4. So glad it's good news from the vet, Bertie -you must be so relieved.
    My human knows what Gail means about people obsessed with their medical matters - it's very wearing, not to say boring. She had a friend who talked of nothing but her ailments, then would send her emails detailing the same problems. On occasions she would phone up and just repeat the same things on a "loop", until my human's phone battery went dead! My human was very patient because she felt sorry for the friend, who hadn't got any other friends at all. We suppose we all need someone to sympathise at times.

    Inca xx

  5. Glad ya gotta have some fun wif your pals on da beach Bertie! And obviously, you're far from average - after all, you're a terrier!

  6. OMDs 10 WFT in one location looking all fit and trim and manly...would surely make me weak in the knees....sensory overload for sure. I'm so happy you and your 10 WFT mates had a date!!
    Hugs cecilia

  7. We're glad to hear you had a good report from the vet. It looks like you all were having fun at the beach but we are curious about the human chain that was going on behind you. The way your peeps were dressed we would think it was a tad bit too cold for swimming.

    1. We think the human chain was a local club of outdoor endurance sports enthusiasts all going for a dip in the sea together as a 'challenge'. The North Sea near Aberdeen is NEVER warm!

  8. We're glad everything is a-okay and you're able to enjoy such fun gatherings!

  9. That's great news from the vet, Bertie, and what a fun-filled day for you with all of those other handsome WFT's!

  10. Of COURSE you are way above average Bertie! We are glad you are doing ok with your good vet report! Yay! And that outing with all your friends looks fabulous! What fun on a beautiful day!

    Kiki and Rosie

  11. Bertie - A sausage is in order !

  12. We don't know how all those humans could contain themselves with so much WFT handsomeness and beauty surrounding them!! Looks like you all had a blast!!
    (we are also very happy about your test results!)

  13. Way above average....can we say even Superior?

  14. Look at that happy gang of WFTs!!!! That sure looks like it was a fun outing.

    The vet said the same thing about Lightning:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  15. I am glad you got food lab results. It looks like you had a fun day.

  16. We are glad it isn't more serious and you provided the right amount of information.