Thursday 26 January 2017

K-oss Party: Prince William to the rescue!

Gail reminded me this week that I have not yet made arrangements to attend Murphy and Stanley's K-oss Party on 14 February.

To be honest, I have been feeling so down in the dumps with my sore paw that I have not been in the party mood.

But then I had an idea!

It occurred to me that I could be taken there by ambulance, and pick up my darling Addi on the way, if she would do me the honour of again being my partner.

How lucky that I ran into Prince William, who works as an air ambulance pilot when he is not on royal duty.

I showed him my poorly paw, put on my most mournful look, and asked if he would be prepared to transport me and Addi to the party.

And you know what? He said yes!

Gosh, I am now thinking, I wonder if, just this once, Addi might be prepared to overcome her resistance to wearing clothes, and dress up as my nurse?

A guy can always fantasize....


  1. BOL!! So I hope we will all get to meet Prince William. Can you also invite Kate and the two little royal peeps?
    Your furend
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  2. Bertie, you and Addie will arrive in fine style, and make a big media splash, if he's your chauffeur !

  3. That's fantastic. We're so happy you just bumped into him!

  4. Hey since ya got dem royal conneckshuns, can ya get my momma Harry's number?? BOL!

  5. wow that was nice... he is really a prince... and with that royal transporting you will enter the ballroom like a king :O)

  6. Hari om
    OMD Bertie lad, what inspiration and happenstance!!! That will be wonderfurs... meanwhile, am almost packed and just one night to go before departure to OZ. More from me on the other side! Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  7. OMD, you get to come by ROYAL ambulance? How pawesome!

  8. OMD BERTIE... we have always known that you are VERY MUCH Intelligent.. being our Science Guy and all... butt THIS is a BRILLIANT idea. OMD the PRINCE???? REALLY??? Prince William is going to FLY you to the K-Oss Pawty with your SPECIAL NURSE??? OMD
    O M D this is OUTSTANDING.
    We are sending you TONS of POTP fur your Paw... We want you to be able to DANCE the FOUR Paw STEP... Not just the three Paw Step. You MUST get that paw healed.

  9. Careful if Addi gives you a little kiss. That precious face and teeth
    Lily & Edward

  10. Dearest Bertie....
    OMCs for sure Addi would love to take a ride with Prince Will...well I would 'cause he is this cat's meow!!
    I hope and purr our recent twerking didn't play havoc with your sore paw.
    Give mom about 5 minutes then check your email
    Hugs madi your bfff

  11. With Prince William on your side, how could she possibly say no!

  12. Ya just gotta ask her with a twinkle in your eye! We hope that paw gets better!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  13. I'm sure Addi will agree to go with you!!!

  14. Crikey!! Fair dinkum???????? You are going to the K-oss party with Addi and PRINCE WILLIAM?????????? Oh my ..... I can't wait to hear all about this. I sure hope Addi agrees to dress as a nurse. I'd sure like to see that. Sorry about your poor sore foot but CRIKEY ...... PRINCE WILLIAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Oh Bertie, Addi is going to just love it when she sees you and Prince William in that ambulance...Good luck on that nurse uniform thing tho...BOL!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  16. Bertie, you are SO romantic!